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Somewhere Luther Vandross is rolling over in his grave.

The late, legendary soul singer-songwriter passed away in 2005 and with him died the classic version of the NCAA basketball post-championship game tradition, “One Shining Moment.”  After a title game for the ages saw Duke edge out Butler for the D-I crown, a newer version of  a “One Shining Moment” was unveiled and put a poorly fitting cap on an otherwise epic NCAA tournament.  Read on to see the video and you be the judge of how CBS handled an annual tourney tradition.

Were you surprised by Duke?s NCAA win last night?

The new “One Shining Moment,” performed by Jennifer Hudson, seemed to focus more on close-ups of Hudson than memorable March Madness Moments.  The five Hudson appearances took away from time where we could have seen legit on court action from any of the following teams that were inexplicably left out of the video tribute:  #1 seed Syracuse, Lehigh, UNLV, New Mexico State, Houston, San Diego State, Georgetown, Ohio, Oklahoma State, Georgia Tech, UC Santa Barbara, Vermont, Gonzaga, Florida State, UTEP, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Oakland, BYU, Florida, North Texas, East Tennessee State, Marquette, Washington, New Mexico, Montana, Ark-PB, Winthrop, Utah State, Siena, Notre Dame, Old Dominion, Richmond or Robert Morris.

Instead of making a conscience effort to include as many teams as possible in the montage, CBS just had their editors throw together a mix of cheerleaders, mascots, and kiddie fans while neglecting key moments like 14-seeded Ohio’s first round shocker over Georgetown.  While we are on the subject of leaving out footage, if you blinked you probably missed any shots of the nation’s top two players Evan Turner  and John Wall.  You got a nice look at the national player of the year Turner’s back and even caught a millisecond of John Wall clapping.

You know where I stand on this travesty of production, now take a look at last night’s “One Shining Moment” and leave your feedback in the comments section.

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