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6 Easy Mistakes to Avoid in Fashion in 2021


Want to become the fashion idol? You need to know the basic fashion rules which, today, are way too many! Even if you can’t remember all of them, you still can avoid some major mistakes to reach the fashion’s standard bar.

Choosing your attire wisely while finding the perfect balance is easy from Hush style however, stop making the following mistakes, and you can easily end up being the diva of your dreams.

Don’t put boundaries on yourself

One common mistake that everyone makes is being dictated by the labels. Once you enter a shop, you’re easily attracted to the section that is labelled by your gender. This shouldn’t happen. You need to find something that enhances your personality, no matter for whom it is made. Give yourself the liberty to take risks and develop a style that can speak for you loud and clear.

Play with textures and colors to your heart’s content, ultimately buying the pieces that go well together. This step will help you choose something that complements your looks and brightens up your assets in an ideal manner.

Don’t compromise on size

You need to look for the perfect fit. Try before making a purchase, especially when buying blazers or denim. Tailored pieces not only polish your personality but also add comfort to your attire. Once you own everything of the right size, you can mix and match with over-sized clothes in a fashionable manner instead of looking sloppy.

Unbalanced proportions

It is vital to have perfectly balanced proportions to support aesthetic harmony in your overall look. This can be done by choosing the clothes that fit your body shape. If you wish to add an item of oversized clothing to your attire, do this by wearing a body-fit piece. It will help you have a blank canvas to add more shapes and textures to. For example, if you’re going for a baggy top, pair it up with a tight-fitted pair of pants.

Ignoring colors

One of the most common mistakes that people make is not adding colour to a neutral attire. You need the right pop of color to accentuate your outfit stylishly. As you get familiar with a broader color range, you can play with them according to your taste and make your personal style statement.

Sticking to a single pattern or texture

Just as colors can help you develop new styles, the same can be done by playing with patterns and textures. Sticking to a single texture can be very dull, so you need to clash a variety of them to flaunt your own taste. Try out various designs to figure out what works for you the best.

Ignoring the dress code

You might want to add your personal style to any occasion, but absolutely ignoring the dress code is a major red flag. Try to go for an attire that can speak for your style while being in harmony with the gathering.

Once you start avoiding these mistakes, making fashion choices will become second nature!

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Master Bedroom Ideas That Couples Love


When it comes to brainstorming master bedroom ideas, different people have different ideas of what’s cozy.  Trying to settle on bedroom decor that both you and your partner will love can, therefore, get a little tricky. Finding bedroom furniture that caters to both your needs and creates a romantic ambiance is key to striking a balance that everyone can be pleased with.

From investing in a memory foam mattress for both your comfort, to getting bedroom decor that can create a truly cozy environment for you both, here are our top tips to creating a master bedroom both you and your partner will love:

Optimizing your sleep set up

One surefire way of creating a space both you and your partner love is ensuring you’re both sleeping comfortably and well. This requires the best mattress to cater to both your individual needs. When it comes to finding the best mattress for your sleep, it’s hard to go wrong with memory foam.

Memory foam mattresses have contouring capabilities that make them a versatile choice for people who share beds. What this means is that regardless of your sleep position, memory foam mattresses keep you primed to be well supported throughout your night’s sleep.

If you are thinking of getting a memory foam mattress for your bedroom, you’ll want to ensure it comes with a trial period of some kind. This will provide you with the option of testing out your bed before you commit to it.

Using romantic bedding for better sleep

Once you’ve invested in a memory foam mattress you’re confident in, it’s time to dress things up. Romantic bedding doesn’t just help set the mood, it can really add a sense of cozy comfort to any master bedroom.

So what exactly is romantic bedding? Suitable colors for this type of bedroom decor include pastel or pink-toned shades. You also want to make a point of mixing various textures and shades to add interest to your bed.

No matter how comfortable your memory foam mattress is, jazzing things up so that your bed looks beautiful and inviting can make a world of difference to the ways it feels as you snuggle up at night.

