This 12″ Large Selfie Ring Light with Stand is a Game Changer


For actively posting on social media, producing TikTok videos, and capturing the ideal selfies, tripod stands have become a requirement. However, ring lights are helpful for more than just video. If you’re a streamer, vlogger, or someone who does many video calls for work, good lighting is essential. If you’ve been searching for a portable 12-inch ring light for taking pictures, videos, and more, this ring light will not disappoint you. According to my research, the TONOR 12″ Large Selfie Ring Light with Stand for Phone is a fantastic solution for most individuals. This tripod can be used at different angles, has a wide variety of color temperatures, and comes with a Bluetooth remote. No other ring light I looked at or tested was as simple to use, adaptable, or feature-packed as this one.

Excellent for:

  • Makeup Tutorials
  • Photography
  • TikTok
  • Streaming
  • Zoom/Conference Calls
  • YouTube

Here’s why I fell in love with this the Tonor 12″ large selfie ring light:

Setup: The LED tripod stand is relatively simple to set up. Plugin the power source and use the included Bluetooth remote shutter to shoot selfies and shoot videos.

Design: The anti-slip rubber and triangular structure make this tripod one of the most stable on the market. The provided stand may be adjusted in height from 16″ to 52″ thanks to four retractable parts. In addition, the light’s base may be flexibly adjusted, ensuring that you get the optimal angle. The tripod holder works with both Samsung and iPhone models.

Durability: Thanks to the overvoltage protection and electrostatic shielding technologies, the performance will not deteriorate over time. There’s a warranty in place if any of the LEDs fail before the promised 20.000 hours.

Brightness: The TRL-20 12″ ring light has 160 high-quality LED bulbs, which increases its brightness by almost 30% over the 10″ ring light. It gives off a subtle, even glow that flatters your skin and keeps your eyes from glare. The LEDs’ performance is outstanding. It has a maximum brightness of 800 lumens and minimum brightness of 500 lumens. The light is consistent, evenly distributed, and the edges are not dull, which is a significant flaw in most ring lights.

Color temperature scale: The three light modes available on the Toner TRL-20 are (cool, warm, and natural). In addition, there’s also a color-changing switch and a 10-step brightness adjustment.

Life Span: With its top-quality light boards, over-voltage protection, LED bulbs, and electrostatic securing technology, this tripod can last for up to 20000 hours on average. It has sophisticated electrostatic shielding as well as overvoltage protection built-in.

Additional Features: The Bluetooth remote controller is also a selling point of this Selfie ring light. One button on the remote controller captures images and videos from an Android phone, while the other captures pictures and videos from an iOS phone. A phone holder, USB cable, Bluetooth, and tripod stand are also included with the TONOR TRL-20.

With over 1000+ reviews and 4.5-star ratings on Amazon, this ring light has received outstanding reviews from people who are amazed at its incredible powers. The rotating and adjustable light has three distinct lighting settings and lengthy battery life, so you won’t have to worry about it running out of control.

It’s one of the best expenditures you can make to improve the quality of your work, especially if you’re doing selfies, videos or are a beginner photographer. If you’re interested in purchasing this ring light, it’s available for $49.99 on Amazon US. Here’s the link to buy:`

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Top 5 Apps To Quit Smoking In 2021


Smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable disease and death in the U.S. Nicotine is hard to stop relying on and craving. There are options out there to help you quit smoking and one of the tools at your disposal is your smartphone.

We have found the best apps on iPhone and Android devices that can help you quit smoking through different techniques and treatment plans. These apps have great reviews, high quality, and can help you quit your habit one day at a time.

Smoke Free

This app has 20 evidence-based techniques that will help you quit smoking for good. You log your cravings and then you will get tips to help you manage them. As a bonus, you get insights into craving patterns and graphs to help monitor your overall progression. You also have the option of participating in a rigorous scientific experiment that will help more people quit smoking successfully.

Download Smoke Free On Android or IOS 

Quit: Hypnosis Program to Stop Smoking

This app helps you stop smoking through hypnosis. The app can be downloaded onto your smart device. You are then guided through daily meditations to help you eliminate the habit of smoking and vaping forever.

The software also tracks how much money you have saved since you quit smoking as well as how many days you have gone without a smoke. These features are rather empowering because you get to physically see how much better your life is. It is an easy to use interface and it is based on research that 29% of people are less likely to start smoking again once they have used hypnosis to quit smoking in the first place.

Download Quit: Hypnosis Program to Stop Smoking on IOS or Android 

Quit Tracker

Quit Tracker is a popular app that tracks how much money you have saved since you quit smoking. It is free to download but it comes with in-app purchases.

It is a motivational app that will track how close you are to living a smoke-free life. You are also able to see how quickly you can start enjoying the health benefits since you quit.

