College kids are a breed of their own and everybody knows that. But what are some of the things that distinguish us from the rest of society?

For your own enjoyment, here is a list of 50 things that set college kids apart from everyone else/

You know you’re in college when…

1. You wait so long to wash the dishes that you end up having to wash them all in the bathtub.

2. The separation of weekday and weekend nights is non-existent.

3. You have to buy your own toilet paper (and you usually forget to, so instead you steal it from someone).

4. You get free condoms as part of your student health tuition package.

5. Facebook is the first tab you click on when you open your computer – every time you open your computer.

6. You have to cover your bed with plastic and multiple fluffy mattress pads.

7. Beer pong is as important of a sport to you as baseball or football.

8. “Your trash is overflowing and your bank account isn’t.”

9. Socks and sandals is the norm (otherwise known as parlayin’), but unlike when the old men do it, you’re not weird.

10. Caffeine is the drug of choice, followed by Adderall.

11. You collect quarters because street parking sucks and the meter people think they’re gods and write tickets excessively.

12. You and your roommates communicate via Facebook and text when you’re both home.

13. You’ve slept with more than one person that you shouldn’t have.

14. You’ve had an awkward pedestrian/biker experience and possibly have collided.

15. You have to ask other people what you did last night.

16. There are certain people in the bar that you have to hide from because of past experiences that you may or may not remember.

17. You go out so much bouncers stop IDing you.

18. You like to try to incorporate fancy words into everyday conversation (like “whilst” instead of “while”).

19. The best decorations in your dorm/apartment are empty bottles and the inserts of the Keystone 30 packs.

20. Speaking of 30’s, there’s always one in your fridge (at least) – in case you have company or just feel like a beer.

21. Acknowledging you have exams isn’t a big deal until the night before.

22. Meeting with your professor is purely a suck up technique, not one for learning.

23. Food you can microwave is a staple of your diet.

24. Pajamas are almost as popular of a daily outfit choice as real clothes.

25. Clothes from last night are almost as popular of a daily outfit choice as clean clothes.

26. You recognize people for no other reason than Facebook photo stalking.

27. Day drinking and nice weather go hand-in-hand, but productivity and nice weather are polar opposites.

28. You always have that one person in class who asks a question every five minutes.

29. You’ve stocked your kitchen with supplies stolen from the dining hall.

30. You specifically buy everyday things in the bookstore so your parents will pay for them instead of you.

31. You always have that one overachieving friend who you want to pour a beer on their head so they chill out.

32. You always have that one underachieving friend who you want to push off the couch since they’ve been there for days now.

33. Naps are awesome.

34. Flip-flops are acceptable when it’s 55 degrees outside, even though you know your toes are cold.

35. Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore.

36. …Neither are birthday parties.

37. Waking up before noon is hard.

38. There’s a fourth meal in your diet: the after-drinking-on-your-way-home meal.

39. Food in your fridge is expired and you don’t realize it until you’re in the process of eating it.

40. Your parents began texting just so they can get in touch with you on a more regular basis.

41. You blame a lot of your business on extracurricular activities and use them to get out of commitments.

42. Graduation is a term of blasphemy.

43. You realize college is the only time you can have free access to resume building help and you haven’t taken advantage of it.

44. You sign up for anything for free food or a free t-shirt.

45. Bar crawls are a senior year spring semester must-happen, regardless of how it’s going to screw up your life the next day.

46. Happy hour is the best way to catch up with friends and socialize.

47. You can’t find an open treadmill in the gym a week before spring break, but every other week they’re readily available for use.

48. You don’t take classes with professors who have bad ratings on and are not ranked high in the chili peppers department.

49. You love to photo bomb people’s nights and be awkward around the people touring the campus.

50. Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song” was really written about your life.


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