Romantic colors for better sleep

Another way to introduce a more romantic ambiance to your master bedroom is by using more romantic colors to accent your space. These look particularly elegant in more minimalist rooms, where an introduction of color can make a room pop and remain refined.

Relaxing colors for both sleep and a more romantic ambiance tend to include pinks, whites, and lighter pastel shades. If you both prefer something a little darker, go for muted, toned down shades of your favorite colors, so as to prevent any potential disruption to your shared sleep cycles.

Mood lighting makes all the difference

Finally, lighting in your bedroom can truly transform your space into something out of this world. Romantic lighting can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The main thing to focus on when selecting romantic lighting for your room is choosing softer and warmer shades.

Fairy lights can make for a great faux headboard when hung up against your bed. Using curtains to soften the glow can help add a diffused look.

Creating a master bedroom that both you and your partner are going to love can be a journey with plenty of compromises and bargaining, but the end result is a space the two of you can feel totally relaxed in. From finding the best memory foam mattress you can to settling on colors that speak to the both of you, with a little bit of planning, you’ll both be snoozing better in no time.

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Five New Ways To Stay Healthy During The College Years


Maybe you’ve heard of the freshman 15, or maybe you haven’t. It is believed that a freshman in college will gain 15 pounds when they start school. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that they live on pizza and sodium filled ramen noodles. or it could be all the time you spend sitting in the classroom or sitting and studying, although you would think the running between classes and dorms would work that off, wouldn’t you?

If you want to be a healthy college student and get the energy you need to get through four years of college there are some things that you are going to want to do. They start with focussing on your studies rather than making friends and having fun. If you want a successful college career here are some things that can help you get through.

Quit Sitting So Much

Recent studies have found that sitting is killing you, and that it could even be worse for you than smoking. In fact, squatting could be better for you than sitting, since it is still working your muscles and making your body do some work and keeping your legs strong.

No only should you squat instead of sitting, you should also consider getting a standing desk for in your home or dorm room. Standing desks are great. Take time to get extra steps in every day as well, even if it simply means a power stroll around campus.

Don’t Binge Drink

Binge drinking is different for men and women, but it constitutes drinking a certain amount of alcohol in one evening, and it can lead to alcohol poisoning, and with college students it often does. This can lead to death. While college may be a time for partying for some, it doesn’t have to be alcohol laced to be a fun and educational time.

Stop Smoking

Just like you need to be up and walking while you’re in college, you also should take this time to quit smoking. You may feel like smoking helps fight the stress of college, but instead it will just add more. Plus it can lead to heart disease and even cancer.

Fight The Stress

If stress is a factor in your college career start taking some time to meditate, join a yoga group, or just get out in nature and take some deep breaths while you take a nice hike. Stress doesn’t have to control your life. And while some stress is good for you and keeps you motivated to succeed, but it can be very bad for you as well.

Eat Healthily

The one other thing that is going to help you get through college healthy is to eat right. Throw away those ramen noodles and at least order some healthy vegetables on your pizza. Eating healthy means having lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure you are getting all your body and mind needs. However, some natural sources of vitamins may be hard to come by with our current situation, so shopping online with reputable companies like SuperSmart for your health supplements and vitamins is also an excellent option to consider.

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5 Tips for Healthy Hair Care During College


In today’s fast paced society, college co-eds are feeling most of the burn. From hectic class schedules and on-campus events to a bustling social life, it can be hard for them to find the time needed to take care of themselves.

But with a little planning, college gals can have the luscious, shiny tresses that they see on all of their favorite models and movie stars. Here are five tips for keeping your hair healthy during your co-ed years.

Go Light on the Washing

We know that many people are guilty of washing their locks daily, but that extra cleaning can actually take a toll on your hair’s health. Not only does it get rid of dirt and grease, but washing regularly strips your hair of its essential natural oils that keep it gorgeous. Experts recommend washing your hair two or three times a week to keep a healthy balance.