Download Quit Tracker on Android


EasyQuit is a free app that you can download onto your smart devices. It allows you to watch all aspects of your health improve, from your blood circulation to your oxygen levels and even your sense of smell and taste. The ‘slow mode’ will help you stop smoking slowly. You can customize a plan that is just right for you and your smoking journey.

Download EasyQuit on Android


This is a free app to download but it does come with in-app purchases as well. The app does make quitting easier for you because it helps you focus your energy into four main sections:

  • Your new ex-smoker status
  • 70 ex-smoker achievements that keep you motivated
  • A strong ex-smoker community
  • Your newfound health improvements

You do not feel alone in the quitting journey with this app. It will help you stay motivated and help you realize how much you have gained in life since you quit smoking.

Download QuitNow! On Android or IOS

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Are Water Rowers or Air Rowers Better?


A rowing machine is a very important piece fo equipment to consider for your home gym. It is a high-grade cardio machine that will give you a full-body workout. The machine is also common with many people because it entertains at the same time. The benefits of using rowing machines are immense. When you are planning to buy a rowing machine, you need to be aware of the two most common types of these machines that are available in the market. There are air rowers and water rowers. For this reason, you need to have some tips for deciding which of the two machines is suitable for your needs.

Whether air rowers or water rowers are better for you depends on several factors. The difference between the two types of rowers can help you decide on which one you should pick for your cardio exercises.

Here are factors to consider when choosing either air or water rowers:

  1.   Type of resistance

You will realize that resistance is a factor that stands out between the two types of rowers. With the air rowers, it means the resistance is set up by the use of air. When one rows, the pressure is controlled through the air. This depends, however, on how the machine is set up. When it comes to water rowers, the rowing machine has water inside it and this is what is used to set its resistance. Rowing through the water is what creates the necessary resistance for the rowing machine.

  1.   Accuracy of Monitors

This is yet another factor that you should consider. The accuracy of the monitors available on these two kinds of rowers differs quite a lot. With the water rower, the fact that the water is not consistent means that the data produced by the monitor is not accurate. With the air rowers, you can get much more accurate data. They are also more detailed because the data coming to the monitor looks at the airwaves. Whether you are comparing high-end water rowers and air rowers, the monitors on the air rowers are always better. Therefore, if you are interested in more accurate metrics, you may want to consider the air rowers.

  1.   Controlled Airflow

You will notice the controlled airflow when it comes to air rowers. When you gain much more experience with the use of air rowers, controlled airflow makes a big difference. You can toggle through so that you can get the kind of airflow control that can ensure your stroke is not compromised. This is a good factor for your exercise. You can also change the water levels when it comes to the water rowers. However, when compared with the air rowers, the water rowers do not measure up to the quality and pressure of the strokes produced by the air rowers.

The Advantages of Water Rowers

  •         They are quiet while in operation.
  •         With their stroke, they are consistent and smooth.
  •         The whoosh water feeling in the tank makes it good for some people.
  •         These rowers require little maintenance. You only need to occasionally change the water and that’s it.

Disadvantages of Water Rowers

  •         These tend to be larger when compared to the other types of rowers.
  •         They may have their prices set at a much higher rate than the other rowers.

Since these rowers are elegant in design, they can be suitable for home use. This is because of their style and the fact that they require little or no maintenance. They have wooden frames.

Advantages of Air Rowers

  •         These machines come with a wide range of resistance. As such, they replicate how rowing happens in water.
  •         They have an automatic resistance so they can adjust to your rate of stroke.
  •         Their action is smooth and therefore has a few tear-and-wear mechanisms.

The disadvantage of Air Rowing Machines

One disadvantage of air rowing machines is that they are noisy. Therefore, they may not be suitable for use at home.

Why should you buy a rowing machine for your home?

Regardless of whether you want to buy a water or air rowing machine, there are many advantages to acquiring these machines.  These machines can give you the right kind of workout to keep fit always. They help you burn more calories and much faster when compared to other kinds of exercises. Having an indoor rowing machine means that you can work out at any time of the day, regardless of the weather conditions. For the athletes who prefer to row in water when the weather is good, an indoor rowing machine ensures that you will always engage in your exercise any time you need to.


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The Best Apps You Need for Your Mac in 2021


All things said and done, one cannot refute that Mac has a certain lure. The products are set at towering prices. However, they still grab the attention of tens of thousands of people. This is not just because it arguably has the best operating system on the market, but more because there is an inherent status symbol associated with it. Most Mac users vouch for their devices and find them more convenient to use than any other software. Having said that, it must also be acknowledged that Mac has a huge store of apps that are designed to help an individual carry out their day’s jobs easily. This is also one of the most important reasons why Mac users never want to use anything else. That being said, while it is essential to learn about the different apps that can help you make the most of your MacBook and iPhone, it is also crucial to learn about the new apps that are slowly making their way into the market.

