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By: Ricza Lopez (Buffalo State College)

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Ladies, ladies and ladies. Do you remember back in the day, how you used to invite your girlfriends over to your house and you would sit on the couch to just gossip and laugh? Well let’s fast forward and take a trip to the opposite side because surprisingly enough, guys do the same thing, just in their own different and “manly” way. It’s funny that we have our opinions of guys and how they carry themselves when it comes to their fellow macho men. They put on known such a front and act like they are all open with the things that they do, little do you know what it’s really like to be around guys when their guards are down.

There are many reasons that you would want to hang out with the guys. One thing that you have to make sure is to brace yourself for the worst. This is because when it comes to guys, they have no shame in their game and the things that they do (most of the time). Yes, we have our share of girlfriends and BFFs, but with guys they won’t look at you funny or be quick to judge. It’s funny because I had one of my guy tell me “You are a dude, only thing that distinguishes you from us is that you have a vagina”, if a guy can tell you this, then you know that you are cool around them.

Another reason why it is good to have guy friends around is because you get the male perspective of things.  Girls can be quick to make assumptions and make rash decisions and comments about whatever situation may arise. With guys, they take the the situation and not only simplify it, they evaluate it and make you look at it in a way you never seen before. Being around these guys, you get an inside scoop into their life, their world and the way that they carry themselves. Of course men will always be men. They don’t give a damn about cleanliness and just don’t give two sh*ts about what people have to say about them, they keep it moving.

Now the real reason to have these guy friends around you: you can see what they feel about sex and relationships, yes I said it. Yeah they are cool to chill with, go party with and even have a liquored up round table discussion with, but these guys are the BIGGEST gossipers and LOVE to boast about the people they been having sex with, who, what, when, where and why. You would think that girls are the ultimate gossipers, oh hell no, this is we have to give it to the guys. On top of that, it’s like a regular thing to them, as of it is a function of life itself. When it comes to relationships, they tell all – what they like, the things that they don’t like and the things that they want and expect out of a relationship. Hmm, a key of advice, if a guy manages to talk about such  factors as these it would only make sense to listen closely to what they say so that for one, you will not be one of those people they just laid in bed with or just flat out played. If he manages to say this around a female, then he must be very comfortable and have some form of trust in you. On top of that you can see how well the game is when it comes to them so you can pick up on similar actions and movements with the next dude, and he got the nerve to talk about he’s going to get some game on you…yeah right.

Now that we got some reasons to get into the real world of men, it now up to you to decide to choose to continue with your proclaimed dainty self or take a walk into the wild side. Take it from me, it will do nothing but help you in the long run when it comes to all the things you ever wanted to know about them. I mean what better way than to befriend them and be yourself? You get the best of both worlds and still keep your girlfriends!

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