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Y-Vodka: Created By College Students For The Young Professional

by: Ann Redus (UTSA)

Back in early 2008, UTSA students, Brett Cohen and Justin Reitmeyer, came up with the brilliant idea to start their own line of vodka. No one would have ever imagined that less than a year later Y-Vodka was going to be hitting the bar scene in San Antonio… haaaard. No joke, there’s not a bar around town that doesn’t serve it, and if they don’t serve it – no one wants to go there anyway.

Founding fathers, Brett and Justin, say their objective was to create a product that not only they would enjoy drinking, but their friends would enjoy drinking as well. Everyone knows that higher end vodkas on the shelves these days will cost you. Doesn’t the saying go, “You get what you pay for…?”Fortunately, Y-Vodka found a way to give its consumers the same quality as those high end vodkas, but without the expensive bill – only costing about $19.99 to be exact.  Therefore, you’re getting a lot more than you pay for. Y-Vodka is made using a proprietary four-column distillation system along with the purest water from the Sierra Mountains. And they’re even helping out the economy… the corn used to create Y-Vodka is cropped in the heartland of the United States.

But why not sell their bottles it for $45, you ask? You’re Y. The ‘Y’ in Y-Vodka stands for YOU – the consumer, and your satisfaction is their ultimate priority. From creating new flavors to building their brand, Y-Vodka wants their clientele involved.  For example, they are getting ready to launch Y-Vodka Citrus, Vanilla, and Raspberry. After those flavors hit the shelves, YOU will have the opportunity to help them choose every other flavor. Cool, huh?

Right now, Y-Vodka is available in San Antonio, Austin, College Station and San Marcos. By the beginning of this summer, you’ll be able to find it in Dallas, Houston, Lubbock, South Padre Island, and the Valley. You can visit, Y-Vodka On Facebook , Y- Vodka on MySpace , and Y-Vodka on Twitter for more information.

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