That said, in the article we have today, we shall enlist a few apps that are all set to take 2021 by a storm and enhance the user experience on Mac devices. From being able to combine pdf files on mac to using an application launcher designed to perform many complex functions, these are the apps you need to up your game on Mac in 2021. Therefore, without any further ado, let us now read through this list and enlighten ourselves.


Alfred is an application launcher that does more than just launch applications. You can perform calculations, find definitions of words and go about web searches with this brilliant app. Alfred steps right where Siri and Spotlight fail to fill in. The app allows you to perform several advanced functions, switch between tasks and also automate the same. Version 4 of this app comes with some more unique functions. It is expected to improve the dynamics of the workflow creator and also seeks to introduce rich text snippets.


The second app that we have up for discussion is Amphetamine. This app prevents your computer to go into sleep mode, and automatically starts the screensaver. It also performs the auto-dim function, thus, saving the energy of the computer. This app makes for a fine choice if you want to stream videos, watch movies or perform any task that does not require you to touch the mouse or the keyboard for a long time.


Unclutter is a pretty basic app that aims at decluttering your Mac device, as can be understood from its name. However, the app does more than just decluttering your device. You can access the app with a swipe and use it to quickly store all your recent notes and files, and other pieces of information on the clipboard. The recent updates on the app allow the users to choose between the dark and light themes. It also includes several other options that allow you to organize your work effectively and declutter your system too.

Day One:

If you are looking to enhance your productivity at work, here is an app that you need on your Mac device. This app serves as a digital journal for all those who want to make quick notes about their work, add reminders about their meetings and also incorporate photos and tags. Day One is perhaps one of the best apps if staying organized and at the top of your game is your ultimate priority. The app comes with a password. Therefore, you can rest assured that with this app, all your sensitive information about your work shall be safe and away from prying eyes.


Evernote is yet another app that shall help you increase your productivity with its undisputed note-taking feature. The app is incredibly simple to use and syncs with a variety of web-based services. Also, since the app is quite a popular one, it comes with a hoard of browser extensions and add-ons. The app is free for the most part and provides some basic functions for its users. However, if you want to use it across more platforms and have more to do with it, it is advisable to opt for the premium version.

Wrapping Up:

Mac devices shall always be in vogue, and there cannot be any doubts regarding that. However, it is not just enough to own a Mac. One must also know how to make the most out of the devices by learning some simple hacks and downloading a few apps. The apps that we have curated in this article for discussion are some of the best ones you can download in 2021. Therefore, you might as well try them out.

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Plagiarism Checker: Do I Need That?


How Important is it To Run Your Thesis Through a Plagiarism Checker?

Should You Use a Plagiarism Checker?

The education board and instructors demand that students run their thesis through plagiarism checking tools before printing and submitting them. Many students ask whether this is necessary because they consider it as added work. However, even if you fail to use a plagiarism checker, the school will have to check your master’s thesis because it is part of the evaluation procedure.

The point of using a plagiarism checker is to verify that the document belongs to you. In simpler terms, a plagiarism checker helps verify that the paper is your intellectual property. When intellectual property is discussed, most students ask whether they are allowed to borrow ideas from existing papers and if this is considered plagiarism.

Naturally, there isn’t a rule against borrowing or using existing research papers when preparing your document. You are required to do this, especially if you are writing a research paper. However, you are also required to identify every passage you quote directly from another researcher’s work.

When it comes to quoting works from other people, it is common for students to make errors. However, the more significant mistake would be to submit the paper with errors. For this reason, you need to use a plagiarism checker. This tool will help you eliminate all errors and ensure that you have correctly identified the research papers you used. Using this tool is especially important if you are not 100% sure that you have done a great job quoting the borrowed information.

Plagiarism Software: Free or Fee-Based?

There are two types of plagiarism checkers on the internet, and these are free and fee-based plagiarism checkers. They are both incredible options. However, they each have their pros and cons as well. In the next section, we examine the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of plagiarism software.

NOTE: Improper citation of a source is also considered plagiarism (e.g.: by forgetting the year). Such careless mistakes can have serious consequences and even lead to a “fail” grade for your thesis or dissertation.

Free Plagiarism Checkers- Pros and Cons

There a lot of providers that offer cost-free plagiarism test tools on the internet. Naturally, most people are tempted by free offers. However, before you decide to use free plagiarism checkers, you should consider the downsides and upsides. Below is a table representing these aspects:

Advantages of free plagiarism checkers

They are free

Disadvantages of free plagiarism checkers

  • Most of their servers are not clear on their privacy policies
  • Most free plagiarism providers are dubious
  • While most of them advertise free services, they have hidden costs. You have to pay for the full version
  • They have limits when it comes to the number of words you can check.

