5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Business Writing Skills


It is essential to capture the audience’s full attention and have them grasp your overall message thoroughly. However, as much as we hate to admit it, we have all tried to convey a message and failed at some point in our lives. And that’s okay. Hence, if you’re good at public speaking but suck at writing or vice versa—that is definitely nothing to worry about!

If you’re here to hone your business writing skills, you’ve come to the right place. Good writing skills can take you to various places. Not only that it will impress your boss, but it also speaks credibility, professionalism, and trust for readers.

Having said that, if you’re writing for an essay, business letter, and other marketing documents, below are just 5 simple ways to improve your business writing skills:

1. Know the intention of the content first.

What’s to write about if you don’t know your core message? It is important to know why you’re writing in the first place. Understand the main message and focus on that idea to deliver clearly. Keep in mind that any irrelevant information that is added already leads to confusion.

After thinking of WHAT you want to write about, to WHOM do you want to convey your message to?

We’ve broken down questions to ask the gods:

  • Who is my audience?
  • What are the important aspects of my message that they would find valuable? In this case, you’ll have to narrow down ideas if you have a lot in mind.
  • Why do I need to send this message?
  • How should I best use this information?

Unlike social media, the professional world is not a fan of random and irrelevant emails and documentation. In fact, the person you’ll be sending a message to is occupied with emails every day. With this, make sure that the content you’re sending is truly necessary and respectful.

2. Be straightforward and use simple words.

No one likes people who ramble. Especially in the corporate world, there’s no room for fancy, alien words. In the perspective of readers, the first thing that goes in their mind when reading your content is getting to the point. And when pretentious words are being thrown around, they are better off reading something else that doesn’t require continuous use of the dictionary.

On the other hand, we’re not to use simple words in a way that we’ve decided to use jargon. Business writing still requires professionalism. As such, to put simplicity, straightforwardness, and formality in one short piece – speaks more volume than a thousand-word letter that is full of repetitive and unnecessary wording.

Your aim shouldn’t be in sounding smart, but to deliver a message in a way that is understood.

3. Proofread, a lot.

Spelling mistakes might give the wrong impression of laziness, and any grammatical errors would hurt the credibility and value of the content. With this, proofread after you finished writing. As they say, to notice errors when your mind is fresh and clear is more effective. And so, do proofread a few hours later or have a friend read it for you.

On the other hand, to look for high-ranking paper writing services is another great method to use if you’re rather having a hard time on the main topic itself. It is never troublesome to seek immediate assistance and there are various options online.

4. Create a professional and attention-grabbing subject line.

When browsing the internet, it’s easy to click on catchy headlines. Same goes with business writing emails! Whether the content you’re writing for is for an employer, colleague or prospect, you’ll need a subject line that brings curiosity.

For instance, which of the two subject lines below is more accommodating?

  1. Meeting (Tuesday)
  2. Attending Tuesday, Oct 5, 2 PM Surprise Team-building Group Activity (Bring Pen!)

The first one definitely leaves a lot of questions and may be left on archived. The second, however, would induce excitement for the team and make them look forward to the actual event.

5. Be confident.

As cliché as it sounds, being confident reflects on your message. As much as nervousness affects deliverance when public speaking, the same goes with business writing. Indeed, to write a message that is business related can be nerve-wracking. With this, take a moment to relax, clear your mind, and release stress if you must.

Do not pressure yourself. Read books, write inspirational stories, polish your writing in every way that you can and never quit creating. Eventually, you’ll be able to apply creative methods on your business writing skills. Make writing fun, sooner or later, you’ll be able to learn your craft and be confident.

This is one of the most important steps in improving your business writing skills.

You don’t have to jump over hills to improve yourself in the corporate world, in fact, the mentioned 5 simple ways to improve your business writing skills is only one of the many ways to get there!


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How to Help Your Child Learn Effective Study Habits


Kids take to school in different ways. Some start of liking the school, and thus some things come easy for them. Others start off disliking school, and this affects their studies. But are there ways parents could impart effective study tips on their kids? Well, yes. Here are several ways.

