What’s the old cliche? Nice guys finish last, or something like that?  Well, when it comes to picking up girls, truer words could not be spoken.  A girl loves the boy who insults her then tells her how hot she is in the next breath.  It’s the guy who talks about all the girls he has hooked up with that can get any girl he wants.  The question is: Why?

girls love assholes

Girls And Assholes: The Truth

Girls always say they want a nice guy who will make them feel special. As Brook Davis from One Tree Hill would say, “I wanted you to say that there was no one else you could ever be with and that you’d rather be alone then without me.”  This confuses the nice guys because girls’ actions contradict what they say. Here is a little secret to the nice guys: When Rihanna says a girl just wants to “feel like she’s the girl in the world,” she is lying.  All girls lie to themselves about wanting a nice boy.  They think they want a nice boy, but in reality the nice guy is too boring for most girls.

Females need a challenge and the asshole provides a challenge.  Girls know the asshole hooks up with a lot of other girls (It’s not like he keeps it a secret) and there is the battle they crave.  Assholes convince girls they could have their pick of any female on campus and they hook up with all the hot ones.  A light bulb goes on in a female’s head when an asshole is hitting on her.  She starts to think “maybe I can change him, maybe I will be different, maybe I will be the first girlfriend he doesn’t cheat on.”

cheating with asshole

Assholes Don’t Change

Ladies: Once an asshole, always an asshole.  He will never change.  Even if he changes for a little while, the asshole will always come back! A girl who gets involved with an asshole will end up heartbroken, but really no one should be surprised.  The asshole never hides who he is and the girl knows all along.  Sure, the challenge is fun while it lasts, but give the nice guy a shot because it will be worth it in the end.

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