Things to Keep in Mind When Getting a Crop Top

Summer is just around the corner and nothing makes us happier than we can bring out all our freshest clothes. One of them is the crop top or cropped top, a short shirt or blouse that exposes our abdomen. And in Solado, we bring you the manual to show off a crop top with the style that you were looking for.

Being a top that is usually cut at the waist, we need to balance our figure with high-waisted garments. Some can also be worn medium-rise if you want to show a little more. The same thing happens if we wear tight clothes on top, it is best that they are a little wider below and vice versa.

If you don’t dare to show your abdomen at all, we will give you some tips so that you can gradually start incorporating them into your looks until you get used to it. Remember that you have nothing to be ashamed of and that is why we are not going to deprive ourselves of a garment that we like and with which we can create looks according to your silhouette, whatever it may be. Let’s see it!

What you should keep in mind when getting a crop top?

The length: not only can we find the shortest ones, but they can also vary its length and you will choose this according to the one that is most comfortable for you and that suits you best.

– The finish: we can find them straight, asymmetrical like tops with triangular or knotted ends, generating an inverted heart effect.

– The neckline: the V effect can further stylize your figure, while the closed halter neckline type can stretch your upper part making it look longer, which can help you if it is very short.

– And, the style: we can find the sexy white crop top you prefer, fitted, wider, knitted, or cotton. That is why you will find the one that you like the most and that fits what you want to convey with your outfit.

Ideal looks to wear a crop top with a lot of styles:

Compared to other garments, one of the great advantages of a crop top is its versatility, because it is perfect for a casual look, but it also complements a formal image if you combine it in the right way. But enough introductions, let’s see together how to combine your crop top.

Ways to wear a crop top in formal looks:

– Linen suit:

If you dare, you can wear a crop top with a linen suit to go to a formal event. They are the most elegant and your styling will not have any fault. Choose the indicated color, we recommend neutral colors such as black or taupe and put color or print on your crop top to make it stand out among so many dull outfits.

– Crop top palazzo pants:

Another ideal option to wear your crop top is with palazzos, as they will give you a more formal appearance if you need them for a party, for example, or informal if you want them every day. Wear a white lace crop top with black or striped pants in dark colors. If they are for the day.

– Short skirt + cop top:

Of the most feminine looks. A short skirt is of a unique sensuality and combined with a crop top even more. Wear your off-shoulder style cropped top with a short high-waisted denim skirt, it can be black or blue. Also, if your top is shorter and tighter than normal you can opt for a short flared skirt. At night, on the contrary, choose tighter skirts. They can be made of shiny fabrics or the peplum type.

– Crop top jeans:

Our jeans are going to save us from any trouble, so if you’re thinking of wearing a crop top with them, go ahead. They can be oxford, culottes, boyfriend, mom jeans or the classic skinny jeans, choose the one that best suits your body style, do not forget that they must be high-waisted.

– With paper bag shorts:

Paper bag pants are characterized by having a high waist and adjusting at the waist with a belt or bow, which makes the upper part gather, emulating a paper bag, hence its name. Being wide at the bottom, they are ten with a short top, if you dare to more, you can wear a bandana style, that is, strapless.

– Navy style:

Striped backless tank tops are also the latest trend, so try wearing them with denim culottes and a navy jacket. Remember that moccasins and espadrilles are the most used in this style, complete the look with a bag with sailor or raffia straps and you will have your favorite navy outfit.

Crop top in a sporty look:

A sports top, if one of those we wear to the gym can also serve as a crop top. That’s why if you want to complete the sporty style you can wear it with short leggings, long high-waisted leggings, or sport-style frizzy shorts. You can also find cropped-style jumpsuits so you have no excuse to try their variants.

– Skirt set:

You can opt for a similar set of tops and a long skirt if you have an event in which you must be more dressed up. You can put together a set with light colors, the same textures, and even prints. Try to make the skirts very wide so you can compensate with a tight top. The monochromatic effect or print on both the top and the bottom draws attention to the garments and not to your belly.

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