Show them the Importance of Developing Routines

Developing routines is a crucial tip when it comes to handling certain tasks in life. There are times when tasks could overwhelm a person. But, with the discipline of embracing routines, it is possible to avoid the crazy pressure that often ensues. Kids need to also learn how to develop study routines. These can help them overcome the pressure that comes with homework and studying. For example, a parent can have their children rest after school, then start their homework later. After their studies, parents could follow it up with some snacks. For kids, their minds will be on the snacks, and this will enhance the motivation to study. Everyone who decides to write essays for money understands the importance of routines. These help to keep someone in check. They remind you of the task ahead and maintains your focus. Teaching kids this quality at a young age could help them become responsible teenagers.

Design a Spot for Studying and Homework

One mistake parents make is failing to design study spots at home. The picture of kids studying in silence is great for any parent. But, this starts with small and simple steps like designating certain spots for studying only. Kids need to know that they cannot do their studies anywhere they like. These spots should push them to make automatic transitions.

While designating these spots, parents need to only have what is relevant for studying. Do not designate study spots but leave them full of toys. For efficient studying, the spots should only have what the kids need for homework or studying. There should be nothing else close or available to them that could steer them in a different direction. These spots need to trigger a serious mood in the kids.

Remove Distractions

The biggest barrier to children studying is the presence of distractions. These give them options or alternatives to studying. As a parent, one has to be strict and ensure their kids concentrate on their studies. Have the study spots be phone-free, toy-free, and far from the television. It is easy for kids to stray away, and have outside things interrupt their focus. So, ensure you limit the chances of interruptions.

Also, kids should know study time involves zero play. Parents have to start impacting effective study skills in their children from a young age. Developing environments free of distractions and play is a perfect way of doing that. Kids will make use of every opportunity to play. It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure this never happens.

Teach them Prioritization

Prioritization is a crucial tip to succeed in life even as an adult. When one has their list of priorities, it is quite easy to follow up, and know what one needs to do. One way parents can teach their kids good study skills is by helping them learn the importance of prioritization. For example, a parent can have their kid write down everything they plan to do. Then, a review of these activities should happen before children get to bed. Bit by bit, children will see how effective it is, and start doing it on their own.

The picture of a kid studying by themselves is one parents would love to see all the time. But, to get here, parents have to impart certain attributes like the importance of prioritization in their kids.

Show Them Importance of Planning

In life, opportunities become golden when they meet a person who has a plan. Other people never get to see these opportunities because they never plan for the inevitable. Well, for parents, it is crucial that kids learn how planning can influence their lives from a young age. The main goal could be teaching kids how to develop good study habits. But, how do you achieve this without showing them how to maintain awareness of crucial dates and projects? In life, it will always be the small things that make the difference.

When you visit a site like, you will essay writing experts who still plan themselves. These people understand that finishing certain tasks starts with planning for the future. Being responsible starts at a young age. Get your kids a study schedule planner. Let them start practising being responsible from a young age.

Maintain Consistency

Parents make the mistake of changing things for their children. Children like routines. After these develop, do not change them. For example, if the routine is to eat a snack, homework and studying, and another snack later, do not change this. Also, do not change the study spot as well. As a parent, one has to maintain consistency. Allow your child to grow into a routine. An environment of reliability will make it easier for your child to develop great study tips for middle school. These will morph into greater habits as they grow older.

Create Variance between Studying and Doing Homework

Doing their homework will never prepare them for tests. As a parent, you should know this. Discouragement will creep up on a child if they are doing their homework, but their results are bad. The psyche and motivation to study will reduce if the above happens. So, it is crucial that parents teach their kids the difference between studying and doing their homework. Homework involves doing tasks. Studying, on the other hand, often involves preparing for tests. Kids should learn effective study habits that will prepare them for tests and other projects. They should also learn how doing their homework fits into them becoming better students. Do not fall in love with the picture of your child studying and fail to impart some wisdom.

Do not overwhelm your child

Kids give up or show some sort of frustration when there is too much work. Failing to plan is the root cause of all this, and you have to teach them how not to fall into this trap. If experts from a platform like Essay Basics plan ahead to avoid the frustration and haste of trying to beat the clock, then what about your child? Do not allow work to overwhelm your child. Make sure they learn the importance of planning and scheduling tasks.

