Socialite TV: Blue Movies

A comedy web series about a rising pornography company in the San Fernando Valley fighting to be #1.

Episode 1

Episode Description:

In the series premiere, a film student named Tom Fischer finds himself accidentally placed in an internship at Pornamount Pictures – one of the San Fernando Valley’s most prolific pornography studios. Once there he meets Max Chapman, the passionate director on the verge of a creative breakthrough, and Anna Wesbaum, his stressed assistant on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Episode 2

Episode Description:

In the second episode, Max tries to convince a foreign investor from Dubai to fund his masterpiece. The only problem – he is an ultra-conservative muslim who is more likely to do horrible things to Max if he discovers the real nature of the place. While Max is busy keeping the investor distracted, Anna and Tom make a desperate, last second attempt to hide everything pornographic about the porn studio.

Episode 3: Interior. Stacy-Day


Episode Description:

In the third episode, Max tasks Anna with the job of writing the script for his Pornographic Opus. Meanwhile – the rest of the studio goes into high gear producing skin flicks, Tom pays his dues, and Anna finds a cure for her writer’s block in an unlikely place.

Episode 4: The Pornstar Cometh:


Episode Description:

In the fourth episode, Anna finds the perfect starlet for Max’s upcoming masterpiece in pornstar Tory Lane. Unfortunately, it turns out that Tory and Max have a complicated history, and Max rejects the casting decision. Out of options, out of energy, Anna gives up the search, and Tom must find a way to reunite director and star.

Season Finale: Lights, Camera


Episode Description:

In the Season One finale the crew at Pornamount Pictures find themselves dealing with a performer’s inability to perform. As the moment the cameras must roll comes close, Anna & Tom are faced with the possible end of their time together, and Max is faced with the most important production of his career.