Using these free tools will save you some money. However, they may also cost you dearly because you risk your thesis paper not being checked correctly. The last thing you want is for your instructor to find issues with your paper after the final submission. Most of these tools are also poorly developed. This is the main reason why they can only check a limited number of words each time. This is also the reason why they do not provide 100% accurate results.

Additionally, most free plagiarism checker servers are located outside of Europe or the US. This means that they do not conform to the protection regulations in Europe and the US. For this reason, using these servers might risk the safety of your data. The last thing you want is for your information to get leaked or shared. The worst thing that could happen is your paper being uploaded or published before you get a chance to do so.

Warning: Most free plagiarism checkers have dubious data regulations. When you use these tools, they store your papers in their databanks and might share them. If this happens with your thesis paper, it could be disastrous, especially if your university users the same tool to check the paper. Eventually, the paper will appear

Advantages of a Professional Plagiarism Checker

The decision on which type of plagiarism detector to use is 100% yours. However, if your paper is short, like a term paper or a research project, then free software would be an appropriate choice. On the other hand, if you are looking to check a lengthy paper like your master’s thesis or dissertation, the best thing to do would be to use professional software. Most of these professional tools are fee-based. This means that you will have to pay to use the plagiarism checkers. This shouldn’t be an issue because these tools will make sure your paper is checked properly, hence avoiding unnecessary issues like those mentioned in the section above.

Checklist: How Do I Find a Trustworthy Provider for Plagiarism Checking?

The internet is packed with a wide range of plagiarism checking tools. When choosing the best one from the crowd, you need to consider the following factors:

1. Professionalism– The first thing you ought to consider is how professional the organization is. You can do this by checking the terms and conditions of the company through their website. Make sure you read through the terms and conditions correctly and understand them. If you find any shady information, the best thing would be to take it as a warning sign and avoid the site.
2. Ratings– You also need to check out the rating of the platform. However, do not look at the customer reviews and ratings within the platform itself. Most of the time, they are forged and not accurate—instead, checkout independent rating platforms.
3. Time– It would also help if you considered the amount of time it takes to run a plagiarism detector. If you can get a tool that takes less than two minutes to run an entire document, then it wouldn’t be a perfect choice.

You also need to consider:

4. Privacy policies– The privacy policies on the site are also important factors to consider. Consider software that does not store your data after you have used it. You can find this out by going through the terms and conditions.
5. Cost– Different plagiarism tools charge different prices. It would be wise if you compared the various prices carefully before making the final decision.
6. Registration– Make sure you choose a site whose registration process is effortless.

Advantages of using BachelorPrint’s plagiarism checking service:

  • Complete check in about 10 minutes.
  • Plagiarism report with links to the source, so you can quickly make improvements.
  • Every single sentence is being checked
  • Database with billions of sources
  • Superior value for your money!

We Recommend: BachelorPrint’s

We used the checklist provided above to find the best plagiarism service on the market. BachelorPrint’s plagiarism checker is one of the best tools on the market. It features a user-friendly design, and it is highly dependable.

With this tool, you never have to worry about the safety of your data. The platform deletes all information from its server within a day of checking. It is also worth noting that the plagiarism service takes approximately 10 minutes to run an entire thesis, research paper, or dissertation. This is better than what most services have to offer.

Additionally, BachelorPrint’s plagiarism service does not feature a lengthy registration process. It is very affordable and features an incredible customer satisfaction rate.

BachelorPrint plagiarism checker- 3 steps to success

Using this plagiarism checker is as easy as the following three steps;

Step 1: Uploading

The first thing you need to do is upload your document to BachelorPrint’s server. You do not have to suffer through reformatting your paper before you can run it on the site. This service accepts all the popular file formats.

Step 2: Checking

Once you have uploaded your document, you can proceed to check it. This software will split your paper into several sections, owing to its algorithm. It will then compare your document to billions of online sources. All identified plagiarism issues will be gathered and highlighted to ensure that there is no issue.

Step 3: Improving

Once the entire document is checked, you will receive a plagiarism report via email. The tool will provide you with sources for each piece of plagiarized content. This means that all you have to do is click on the provided link so that you can make the necessary changes to improve your document.

The Plagiarism Checker: Choose Wisely

While most students do not believe this, plagiarism can be avoided 100%. However, dealing with it manually is not a favorite topic among students. For this reason, plagiarism checkers are incredible tools. You can use the numerous plagiarism checkers on the internet or pay a small fee for a professional plagiarism tool. However, it would help if you were keen to make sure you choose the best service. You can use the checklist above, coupled with your instinct.