In conclusion, kids should not hate school. It is wrong when frustrations creep up and make them loathe school. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure they develop effective study habits. So, make use of the habits above, and you will see some change.

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Teach Kids How To Act Online


Going online is now a standard for kids. There is no way you can simply shut your kids off all devices and websites. Forget it. Better, you teach kids how to act online. The following are important tips to help your kids get the most of going online.

Teach to Use Social Apps

Obviously, social media is a dominant force online. This isn’t an exception for kids. Indeed, kids, digital natives, are active social media users. Getting online is, for today’s kids, like watching TV for kids in earlier generations. That’s why, teaching kids to use social media and apps is just as important as teaching them watching TV generations ago. The catch in teaching using social apps, though, is that parents (if you’re one) cannot get hold on all apps. Tech savvy, current generation kids simply switch from one app top another in a snap. So, instead of giving a list of do’s and don’ts, share and engage. That’s, make your kids your true friends and make them come up to you to tell you about what apps they use. That way, you can teach, or guide, your kids to use any social apps properly. So, instead of coercion, they act online free. More, you can make use of unlimited online resources about using social apps for kids. For instance, many professional essay writing services provide guidance and already written essays on social media use.

Teach to Use Education Services

Kids go online to do so many things. Make going online for your kids enjoyable and informative. Indeed, many parents might have forgotten education is abundance online. The Internet is, indeed, a great learning resource – provided used properly. More, teachers are using free printable online activities to teach kids online. So, parents should use education services online as one great way to entertain and inform kids. This is an act-teach relationship by which

teaching turns into acts kids practice routinely. If you’re a parent, do your own homework and look up for as many resources to educate your kids online. If you’re a teacher, you’re most probably using the Internet in class. In either case, channel your kid’s attention to more informative and rewarding online experiences.

Use Family Link

The online world is full of good and bad stuff. The challenge is to pick stuff that match your own family values. The concepts of “family” and “values” are becoming more and more fluid. Still, parents shouldn’t give up, must not give up. If anything, finding a link, a family link, online underlies why and how your kid goes online. Indeed, safe online behavior is about proper online conduct your kids should follow. This includes, for instance, proper communication, maintaining privacy, respect, reporting misbehavior and, most importantly, following your family rules. There are moments – many – when you’re not around your kids. So, keeping a 24/7 watchful eye over your kids is simply impossible. Instead, make values, not restrictions, be your kid’s guide. The avoidance of improper online content should be from within.

Teach to Study Online

Similar to education services, parents should use online resources to make kids study online. Teachers are, of course, already using the Internet to teach students. But parents should

do more. In addition to using education services, parents could make learning fun for their kids. This could be by, say, setting up a time to study online together with kids. Or, more independently, kids could have minimal guidance to study online. There are already unlimited resources kids could make use of to study. For one, write an essay activities are a great start. To filter in or out which resources kids should use, parents must go the extra mile of doing some research. Of course, not all parents are expected to replace their kids in studying. Instead, all parents need to do is make a connection between school work and studying online. Teachers can, of course, help, but with parents learning becomes more “intimate.” So, as a parent (if you’re one), try to strike a balance between supporting your kid’s learning process and making your kid an independent learner.

Use Parental Controls and Privacy Settings

This is a fairly common practice many parents follow now. Online, kids are exposed to everything, good and bad. To protect your kids online, parental controls and privacy settings are important. The child molester lore is, if anything, powerful enough to make parents super worried about their kids. That said, parental controls and privacy settings are not a panacea. Tech savvy and quick learners, kids can now so easily change your controls and settings. Worse, kids

can use completely different apps you set controls for. So, again, values, not restrictions ,are much more important to protect your kids. The controls should, once again, be within.


