Yogibo: The Perfect Study Companion

As college students gear up for another year at school, they will be looking for furniture and other furnishings that will both enhance their living space and provide function for various activities. Often, students have fairly small spaces to furnish, especially if they live in the dormitories. They need furniture that can perform double duty for relaxation and hardcore studying. The Yogibo line of products is ideal for college students because Yogibo bean bag chairs and back supports are stylish, comfortable, and functional.

Yogibo Max

The Yogibo Max is the company’s best-selling product as it is the only furniture available that can fully support any body type with zero pressure points. Students can use the Yogibo Max as a chair, a bed, a pillow, or back support. Since it conforms to your body no matter what position you’re in, you can get yourself comfortable for studying, typing a paper, reading, or watching television. You can even take a nap on the Yogibo Max because it’s six feet long and will support you from your head to your feet.

Students can also use the Yogibo Max as a spare bed if they have a friend stay with them overnight. The length of the Max fits nearly any body type, and there’s no weight limit like there is with similar products. They can just put the Yogibo on the floor and they have a comfortable mattress to sleep on. And with no pressure point pain, they’ll wake up refreshed in the morning, ready to hit those classes.

Yogibo Support

Some students may want a traditional chair at their desk, but when they study or read on their bed, they need a back support that gently lifts them up to a comfortable reading position. The Yogibo Support is perfect for this purpose. Like all Yogibo bean bag products, the Support conforms to your body and preferred position so that you can relax your back, arms, and neck as you read. You can even turn the Support around and create an ergonomic desk for your laptop. Your arms will be fully supported on the arm rests as you type.

Yogibo Short

The Yogibo Short is just a shorter version of the Yogibo Max, but it might suit some students better, especially if they have a very small living space. The Short is ideal as a recliner or small couch and can seat two people, so it’s great for students who want to hang out with a friend and watch a movie. In its chair form, the Short provides a supportive piece of furniture for reading or studying. Its space-saving and lightweight properties make it an excellent choice for dorms or small bedrooms.

Yogibo Ottoman

Pair the Yogibo Ottoman with the Short or Max to extend your comfort all the way down to your feet. The Ottoman can be a seat on its own or provide footrest for you as you sit in the Short or Max in their chair forms. Like all Yogibo bean bag products, the Ottoman will gently cushion your body and eliminate pain from pressure points.


If you’re looking for a gift for that college student in your life, any one of the Yogibo products would be a welcome choice. You can help them decorate their room in style while also providing them with a functional furniture item that they will use for studying, relaxing, and even sleeping.

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