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5 Uses for Grabe Industrial Equipment


Grabe Industrials is a global manufacturer of industrial equipment such as pumps, tanks, press filters and a wide range of products. This company is proud to have more than 20 years of experience producing state-of-the-art solutions for their clients. Apart from supplying ready-made equipment, Grabe also develops bespoke systems that meet specific client requirements.

If you’re looking for versatile equipment for your industrial firm or warehouse, Grabe should certainly be your one-stop shop.

Here are 5 unique uses for Grabe industrial equipment:

  • Wastewater treatment using aerators

Aerators are used to inject high levels of oxygen into liquids. These remarkable devices derive numerous applications in the food, textile, dairy and paper industries. For instance, aerators are often incorporated in sewage and wastewater treatment plants. Apart from content homogenization, aerators help to reduce odors that result from degrading organic matter. These equipment are also used in fish farming, biological filtration and lagoons. Grabe manufactures a wide range of top-notch aerators that cater to numerous needs.

  • Water decantation

According to the World Health Organization, a third of the global population lack access to clean drinking water. Most water sources are either too salty or full of impurities. However, decanters can help turn impure water to healthy drinking water. These handy equipment work by removing solid particles that are suspended in water via gravity. Apart from their use in biological and rainwater treatment, decanters are also utilized in the recovery of sand and precipitation of metallic compounds. Grabe produces a variety of affordable decanters such as Dortmund and Lamellar decanters for different clients.

  • Safe disposal of effluents using drum pumps

If you work in the chemical or fuel industry, then you probably understand the importance of maintaining safety at work. Drum pumps provide safety and convenience when discharging fuels, solvents, chemicals and similar liquids that are contained in drums. At Grabe, you can choose between manual drum pumps (such as the GR-EM) and motorized drum pumps. Some applications of drum pumps include discharge of low viscosity fluids and collection of liquids.

  • Pumping fluids using pneumatic diaphragm pumps

If you deal with corrosive, abrasive or flammable liquids, then you need a powerful pneumatic diaphragm pump to transfer such liquids from one container to another. Grabe manufactures industry-grade pneumatic pumps using a variety of durable materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum and Teflon. These pumps are extremely durable, portable, compact and low maintenance. They are ideal for vacuuming and pumping flammables such as gasoline.

  • Water and oil separation

There’s a popular notion that water and oil don’t mix because of their varying densities. But when these two liquids get together, separating them becomes a hard nut to crack. Luckily, Grabe produces highly effective water and oil separators that filter mineral oils from liquids. These equipment derive wide-ranging applications in gas stations, tooling companies, car wash stores and mechanical workshops. Grabe’s water and oil separators come in different shapes and sizes. For instance, the economical GR-SAO-E separator is designed to treat small amounts of oily water.

These are just a few of the numerous uses for Grabe industrial equipment.

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Best Educational Apps for Kids


The world continues to morph into this beautiful space where every problem has a solution. Today, there is an app for almost everything. Right now, children have access to educational apps that can enhance their studies. But which of these stands out? Well, keep reading to find out.


Well, if you are looking for a way to track the progress of your kid, then ClassDojo is your app. This app offers students the opportunity to interact with other students and teachers. Parents and teachers can also use it as well. What this app does is replicate the classroom experience, and enhance it further. Only a few apps have the capability of gifting students this particular experience. Kids can engage with each other and their teachers. The advantage of this is that teachers have the opportunity to understand the needs of their children better. Among the best learning apps for kids, this has to be on the list.

Reading reviews of this app from platforms like EssayWritingService reveals the true quality of this app. Every kid deserves this app. It is true; learning in the current climate makes everything better and simpler.


Does your kid wish to learn a foreign language? Well, there is an app for that, and the name is Duolingo. This is one of the best learning apps for kids. It offers lessons in a variety of languages, including Irish, Italian, Danish, English, Dutch, Spanish, French, and German. As if offering these many languages is not enough, the app is free.

Kids nowadays do not have to sweat at all. Everything they need is available in the form of apps. What is more, the majority of these apps are free. With all its languages and options, Duolingo is one of the free apps for kids. This is a fun way for your kid to gain interest in other cultures and other countries. So, why not?

Essay Services

This is not an app but a service you can find online. There are times when your kid will have issues delivering their essays at school. The assignment could be very difficult, or they may have a lot of assignments with short deadlines. For some parents, they take the initiative to do the assignments for their kids. Well, even though you love your kid, this is not the best way to handle such. It is understandable that you worry about your kid’s education. But, this is not an apt solution because it will take much of your time. So, how should you proceed? Well, you can request a platform that offers essay services to help you out. These platforms will ensure that your kid’s essay meets the requirements, and that delivery is on time. Your kid will avoid a failing grade, and you will be their favorite.