Chill Out

In the winter time, standing under a steaming hot shower feels oh-so good. Yet the scalding water can do terrible damage to your mane, taking away volume and drying it out. During the cold season, wash your hair with lukewarm water and during the scalding summer months, treat yourself to a cool shower.

Protect Yourself

If you regularly blow dry your hair or use a flat iron or curling iron, remember to protect it from the heat by using a heat protectant spray. The high temp tools can wreak havoc on your tresses, so spray the solution onto damp hair before styling. If you also spend a lot of time outside on campus and in the sun, douse your hair with protectant or wear a cute sun hat to protect locks from the harsh UV rays. These solutions also protect against frizz and help your hair to look sleek.

Dread the Dreads

Never, ever try turning your hair into dreadlocks by back combing and using bees wax. Not only can dreadlocks ruin your hair, but you can grow mold inside the locks if not cared for properly. Nobody wants that – ew!

Air Dry

After you wash your hair, give it a break from all of the heating tools you tend to use and allow your mane to air dry. This method is super healthy for your hair. Be sure to allow it to dry fully before going outside. If it is cold out, your hair can freeze, dry out, or break. Also, deep condition your locks once a week to keep them looking full and fab.

Keeping your hair healthy during college is as simple as washing it three times a week, protecting it, air drying it, and going easy on the heating tools.

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Beauty Hacks to Get You Through College


College can be a busy time of classes, friends, clubs and fun. You want to look good, but you don’t have time to put all the effort in on a daily basis. Staying up with beauty and fashion isn’t always an easy thing to do for a college student, but you also want to take care of yourself. It’s not about looking good, it’s about feeling good.

These few simple hacks will help you feel better about yourself and they’re quick and easy so they won’t take a ton of time out of your busy schedule. You won’t even be late for class!

Hair Hacks

Sometimes it just isn’t convenient to shower every day, and you really don’t need to unless you’ve been working up a sweat. You can keep your hair feeling clean with some baking soda, which works to absorb natural oils and sweat. This lets you keep your style for a longer period also, and it’s as easy as just adding some to your regular shampoo.

Makeup Hacks

Did you recently run out of eyeliner? No money or time to go get some? All you need is your mascara and an eyeliner brush and you’re all set. Mascara isn’t just for your lashes anymore. Just rub your liner brush on your mascara bristles and put on as you would your normal liner. Use eyeshadow mixed with a little lotion for a quick cream blush or lipstick.

If you’re looking for fuller lips, ditch the lip liner. Lip liner can look unnatural and it can fade.. Sonoma Skin Works suggests Juvederm for fuller lips on their Facebook page.

Manicure Hacks

A trip to the nail salon isn’t always convenient or affordable. If you like having your nails prim and proper there are some great hacks you can you to keep your tips in style. It seems like every month there is a new nail trend. Right now it just might be the graduated manicure. This colorful nail style is really easy to do if you have a makeup sponge on hand. Simply paint the sponge with the colors/design you want and press it onto your nail.

Instant manicures like this will have people asking you what salon you are going to and you can amaze them with your simple beauty secret.

Beauty doesn’t have to be a timely task. These are just a few hacks to get you started. However, when you run out of something in your makeup arsenal it’s pretty important to know that many tools can do double duty.

Don’t let your busy college life overwhelm you and keep you from allowing yourself to feel confident and beautiful, with or without a beauty routine.

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Ready or Not! Dressed for Real Life

college student

Lots of career coaches tell potential employees to dress like the manager of the position that the candidate is applying for. So, if you want to be a fry chef, dress like the diner manager. If you want to be a junior account executive, dress like the senior account executive does.

Get Basic Pieces

According to one contributor, neutral colors should make up your base; including black, gray, navy and tan. This way your base pieces will go together well, allowing you to mix and match. Even President Obama adheres to this suggestion. He only wears navy or grey suits. That eliminates even the small amount of time he’d waste choosing what to wear in the morning. Basic pieces provide a great backdrop for your favorite accessories and allow you to really show who you are. One word to the wise, though. Don’t get crazy. Be subtle. Be yourself, only a little quieter.