This is yet another feature parents are increasingly using to control their kids’ online activity. Only a decade ago, search was a novelty. Today, everything was searchable. Parents at work might be super panicked imagining their kid playing violent video games or, worse, watching porn. So, have a safe search feature makes parents less worried but they should not be totally worry-free. For one simple reason: current generation kids are smart and tech savvy. So, if you think you can always outsmart your kids, you might be really frustrated. Once again, make trust and values, not just restrictions, your kid’s – and your – guide to safeguard against harms your kid might encounter online.

Show Use of Online Services Properly

In all cases, your kid needs your guidance. So, make sure you are approachable so your kid find support and a friend in you. This is super important to show your kid online services properly. Typically, education services are not fun for kids unless approached in a certain way. So, put every effort you can, if you’re a parent or teacher, to make learning, and more, fun for your kid. For example, if you want to teach your kid writing, you can find unlimited online resources to do so. In addition to online school resources, cheap writing services provide great essay examples your kid can draw on. The bottom line is you should organize online services your kid is exposed to for best learning and entertainment results. This needs effort, time and sometimes money. Invest in managing your kid’s online activity and you’re for sure to gain over short and long runs.

Teaching kids how to act online is challenging yet mandatory. Tech savvy and quick learners, today’s kids cannot simply left alone online. They need guidance, using proper parental controls and privacy settings, but also independence and freedom. Make sure kids make the most of their online presence learning or having fun.

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How To Choose The Most Affordable Online College


If you are thinking about earning an online degree, there are colleges that offer affordable tuition rates. However, prior to pursuing this option, it is important to choose the best online degree program out there. You want to make sure that the online program is affordable but totally committed to guiding you toward educational success.  Try to stay away from the subpar online programs that give little direction and set you up for failure. Fortunately for you, there are several successful degree programs online with affordable tuition. If you are ready, let’s take a look at what you should know going into the pursuit of your academic goals toward career success.

What is the Tenure and Reputation?

So you can choose the best online college, below are some questions that you first need to answer for yourself. What is the tenure and reputation of this online college? Try to find a college that has been around for at least five years to one or two decades. In fact, choose one that has established a good reputation in the public eye and will be accepted in the corporate world. Choose one that has a solid reputation among many other prestigious colleges. You will be able to tell so much about a college with solid institutional relationships and partnerships.

Is There Any Accreditation?

The next question is whether the college is accredited or not. Accreditation is important to ensure you are provided with the highest level of quality as it relates to your education. In addition, most employers prefer to hire people from accredited programs. This is especially true with all degrees, but if you are pursuing a business degree, you should make sure it is from an accredited school. The credentials will speak volumes when you graduate and are getting ready to apply for a job in the corporate world.

Does the College Accept Transfer of Credits?

If you already have credits, it will help if the college program does accept your transfer credits since it will aid in early graduation and you wouldn’t have to take certain classes over again. Transfer credits are a direct way to making college so much more affordable because you wouldn’t have to pay for those classes.

Does the School Have Good Financial Standing?

When choosing an online program, you should also try to find out if the school has good financial standing. You don’t want to choose a college with financial challenges. So, you should do your research to make sure that the financial data checks out. You can tell by the strong relationships or ties that the college has with other respected partners and educational institutions.

Are There Hidden Tuition Costs?

Before you enroll in an online college program, find out what all the costs are. This includes lab fees, technology fees, book fees, and any extra fees associated with your particular degree program. You don’t’ want to be caught off guard and so prior to your enrollment, you should ask questions about all the costs involved.

Last, but not least, you should find out if this online degree program will help you to achieve your career and educational goals in an allotted period of time. Get access to a degree plan prior to enrolling. Understand and know the affordability and value of the degree you are pursuing and what it will mean to prospective employers later on.

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Where Can I Type an Essay Online for Free?


All students have to write different academic assignments. An essay is the most widely spread kind of assignment and students have to deal with multiple types. Some of them are overly complex or require too much time. Accordingly, students from the UK and other countries require some help. One of the possible options is to use an online writing website, which helps to type essays whenever students want and which provides useful prompts on writing.

Of course, you can choose a free essay writing service such as It works for many years and always satisfies the demands of its customers. Its specialists write excellent essays, as well as many other academic papers. Nonetheless, you should keep this variant as an alternative when nothing else works. In the meanwhile, you can try to complete your assignments using special free sites.