Are you looking for the best educational apps that also make learning fun? Well, you need to look no further than the DragonBox. This particular app makes learning Math quite interesting. For years, teachers have been trying to find ways they can teach math in an interesting way. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. Combining fun and learning is quite difficult. But, DragonBox is the first of many to do it. This app uses games to teach kids geometry and algebra. The downside with it is that you have to pay for the games. But, the experience is something your kid will enjoy. Also, it will help you do away with all that grumpiness in your kids as they struggle with math. So, weigh your options and make your choice.

Quick Maths

There is no simpler way to help kids learn and internalize math. Laying the foundation for children so that as they grow learning becomes easier is key to how they fare in school. This is true, especially for math. But how do you lay this foundation? Well, get the Quick Maths app. With this app, parents help kids familiarize themselves with numbers. Also, kids get to learn general math skills that are crucial for them as they grow and further their studies.

Working with numbers needs to start at a young age. Parents should try and introduce their kids to numbers before they get to grade six. The best educational app for kids that will help them achieve this is Quick Maths. Have your children try it today.

Resume Services

As a parent, you will find yourself with little time on your hands to take care of yourself. Simple things like writing a resume could become mountainous because of trying to make sure your children are okay. Job openings could pass you by as you create more time for your children. However, it does not have to be this way. Today, there are people with solutions to whichever problems you have. For example, visiting could help you deliver a killer resume that will land you your dream job. This site will offer you their services at affordable prices and thus gift you more time with your children.

Spelling Stage

As kids are learning to speak, pronunciation is their biggest challenge. They will use the wrong pronunciation of some words until you show them how to pronounce the words better. The next stage is knowing how to spell words. They could learn a word, know its meaning, and use it in a sentence. But, spelling some of these words could still be a problem for them. So, how best can you make the process of learning how to spell fun and educational at the same time? Well, find an app for kids that offers an apt solution. For this particular problem, the Spelling Stage is the app for you. This app is fun, free, and makes spelling easy for your child. If you wish to get more words, you can subscribe at a fee, of course.

Flow Free

How best can you help your kid to think critically and be a problem solver when they grow up? Well, finding them interesting puzzles could be a start. With Flow Free, one gets 2,000 puzzles that can keep one glued to their phones for hours. This game is addictive and could end up turning your kid into a zombie if you are not careful. But, with some measures, you can help your kid develop their brain by solving puzzles from a young age. These games are not for kids alone. Kids in college also play it. Some pay for good essay to be written as they try their luck with the puzzles. One gets to have fun and engage their mind.

In conclusion, the world continues to become a much better place to live in. Solutions to every problem appear to be just around the corner. We may not arrive at a panacea. But it is probable that we will be close.

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Fountain Pen vs Ballpoint Pen: The Explanation


An excellent quality writing pen enables you to express your unique style and personality on the paper. While there are many pen choices out there—some have been a household name while others are intricately designed for sophistication.

Ballpoint pen and fountain pen are among the two popular types of pens used by many people, but how do you determine when and where to use one and which one is ideal for? Are there benefits associated with these pen types, and what should you expect? Which one is easier to use and offer comfort while writing? Let’s check them out.

What’s The Difference Between A Ballpoint Pen and A Fountain Pen?

If you talk about pens, the instant thought would be about ballpoint pens or biros. They are the commonly used types of pens. However, if you mention the word pen to someone who’s been a total fan and a collector, a fountain pen would be the primary topic, or at least it will be mentioned in your conversation.

It has always been a debatable issue but not a real issue in the first place. The usage, excellency, reliability, or artistic nature of a pen ‘scribbling’ a unique art into the paper depends on your writing and style preferences.

Ballpoint pens are best for daily writing usage, while fountain pens offer a more sophisticated and stylish writing approach. You can click here to get the best selection of high-quality and popular fountain pens. They are used to writing unique letters to someone dear to you, and though every pen comes with a stylish purpose, it’s best to identify what and when you need it.

You can consider vital factors when choosing the right pen for your daily or personal style and preference. You can determine your pen fanatic level by:

  • Convenience and comfort of use
  • Line quality
  • Longevity of use
  • Ink properties and smoothness
  • Depth and color availability

Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint pens are a crowd-favorite as they are cost-effective, easy to use, and cheap. They are disposable, and their ink dries faster compared to fountain pens. Ballpoint pens use an oil-based ink that uses a ball tip that requires less ink usage, which lasts longer.

They are invented to replace fountain pens, which you cannot use on a more rigid surface like stiff paper or woods. Overall, a ballpoint pen is ideal for daily writing use with minimal writing style or personalization required. It’s best to use for work, school, and other scenarios that need a pen for universal use.

While ballpoint pens don’t offer a unique writing style and personalization, expressive or creative writing, and won’t provide an expert ambiance.

