muji touchscreen gloves

Winter Is Coming: Check Out These Touch Screen Gloves from Muji

 muji touchscreen gloves

As a new inductee into the Touchscreen Smartphone community, I have often wondered what will happen when it comes time to break out my snow gloves – not that it was any easier with a Blackberry. The fact that we’re half-way through November and it’s already snowed says that this winter is going to be bad, so how the fuck am I gonna surf the web while not getting frostbite. Enter the Muji Touchscreen Gloves, quite possibly the best invention since…the touchscreen.

Whether you’re shoveling snow, cleaning off your car or braving it to the bar in 3 feet of snow, you can just pull out your phone and do what you gotta do. Your mother will love it! If you’ve ever been in a Muji, you know it’s innovative, affordable, and minimalist, in a classy way. I’ve been looking for an excuse to write about them for a while and I definitely found it today. Conductive material is woven into the index fingers and thumbs, allowing your touch screen device to continue reacting to your fingers, while your beautiful fingers remain unscathed. $24.95? Well, worth it.

Get them here: Muji Touchscreen Gloves


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