Start Building Now

By starting while you are still in school, you don’t have to break the bank to get the complete outfit at once. Ask for key pieces for your birthday or other gift-giving holidays. Start building your business wardrobe now. Who knows? You may want to start dressing the part, too.

Thrift stores are a fantastic way to build your work wardrobe inexpensively., a budgeting website, writes, “Look for clothes new with tags. Sometimes unsold department store inventory finds its way to used clothing stores and thrift shops. You’ll generally pay more [than the used price] for these items, but not much.”  Many suitable used business clothes end up there, too. Accessories are easily found for very little money. You will save money if you stay focused while shopping at the thrift store. You will also be reusing clothes that are already made. Good for you. Good for the earth.

Accessorize Wisely

If you are going to invest in a spendy piece, you should spend your money on shoes or a bag. Quality shows with these two. Well-made shoes will last for a very long time. That makes them a value buy.

Bags are the same way. Purchase a bag, and this goes for guys, too, that has classic lines and timeless material like leather. Pack your laptop, portfolio and other important papers in a real world bag. Back packs are great for college, but you are on the way out of the college world.

Spending over $100 on a tie or a scarf when you are just starting out is ridiculous. Find a similarly colored scarf or tie and make due with brand that doesn’t believe in price gouging. Also, remember that silk scarf or tie will have to be dry cleaned. Is dry cleaning in your budget?

Taking the work world by fashion storm will be easy for you. Just remember, focus on basic pieces. Start building your work clothes wardrobe before you graduate. Don’t get crazy with the accessories. You’ll look like the rest of the grown ups in real life.

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5 Tips for Choosing Hair Extensions

tcs hair extensions

When you look great, you feel great … and nothing makes you feel quite as fabulous as gorgeous hair. Thank goodness for hair extensions!

Whether you’re growing out your hair or you want to change up your look for a night out, hair extensions can come in real handy. Finding the right extensions can be tricky, though.

Be sure to follow these five tips for choosing hair extensions. You’ll be turning heads in no time.

1. Think about your needs

Before you run out to buy hair extensions in every shade and texture, stop to think about your needs. What do you want to use your hair extensions for? Are they for everyday use or do you want them for special occasions?

Also think about whether you want to add more length or more thickness to the look of your hair. Determine what you want to gain from your extensions. This will make it easier to find the right ones.

2. Consider your budget

Sure, Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian have the best extensions available. For the rest of us, there’s a little something called a budget!

When you’re choosing hair extensions, always consider your budget first. How much money can you realistically afford to spend on them? If you plan on wearing extensions most of the time, will you be able to afford the upkeep to replace them?

Keep your money in mind when you’re getting ready to choose hair extensions.

3. Figure out what type you want

Hair extensions come in many different forms. There are various textures (curly, straight, wavy), materials (synthetic or human hair), and types (clip-in, glue-in, sew-in) to pick from.

When choosing your hair extensions, think about the type that will work best with your hair type, your budget, and your skill level. This will ensure that your extensions look great and work for you.

4. Buy from a reputable retailer

You don’t want fake-looking hair. You’ll want to buy hair extensions from a retailer that specializes in hair and hair products.

You can find cheap, plastic hair extensions just about anywhere; they’re in every costume shop and Hot Topic. But for quality hair extensions, you should buy them from a reputable retailer. Reputable retailers mean high-quality hair that lasts longer.

5. Get a good match

The last thing you’ll need to do when choosing hair extensions? Get a good match! There’s nothing worse than extensions that don’t match the rest of your hair.

Always make sure that they match the color of your hair exactly … unless of course, you’re opting for bright, bold colors. Be picky with your hair extensions: close enough isn’t good enough!

