by: Ashley-Lynn (George Washington University)

Recently I was asked the interesting question of would I rather date a guy just coming off of a relationship or one who hasn’t been in one for years. I think both types of guys should  be both dated and avoided depending on the situation.

  1. If a guy is just coming off a relationship. It’s okay to date him if:
    1. He was in a relationship for shorter than three months.
    2. He doesn’t talk to his ex.
    3. He is not on the rebound (you will have to use your own judgment about this).
    4. He didn’t leave the past relationship broken hearted.
    5. He is looking for another relationship (but not one just so he can get over his ex).
    6. He is really into you and you are really into him.
    7. He is worth taking the risk.

It’s NOT a good idea to date him if:

a.     He still has pictures/talks about his ex.

b.     Things ended badly, he cheated on her she cheated on him.

c.     He is crying, devastated over her.

d.     He accidentally calls you her name.

e.     He speaks to her on a regular basis.

f.      She’s around way too much.

g.     He does not seem like he is ready for a new relationship (this you will also have to use your judgment to decide).

  1. If a guy hasn’t been in a relationship in years.

It’s okay to date him if:

    1. He has been looking for a relationship but has not found the right girl.
    2. He fooled around in the past but is now ready for something serious (a lot of guys need to get hooking up with a lot of girls out of their systems before they can consider something more serious; just make sure he is done fooling around before you get involved).
    3. He introduces you to his friends and family as his girlfriend.
    4. He isn’t afraid to call you his girlfriend.
    5. He is okay with the idea of being exclusive.
    6. He treats you well and with respect.

It’s NOT okay to date him if:

a.     He still talks about girls he wants to have sex with.

b.     He comments on how hot girls are when he sees them.

c.     He hits on your friends.

d.     He refers to his single days as the “good old days”.

e.     He is afraid of commitment.

f.      He is hard to keep track of.

g.     He does not seem invested in the relationship.

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