Such sites offer multiple options for writers. You can use helpful examples, smart writing prompts, different creative and editing tools, etc. It’ll be much faster and easier to write essays, copy them, and submit to your academic supervisor. Intelligent software will do the necessary corrections to avoid mistakes and will provide important prompts to improve the quality of your papers. Here are a few great options for students:


You may enhance your English writing skills using other online possibilities as well. Consider the following Internet options:

  • Digital books;
  • Special contests and tests;
  • Learning programs;
  • Plagiarism checkers;
  • Workshops and webinars;
  • Online courses, tutorials, guides, etc.

Does It Make Sense Using a Professional Writing Platform?

Students likewise know about different custom writing websites. They are resourceful and seem to be quite helpful for students. However, many youngsters are reluctant to use their help. Perhaps they simply don’t know about the legibility and effectiveness of writing platforms similar to We’ll clarify this important matter.

Firstly, you should know that you can choose out of multiple writing platforms. They are useful, legal, effective, and credible. You don’t violate any law, but your teachers and professors may be against this kind of academic support. Therefore, professional websites never reveal private data about their customers to somebody else.

Secondly, these platforms offer a wide range of conditions to ensure students’ success. If you ask “Who can write my essay for free”, you should do in-depth research to define the best variants. Afterward, verify the benefits offered by every platform. Highly reputed custom writing platforms, similar to, commonly ensure the following dividends:

  • High-quality;
  • Progressive delivery;
  • Full confidentiality;
  • Authentic content;
  • Free samples;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Discounts;
  • 24/7 accessibility;
  • Active customers’ support.

These dividends are pretty attractive, aren’t they? You can read a useful book or guide to practice your writing skills. Another option is to hire a private tutor to have a competent instructor. If you feel that you cannot withstand the test of self-education, a professional custom writing service is your best solution.

You can employ a personal helper who will fulfill whatever you need. For example, he/she can generate relevant topics, review essay paragraphs to check grammar mistakes, enhance readability, avoid plagiarism, and something of the kind. Certified free essay writers are gifted and multi-sided. They specialize in different academic disciplines, complete all types of assignments, create authentic papers, etc.

Besides, their professional assistance isn’t expensive. Highly reputed platforms set relatively cheap prices to suit the budgets of ordinary students. They will complete your orders exactly when you require and will fully match the highest standards of any educational institution. It’s up to you to decide how to write your essays. All variants are acceptable and beneficial.

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Chegg® Prep – Keep Up During the Summer


Summer is a time to relax, but that’s no excuse to fall behind in your studies. It’s always a good idea to keep things fresh and your mind sharp for when the fall semester comes. I promise that doesn’t mean to hit the books; instead, look to companies like Chegg® to help.

Chegg® is a web-based education technology company that provides digital and physical textbook rentals, online tutoring, and other student services. As a subscriber, you get access to step-by-step guides, 24/7 homework help, and more. It’s truly A Smarter Way to Student®, as the company likes to say.

One great feature they have are digital flashcards. Under Chegg® Prep, you can search from over 500 million flashcards to find decks most relevant to your courses and study with ones made by your peers or create your own.

The best part is that you can study anytime, anywhere! Simply review cards on the app or from any device during your work break, waiting for a ride somewhere, or in between your favorite summer activities – you’re in control.

Sure, thinking about school in the summer is the last thing you want on your mind, but you’ll be thankful when the season is over and it’s time to hit the books for real.

Check out Chegg® Prep and all of its features today!

Create an Account

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What To Consider When Choosing Student Housing


Moving out of your residence and finding your place is one of the most exciting yet terrifying parts of your college life. The student accommodation you pick will become your living environment, where you’ll learn valuable life skills and prepare for adulthood.

Your housing choice can either make or break your university experience. Therefore, it’s essential to research and deliberate on the best choice.

Student Housing: Why Is It Important?

Unlike regular housing rentals, student accommodation helps in creating a relationship with other students. Usually, you’ll be living with roommates who have different backgrounds, which can encourage you to learn about their lifestyle and cultural interests, and vice-versa.