Here’s what ballpoint pen’s advantages in a nutshell:

  • Disposable and cheap
  • Suitable for daily use
  • Ideal for writing on all surfaces
  • Inks last longer and dry faster
  • Conveniently easy to use and universal use

Fountain Pen

Fountain pens are a total game-changer for writing with sophistication and style compared to ballpoint pens. They require a higher level of learning to navigate the ink flow. Fountain pens offer a unique internal ink cartridge that affects the pen nibs versatility and writing style.

A significant advantage of using a fountain pen is adjusting the pace and pressure on your writing style. It eliminates hand fatigue when writing as the ink flows freely when you start writing. However, you must pay attention to how you hold the fountain pen as the ink tends to flow freely or increase the flow if you don’t handle it at a 45° angle.

Aside from that, fountain pens offer a professional image to those who use them. Most people use fountain pens when required to sign necessary contracts, documents, and letters. Fountain pens can be expensive, not for daily use, and requires practice to be comfortable with them. Nonetheless, pen fanatics still prefer to have this pen to enhance writing skills.

Here’s what to get with fountain pens in a nutshell:

  • Offers personalized style with writing
  • Enhances handwriting skills
  • It provides unique calligraphy and font style
  • Refillable ink reservoir
  • Smoother ink flow and easy-grip
  • Provides a sophisticated and professional look

Which One Is Better To Use?

While most pen lovers believe that fountain pens offer total superiority over writing style and personalization, the central aspect that you need to reconsider when choosing an enclosure is your frequency of use. While fountain pens offer tons of benefits, ballpoint pens have significant advantages too.

The usability of both pens varies per individual preference and needs. Ballpoint pens are ideal for daily use for work and school. However, fountain pens are used for signing essential contracts, documents, and improves your professional look.


Once you know the difference between using both a ballpoint pen and fountain pen, it will be easier to determine which one is ideal for your current needs, writing style, and preferences. With the benefits and common setbacks, you can further improve your writing style with various pens.


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How to Track Down Hard to Find Family Histories


Sooner or later whether you are a professional genealogist or an amateur family detective, eventually you are going to hit a wall while researching your family histories. The past has ways of concealing itself that force any genealogist to get creative with their resources.

Sometimes it is best to step away from searching for your ancestry when these obstructions start to become frustrating. Putting a little time and distance between your research and yourself will allow you to return to your genealogy efforts with fresh eyes and you will likely notice new details or find exciting resources you missed because you were looking too hard.

DNA Testing for Ancestral Evidence

The science of understanding the human genome and mapping the location of chromosomal pairs by the Human Genome Project has revolutionized preventive medicine, genealogical studies, and fighting inherited diseases and battling illnesses that alter human genes. We know more about the human blueprint than ever before.

If you are struggling to fill out your family tree then a high-quality DNA test from a reputable laboratory can help you make some educated guesses and direct your research in an effective manner rather than hitting that research wall again and again.

How to Know Which DNA Tests Provide Accuracy and Reliability

DNA Weekly is a website that objectively reviews the DNA tests available to consumers. DNA Weekly has a wealth of resources that can help any genealogist find answers to help them complete their family trees. The website can advise on anything from the reliability of a genome screen to the best software for any type of ancestry research.

Also, the DNA website breaks down the different types of genetic tests that are available based on how the results will be interpreted and used. A quick visit to their website can save you time and effort before taking the plunge and investing in a genetic test.

Learning from Case Studies

Elizabeth Shown Mills is a famous, American genealogist who is known for her accuracy, diligence, and outreach to amateur family investigators.

Mills’ website, ‘Historic Pathways,’ provides many of her case studies which are entertaining and offer alternative methods finding the data that you have been searching for concerning ancestry.

Mills is best known for her work debunking a controversial figure in African American history in Louisiana. Her article ‘Demythicizing History: Marie Thérèse Coincoin, Tourism, and the National Historical Landmarks Program,’ discovered that the subject in question was the product of an inventive widow and her friend who both created identities for themselves.

Coincoin was a fictive character but provided hope for many African Americans who found themselves in dire conditions at the turn of the century throughout the Southern United States. Mills’ focus includes undocumented people like many African Americans who were brought to the United States as slaves. While her discoveries demythicize Coincoin and embarrass the National Landmarks Program it is important to uphold the objectivity of genealogy and all social sciences.

Her case studies show that with some creativity and a lot of effort you can problem solve and track down any hard to find family history.

Family Search

Many of the Mormon faith believe it is their duty to baptize their dead relatives so that they spend eternity in heaven.

Mormons also believe in helping others. They keep millions of personal records (which does not come without its’ issues) and share this resource with anyone who would use it.

Family Search provides family tree templates, troubleshooting advice, and plenty of other resources that can aid in tracking down your ancestry. The Family Search website is free to use and intuitive, but the records of living people are restricted due to privacy laws and ethical guidelines.

