The Powerbag is the Next Big Thing for College Students On The Go


So I guess your first question is, what the hell is a Powerbag? Well, it’s a backpack or messenger bag that has a battery in it that let’s you charge every hand-held electronic device made before the 18th century. Well, anything that’s an Apple product, or uses mini or micro USB. It’s lightweight, and is stylish as all hell, and this is why you as the savvy college student needs one.

So you’re living in the dorms, and need a backpack that looks like there might be books in there (even on a Saturday night), but really it just conveniently holds a 30-Rack of Nattys. You shuffle up to your friends’ dorm room, loaded with the 30, and you just realize; my phone is about to die. For those of you that refuse to dabble into the iPhone world and have stuck with your Blackberry through thick and thin (like myself), you’ve been here far too many times.


(It’s a little less obvious than this)

That’s where your newest friend, the Powerbag comes in.  Charge up while pounding brews and you’re good to go for the night. MSRP is $139.99, which is cheaper than one of those pens that remembers what you take notes of and spews it back, which still hasn’t learned to take notes for you while you sleep through your 10am. Unlike those asinine pens, the Powerbag will give your phone enough juice to throw out that Hail Mary at 2am, or be a pretentious New Yorker and walk down the street blasting your iPod.

Check back soon on our fan page, The Campus Socialite, for a contest to give one of these life-saving bags away!

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