Windows 7’s Newest Pitch Man: Family Guy

Last year, Microsoft tried an interesting advertising campaign starring Jerry Seinfeld. It didn’t really work. In fact, it turns out that adorable children work much better at promoting Microsoft’s core product, Windows 7.

Probably sensing that those un-ironic house party videos weren’t really going to appeal to Generation-Y, Microsoft has decided to partner with Fox Television and Seth MacFarlane (creator, executive producer and voice for numerous characters of the hit animated sitcom “Family Guy”) and act as the sole sponsor for the 30-minute variety special titled “Family Guy Presents: Seth & Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show” on November 8th at 8:30 PM.

The special will feature a mix of live-action, original animation, some of the best “Family Guy” musical numbers and what Fox dubs “surprise celebrity guests.” MacFarlane will co-host the special with “Family Guy” co-star and writer Alex Borstein (she’s the voice of Lois).

Of course, everyone involved promises that the integration with Windows 7 will be seamless with show content. That sounds all well and good, but last time I checked, “Family Guy” actually very rarely mentions or even shows computers or the Internet at all. And when they do…well:

Now this could just be my Apple-obsessed brain, but that looks like an animated MacBook Pro. Not to “Family Guy” though. Look at how they repurposed the above clip with some Windows 7 love:

See. Seamless.

As for the staff working on “Family Guy” (including MacFarlane), yeah, they’ll probably still use Macs. Let us know what you think of the Microsoft/Family Guy team up in the comments.

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The Campus Socialite Take:

Windows is in desperate need of hitting the 16-30 year old demographic.   And what better way to win that group over then using Family Guy and Seth MacFarlane as your spokesmen.  Jerry Seinfeld performed the job last year, but that could also be in part with how flawed the Vista system was.  This new Windows 7, from what I have heard, is a much better overall system and is going to be a huge upgrade for Windows.  Now all they need is a proper marketing campaign, and looks to me they are on the right track.  Giggidy Giggidy.

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