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By: Ann Redus  (UTSA)

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So your girlfriend dumped you without the slightest explanation and you’re probably still standing there wondering why. You go over the past couple of months in your head; you’re asking yourself what you could have possibly done to send her packing…

More often than not, women choose to leave for reasons that could have been avoided but were never dealt with, or for reasons that were beyond your control. 

Couples have the tendency to take each other for granted. Unfortunate, but true. At one point or another, she’ll be wishing for the same feeling she had when you first met. While it’s comforting for a woman to have a relationship she can come home to every night, it’s also boring. Eventually, the lack of stimulation, emotionally and physically, will become too dull to endure and she’ll go find spontaneity elsewhere.

Another reason that women fall out of love is because somewhere along the way, you fell out of touch or grew apart. It’s natural for people to mature throughout relationships, but sometimes the things you once had in common are no longer there. Your girlfriend may wake up next to you one day and not even know who you are (not literally) after all this time. One of you may have experienced a career change, which leads to a replacement of ‘couple time’ with ‘work time. Many couples get to a crossroads where a choice has to be made to continue dating or to go separate ways.

Then there’s always the “other man” scenario. This is could be an avoidable situation depending on the circumstances. Whether she reverted back to an ex-boyfriend or she’s cheating with a co-worker, it’s because she wasn’t happy enough in the relationship to stay monogamous. I’m sure you thought you were a great guy (and I’m sure you are), but you weren’t the great guy for her. Pick yourself up by your boot straps and carry on.

Reasons why women leave men vary from relationship to relationship and it’s better that the partnership ended sooner than later. For both parties, there’s no sense in wasting your time being with a person that you no longer have feelings for. If her reasons for dumping you were due to an error on your part, take it as a lesson learned and apply it toward the next relationship.

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