Why Every College Student Should Volunteer During Summer Break


School’s out for summer, but what are you planning to do with all that free time? While you’ve earned a vacation after a long year of hitting the books, there’s only so much lounging around you can do before things start to get boring. That’s why it’s worth considering adding a volunteer opportunity to your summer agenda.

Volunteering during the summer is a great way to make connections with other students, give back to the community, and maybe even have a fling with another socially-conscious young person. It’s also a chance to get your hands dirty after a long semester in the classroom. That’s why we’ve scoped out 4 great opportunities for your summer. Take your pick for what’s sure to be an enriching experience.

Go Back To Your Roots

Many college students spend their year on beautifully manicured campuses with sprawling lawns, and it can be a bit of a culture shock for those used to urban environment. So why not spend you summer helping to spruce up an urban basketball court or tutoring inner city students? If your roots are in the city, going back there can set a good example to other kids dreaming of college.

The Athletic Advantage

If you play sports during the school year, lending your hand to a summer athletic league can be a great way to volunteer during the summer months. There are usually dozens of athletic programs running in any area when school is out, and they all need coaches. Get in touch with an organization like the YMCA and ask about their sports camp or bring some women’s sports wisdom to a group like Girls On The Run.

Travel The World

College students are often encouraged to travel while they’re still in school, but many feel like the resources aren’t there to just jet across the Atlantic for a few weeks. If you turn this advice into part of your volunteer opportunity, however, it can be easier to make space for travel – plus organizations like Volunteer Forever can help you to crowdfund your trip, putting it back within your budget.

Enjoy The Natural World

Depending on where you are, the summer can be a hot, sticky experience, but if you can take the heat, volunteering outside is an enjoyable way to get back in touch with nature. Spend a few weeks camped out in Florida’s State Parks, helping to maintain the area by removing invasive plant species and clearing trails. These trips often leave you lots of time to enjoy the parks during off hours.

These opportunities are just the start of the many volunteer jobs you can do during your summer that will build your resume but also build your sense of self and commitment to helping others. Whatever you’re passionate about, there are organizations that need your help – so finding chances to volunteer isn’t hard. The hard part is choosing between all the great choices before you.


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