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Simple Makeover Tips: Guys


College is a forgiving place when it comes to style.  You can blame bad style on being hung over, being creative, or being up all night studying for mid-terms.  But if you get someone black-out drunk and they still won’t sleep with you, it might be time for a makeover.

Makeovers don’t have to require a ton of money, a new wardrobe, or gaining/losing 30 lbs.  There are simple things you can do that will make a world of difference!  Just try one (or all, probably all) of our tips.

1. Get a friggen hair cut.  Oftentimes, just this move alone will make you look 100% better.  Go to a Supercuts, or spring for a fancy schmancy Salon, ask them what cut they think would look best, and try it out!


2.  Shave, or don’t.  Okay, so beards are kind of in these days (not mustaches, if you have one of those…NO!  JUST NO!) so if you’ve never had one, try it out.  Our method to this tip: Do the opposite.  If you have a beard, shave, if you’re always clean shaven, grow a beard.  Now, take a poll.  Tell people it’s for a school project – “do I look good with a beard/clean shaven?”


3. Groom yourself regularly.  If your nails look like this


For the love of everything holy, spray disinfectant all over your body, cut them off, burn them, and bury the ashes in a volt so they can never get out and hurt you or anyone else again.

4.  Whiten your teeth.  Yellow reminds people of pee and mildew.  Don’t have pee and mildew teeth.  You don’t have to go buy one of those million dollar whitening kits from the store.  If you mix baking soda and peroxide into a thick paste and brush your teeth with it (do NOT swallow the mixture, and if you do, you’ve never met us/ we were never here) once daily until your teeth are as white as you like.

5.  Buy a few key elements for your wardrobe.  These items are always great when you want to impress someone, or when you want to feel amazing and channel your inner Pitbull (ay, fuego!)

A nice blazer with a good fit can be worn with almost anything FOR almost any occasion, and will make you look amazing.

A darker wash jean looks ten times better than faded, holy ones stained with dog juice from Fido’s last hump session.  If you wanna be extra shnazzy, roll up the bottoms into a hip cuff.

Shoes.  You might not think chicks look there…they do!  Buy some nice, comfortable loafers, and some every day, quality sneakers or skate shoe.

Shades.  Get your James Bond on and sport some smexy sunglasses.  You can go with the classic brands like Oakley, and Raybans, but if you don’t have that kind of cash, find a designer pair you like and find a look-alike.

6. Take a shower.  More than once a week.  If you’re constantly having girls eye-rape you, only to come up for five minutes of conversation, take. a. shower!  There’s nothing worse than a guy who smells like jabba-the-hutt’s scrotum.  Buy some manly, smell-good shampoo and body wash like Old Spice or Axe, and scrub…scrub all your shame away.

Take it a step further and invest in some body spray (like Axe or Old Spice, they’ll be in the same aisle at the store).  Here’s a tip for wearing a fragrance – spray the bottle in the air a few times, and walk through the mist.  Almost as offensive as a guy who reaks, is a guy who uses too damned much cologne.  Settle down.

7.  Do an intellectual makeover,  This one is completely free, is often forgotten, and ALL men can benefit from.  Chicks like smart guys, but not ones who make them feel dumb (unless they really are dumb, in which case you don’t need to impress them anyway).  Girls like funny, look up some funny movie quotes or even some cheesy jokes, chicks like cheese!  But don’t goof off all the time or they won’t take you seriously.  Read a trendy book, chicks either love books, or love to pretend they love books.  Be polite, open her effing doors.  If you show her that chivalry isn’t dead, she’ll probably show YOU her boobs.  Be charming and sincere.  Girls can sniff out fake and arrogant like Rottweilers.

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New Jewelry Label Turns Guns Into Fashion

no thumb

The fashion industry may have a reputation for vapid self-interest, but every so often an issue surfaces that’s so pressing even the fashionistas take notice.