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Eye-Catching Color Combinations for Display Ads


Colors are well-known for making a visible impact on the audience. In fact, people can make purchase decisions solely based on colors in less than 90 seconds. Colors not only get your brand differentiated from the rest but can be the catalyst of influencing moods and feelings, either positively or negatively, to drive product choices.

When colors have so much influence on the choices that we make in everyday life, this understanding must translate into the choices we make to create display banners. An ideal banner must outperform the big brands and must prompt online users to take the desired action. For this to happen, let’s look at a list of possible color combinations best suited for display ads. Here’s is the list:

  • Red, Blue, and Yellow: These are the primary colors, it means when they are combined, they give birth the all the colors in the color wheel. A display banner can be soothing with a white background and small patches of primary colors. There are very few brands out there who go with this kind of minimalistic style. This kind of visual approach is best suited when the attempt is all about showcasing the product’s intrinsic value.
  • Blue Palette: This color is closely associated with the sky, the ocean, and ice. It is supposed to signify depth and mystery. The darker the color, the more it depicts intensity and seriousness. When used as a color combination, blue stands out to express nature’s beauty and signifies masculinity. No wonder it is commonly seen in men’s brands (hair care and clothing). The color palette is also used by airlines, tourism agencies, and companies selling construction materials.
  • Variations of White: Traditionally, the color white symbolizes purity, cleanliness, and heaven. The color generally gets associated with snow, clouds, and even bridal dresses. Although arguments are challenging white as a color, it provides balance when used in combination and accentuates other colors. Using white in a color scheme can help you convey a sense of elegance, simplicity, and also modesty. In advertising, white is closely associated with luxury, coolness, and premium quality.
  • Shades of Red: The color red is mostly used in advertising banners to illustrate desire. From beauty products to branded pizzas – designers have traditionally used the color red to symbolize basic human needs of sex and hunger. By playing with various tones of red, one can achieve a stunning effect on the display banner. This color has become integral in promoting women’s clothes & accessories, along with branded food items. Select white as the font color with red as the background to get a display ad that stands out from the rest.
  • Pastel Colors: The use of pastel colors can get you noticed on the most crowded web page. It is appealing because it is closely associated with our childhood – a visit to the candy shop and even marshmallow parties. The color may be sweet in its appeal, but this palette is pretty bold and is the right choice for promoting something like cars. It can be used in display banner to advertise confectionery, women’s makeup, bakery, and kid’s brand.
  • Ocean Deep Blue: What we have here is a gradient blue palette with various shades of blue. Incidentally, it happens to be Yahoo’s brand colors. Still, it has a reputation for being a versatile color scheme that can promote a range of products right from men’s clothes to universities to bottled water. Gradient color schemes are known to inducing a pleasant experience for the viewer. Remain mindful of using this color scheme whenever an opportunity for using a monochromatic color combination arises.
  • Color Purple: This color originates from a combination of red and blue and is a secondary color not extensively found in nature. It is closely associated with lavender flowers. This color comes with a history of being used by the royals and aristocrats because it was rather expensive to produce. However, times have changed, and we find this color getting used to promote everything from clothes to branded food items. The color has the distinction of symbolizing different meanings depending on the tone. While dark purple depicts luxury and high class, light purple represents tenderness and delicateness.
  • Black & Yellow:  This color combination is one of the most contrasting color pairs out there. Yellow is known to express warmth and demands attention, while black represents being sober and reserved. However, when they come together, they can grab the viewer’s attention by being uncommonly loud. The usage of the same colors in traffic lights is testimony to the fact that it is scientifically proven to attract attention. Use the combination wisely wherever there is a need to make a statement.
  • Blue, Green, & White: This combination in the advertising world represents freshness and cleanliness. This a known color combination used in health and cleaning products. On a subconscious level, blue and green are closely associated with nature, especially blue, which symbolizes oceans and rivers that reminders to wash and bath. This color combination in no way sacrosanct and can be played around with. For instance, introducing red into this combination can make the banner more attractive with red standing out to attract more attention.
  • Grey & Green: Though the color green represents nature, it can become urban by getting associated with the color grey. Green is known to represent forests, crops, and the season of spring. In recent times, green has started being used to symbolize overall well-being and good health. Grey, on its own, represents industrial and technological advancement. The combination of the two can depict ‘health technology’ especially useful for new-age health products, which are organic in origin but come with strong scientific backing.


Now that you are familiar with color combinations that work, you must start creating display banners using them. Another thing to be remembered is that you have to take into account the audience’s preference and create banners. For instance, a display banner for a video maker might have a different set of colors that only works in that native country. Lastly, colors have their place in the banner, but equally important is the message you want to convey. Both have equal weightage – color grabs attention, and the ad copy induces interest in the viewer to go forward and take action.


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