by: Ann Redus (UTSA)

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As I sat here creeping on Facebook, I came across a wall post that caught my eye. You see, I’ve been in the market for a 5K or 10K event to run so when I saw this post, I immediately clicked the link. I was redirected to where I see women scaling rock walls and climbing over wooden obstacles. Like, WHERE DID I JUST GO!? Is this a marathon on HGH? Looks pretty sweet if you ask me. Naturally, running can be extremely boring. Your mind can only wander in so many directions, the volume of your iPod only goes so high, and the pain only gets worse. So what better to take your mind off the boredom than sets of hurdles and giant walls? This is by far the COOLEST 10K I’ve ever heard of. 

It’s the Austin Sports and Social Club’s third annual Austin 10K Plus Adventure Race taking place at 8:00am in Austin, Texas on Sunday, May 23rd. Participants will be put into groups based on age, and awards will be given to the top male and female competitor in each of the eight age groups. As a participant, you can choose to run individually, with a teammate, or as a relay team.  Distance teams will consist of two people and both people must complete the entire course. On the other hand, relay teams with allow two people to compete where each person only does one half of the race.

After you get finished pounding 6.2 miles of pavement and obstacles, the after party begins! Every participant will be able to indulge in an endless variety of foods from Whole Foods and Third Base, as well as bottomless cups of beer thanks to Miller Lite and MGD 64. And on top of that, the after party will provide competitors with awesome live music and free massages in the massage therapy tent. Now, if that’s how I got treated after every run, I’d be running a lot more often! Registration is open and if you register before Friday, April 23rd you get 20% off the cost.

For details and more information regarding the Austin 10K Plus Adventure Race, visit their website at

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