Winscape: Waking Up In The Same Place Every Morning Is Boring.

Real windows are interactive – unlike a painting on the wall.  When you move your head in relation to a window, the view outside shifts up/down/left/right.  If you want to see something in the window’s right periphery, you can move your head left to bring it into view.

Winscape can simulate that effect if they know the location of the viewer’s head in relation to the Winscape displays.  The effect will only look correct to the one person in the room wearing the tracking device, so it’s presented more as a fun party gimmick than as a feature for full-time use.

Winscape features include:

  1. Custom Winscape software with configurable screen parameters
  2. Two HD plasma displays for great contrast and wide viewing angles
  3. Video playback resolution of 1920×1080 with sound
  4. Still-image resolution of 4096×4096
  5. Fully embedded in the wall for aesthetics and silent operation
  6. Tracking of one person in the room for proper perspective presentation
  7. Scheduled on/off
  8. iPhone and web control of sleep/wake/scene selection
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