You And 145 Of Your Boys Can Take A Round-Trip Flight Wherever For $60,000


Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Cry Over Your Credit Card Statement Tuesday might be gone and past, but the best deal of the year (Decade? Century?) is still very much in effect. Virgin America is allowing you to pick a flight, gather up 145 of your friends (no difficult task for a Socialite), and fly round-trip in your own plane for a measly $410 each. Don’t know how often you check airline ticket prices, but let’s just say your 1995 Beamer isn’t the only thing suffering over high fuel costs. Suffice to say, this is a bargain and a fucking half that requires your immediate attention.

the hangover part 3

This offer extends only to the US Virgin routes, which kinda sucks, except for the fact that there’s a little city in Nevada that might just be the best dude’s vacation spot in the Earth. Hint Hint: It’s not Reno. Not only will you and your boys be the only ones on the plane but you will be able to permanently name it. 146 dudes flying over the country in the “Sigma Alpha Epsilon” or the “Wisco Badger” or “The Pussy Crusher.” Private plane, Vegas, pussy crushing. If you’re thinking of Entourage, you aren’t the only one.

virgin seats

There will be drinks on the plane, food, and Wi-Fi as per usual, but we recommend a 145 man dead arm train on the first dude to pull out his laptop. Telling your girlfriend you’ll miss her on Facebook can wait until after your first daytime strip club. There are TVs on the back of every chair as well, and Virgin is throwing in a few unnamed extras. Topless Flight Attendants? Probably not but who doesn’t love a surprise. Get it here Virgin America @ Gilt City

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