Liberty United: jewelry against gun violence

With the launch of Liberty United, the fashion industry has turned its attention to the issue of gun violence. Liberty United’s new line of jewelry is aimed at reducing gun violence and increasing awareness. Each piece of jewelry featured is made of materials that come from recycled guns. What’s more, the proceeds from each sale will be donated to anti-violence nonprofits and grassroots programs.

The socially aware marketeer

Peter Thum is founder of Ethos Water, an idea that began in 2001 with Thum’s vision of helping communities that had little or no access to potable water. It was sold to Starbucks in 2005. Like the jewelry of Liberty United, Thum believed that a brand of bottled water could raise awareness and funding for programs that provide safe water.

While the proceeds from Ethos Water are mostly retained by the company itself, six million dollars have still been donated toward support, sanitation, and other education programs.

The fashionable join the battle

For Liberty United, Thum has rallied the support and talent of some of the hottest names in the fashion industry. The first designer in this capsule collection: Giles & Brother, a sibling design team featuring the talents of Courtney and Philip Crangi. The duo’s popular metal-based jewelry has an earthy quality that’s a nice match for the recycled gun material they’re working with.

Thum is hoping to reduce gun violence without writing to Congress or lobbying lawmakers. Instead, he offers people an opportunity to express themselves visually. The funds that come from the recycled guns will be used to stop gun violence, just like the money from bottled water sales was used to fund clean water programs.

Many of the project’s participants are excited about making a difference through fashion. Actually saving lives, they say, isn’t something they usually have an opportunity to do.

Society steers a fashionable course

Socially conscious fashion is just one way jewelers are changing with the times. From raw-cut diamonds that have never been a cause for bloodshed, to recycling and up-cycling, where social interests go, fashion inevitably follows. Using reclaimed materials and incorporating elements from nature (like plants, and naturally acquired animal bones) are all the rage, and the Internet makes selling and shopping easier than ever.

Reaching people is exactly what the Liberty United line intends to do. So far, the outlook is good.

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5 Sunglasses to Consider After You Lost Yours This Summer

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So you’ve lost a great pair of sunglasses and you’re in the market for a new pair? You probably feel as though the pair you lost was irreplaceable. However, there are some really terrific sunglasses on the market right now.

Here are five pairs of shades that are not only affordable, but also fashionable.

  1. Spitfire. Currently available at Urban Outfitters, these sunglasses offer a bit of nostalgia in their design. (You might recognize people wearing something similar on Mad Men). They have a bulky, acetate frame with contoured arms and a prominent hinge. The lenses are distortion-free, and provide both UVA and UVB protection. The price is only $35.
  2. Brooklyn Bandit. Karmaloop presents these great shades at a price of only $34. These are also vintage-inspired but look plenty chic. The cherry-brown handles set against the light purple lenses convey an unmistakable sense of sophistication.
  3. Neff. If you want an original look for your eyewear, look no further than this pair, available for only $19.95 at Zumiez. The glasses feature a clear, plastic frame which houses yellow polycarbonate lenses. The shape is classic wayfarer; it’s a great fashion statement at a very affordable price.
  4. Knockaround. This cleverly named “Fort Knocks” model sports polarized lenses designed to significantly reduce sun glare from windows, water, and road surfaces. The design was inspired by Fort Knox, which is why it features gold bar imaging. This pair is currently selling for $30.
  5. Riverside Drive Wayfarers. The design of this pair of sunglasses is pretty geographically specific. But don’t let that fool you. These glasses will look great on anyone in any part of the world. The glasses, designed for “warm summer nights” by the Mississippi River, feature gold accents with a fairly traditional design. They’re currently selling for only $17.99.

Whatever decision you make, be advised that there are numerous outlets online for purchasing sunglasses. Some of those online outfits offer a comprehensive catalog of designer sunglasses at great prices.

Other options to consider are individual retail outlets like the ones mentioned above. The good news is that you have plenty of options when cybershopping for great summer eyewear, so go ahead and get the ball rolling on replacing that lost pair of sunglasses.

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