Woody Harrelson Scores a Goaaalllllllllll

Woody Harrelson has made some memorable moments in sports.  Like when him and Wesley Snipes beat The King and The Duck in White Men Can’t Jump.  When he beat Bill Murray on the bowling lanes in Kingpin.  He also played basketball in Semi-Pro and was a boxer in Play It To The Bone.  But his greatest sports achievement happened at the expense of England Soccer Team.  In a Celebrity Pro-Am that included the likes of Boxer Ricky Hatton, Actor Mike Meyers, Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey, and Actor Simon Baker, as it usually does, it all came down to Woody.  The event earned the Unicef branch of England roughly 3.5 million and definitely was one of the best moments Harrelson ever experience scoring the winning goal in front of 60,000 screaming fans.  Below is the video footage of this historic kick!

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