Will TitanFall 2 Outperform the First Version?

The question of how well the new TitanFall 2 release is going to perform is one that a lot of hardcore gamers are going to be discussing for a good while. Although there will probably be differing opinions, they should still break down into a few basic responses.

There are two large, related questions, as well: How does the TitanFall 2 experience compare directly to the original TitanFall title, and how does the TitanFall 2 experience relate to other games that are currently on the market in similar genres?

The Direct Comparison

In the short time since the release of the new TitanFall, lots of people have chipped in their two cents about the differences between the two games. Many of the details revolve around the idea of unlockable content.

A big complaint about the original title was that there simply were not enough of possibilities to work for. That is there weren’t sufficient options for progression as the gameplay went on, which meant that what seemed initially extraordinary soon became familiar, with little or no path in sight to develop deeper skill sets or even more detailed storylines.

The new title doubles up with regard to many of these unlocks, as well as improving the number of options for both the Titan and the pilot under the control of the player. This includes a lot of major stuff (such as new weapons and different types of movement), and useable modifications to these categories as well.

A few of the less popular options were taken away; for example, choosing different voices for your Titan. Most likely, this was done in order to maintain the purity of the narrative throughout the storyline.

Early opinions suggest the new storyline has more emotional depth as well: It gives players a more complete experience.

Compared To Other Titles

The other valuable consideration with regard to outperforming the original title is how well the new one compares to other games currently being released. The newest Call of Duty appears to offer nearly the same theme, but gamers have enthusiastically noted that TitanFall 2 does a far better job of bringing the player into the universe: allowing options for greater mobility, and creating an immersive environment overall that modern gamers clamor for.

By the Numbers

In a few months, the question of improved performance will be settled, though early signs suggest that most gamers will agree the verdict is good. Single and multiplayer versions are available, and once the early adopters have settled into their comfort zone, the rest of the tribe will join the fold as well.

Initial price points have less to do with the overall equation than the number of people signed up and the total hours logged by gamers, so there will soon be plenty of statistics to crunch and analyze.

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