By: Ashley-Lynn Goldstein (George Washington University)

I first made my facebook account when I was 14 and a sophomore in High School. I am now 19 and have spend a large chunk of the past few years having the site minimized as I completed school work, hung out with friends and even have been guilty of checking it on my blackberry. Now being older, and hopefully wiser, since I first made my account, I realize that as much I have gotten a lot of entertainment and laughs from the site; there has also been some not so great things that have come from it.

First off, for any girl who may be a tad insecure Facebook leads girls (and guys) to more easily compare themselves to others. I used to look at other girl’s profiles awing at their style and other on the surface things that really should not have mattered to me. Facebook without a doubt leads one to compare them to other more than they should.

Second, and in the same theme of comparison, how many times have you saw the guy you had a thing for wrote on another girl’s wall, making you crazy? Its happened to me before, and it without a doubt has happened to you, making us upset over something that we knew nothing about. We didn’t know what the context of the post was or even what the intentions were but we went crazy anyway.

And on that note, jumping to conclusions. One of the biggest problems generation faces with Facebook. You see a picture with him with her, and you assume the worst. You see a wall post and you assume the worst. The thing is most of the time what you see on Facebook is only half the story.

For me Facebook has led to much worry and insecurities. It has led to me jumping to conclusions and comparing myself to others. I believe that Facebook leads our generation to care way too much about the way we appear to others. How many times have you been out and pulled out your camera to make sure you took photos so you can put them on Facebook tomorrow?

As much as I love Facebook, and hate it just as much, it is part of our generation and is something that I believe is going to be around for a while. So even though you might read this, agree with me or disagree, you have to admit it’s without a doubt something to think about the next time you log in.

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