Through student housing, you can have a habit of sharing common spaces such as study rooms, bathrooms, and the like. It teaches the art of sharing, which develops the student’s personality and mindset.

Furthermore, it teaches students how to live independently. Independence is essential, especially during college, as you have to begin walking towards your goals with your own feet. However, being independent doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Instead, it’s how you strive and succeed through nurturing a sense of awareness and self-reliance.

There are several student housing options available near your desired universities. If you’re looking for student housing near Dixie State University in St. George, check out and start applying.

Moreover, take a look at these tips and considerations when choosing student housing and accommodations to guarantee an enjoyable and meaningful university experience:


The distance between the student housing to the university is a deciding factor. Avoid getting carried away by the affordable prices if it’s located far from the university. Distant colleges require long travels. Before your first class starts, you’ll need to allow ample time to prepare and travel to your campus. Going home is another challenge as it can consume the time you should allot for studying and rest.

Commuting also adds up to your expenses and can cause stress, especially if you’re running late in the morning. Thus, opt for student accommodation near your campus that only needs a short walk to arrive on time in your classes. Many universities offer housing options billed along with other university fees, ranging from USD$10,000 to USD$11,500 in public and private universities, respectively.

However, if student housing within your university doesn’t fit your budget, you can choose dorms with fair traveling distances that still offer convenience. You also have to ensure that you can access public transportation easily. As long as you’re near the university, you can keep yourself motivated because you can quickly access the location without being tired due to traveling.

Internet Connection

As a college student, having a stable and fast internet connection is a must. It’s needed in every accommodation so each student can finish or revise their homework and any papers nearing their deadline. You also need internet access to study online lessons and search for information about your past discussions.

Furthermore, college students also need a high-speed wireless connection to keep in touch with their families. Although they live alone, they still need to update their loved ones at home about their university experiences.

Before choosing a new place, keep in mind that the internet plays a major role in your education, so you have to check if the accommodation provides a fast internet connection. Ideally, your internet speed should exceed 6 Mbps. Since accommodations don’t immediately disclose their internet details, do your research by going on their websites or accounts.

Living Comfort

It’s not easy to adapt to a new environment and try new experiences, especially if you’ve lived in the same house for years. You may feel pressured with new responsibilities that you aren’t used to doing. Before choosing your new place, you have to think about your preferences.

To narrow down your options, opt for housing that looks similar to your taste or those that offer the same comfort level as your room at home. For instance, if you want to be comfortable and alone in your room, go for spacious housing without roommates. But if you want someone to accompany you, a large room with some students sharing the space is the best for you.

Safety And Security

According to statistics presented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), there were 2 million burglaries in college and university campuses reported in the United States alone, accounting for 25% of property crimes in the country. Take note that these crimes were only associated with theft and burglary, and there are other crimes.

No matter how cautious you are, there are unexpected events that might put you in harm’s way.

Therefore, you should always regard your safety and security as one of your top priorities before signing a contract for student housing. It’s worthwhile to do some research beforehand to know if the student accommodation has security measures prepared, such as:

  • Installed CCTV cameras
  • Durable and securely installed locks
  • Patrolling security guards
  • Well-staffed reception desk
  • Emergency helpline number
  • Burglar alarm system
  • Keypad entry door lock or security key fob
  • Well-lit areas

Additionally, ensure that you choose roommates who are security-conscious. Remind them to avoid leaving the back door open, or have a discussion with your landlord if you feel unsafe.

Communal Areas

Even if you’re studying hard, you still want to make friends, relax, and create fun memories. It’s a good idea to consider student accommodation with communal areas such as a gym, an on-site cinema, and a game room. These places encourage social interaction and build relationships; thus, you can hang out with your friends and meet strangers who might even turn out to be your confidants in the long run.

You also have to look into the convenience that the housing offers. Aside from places where you can have fun, pharmacies, supermarkets, hospitals, convenience stores, laundry rooms, and other essential establishments should also be present within the neighborhood. Instead of traveling outside the area to buy your essentials, you can purchase from stores within the vicinity.


College is expensive, and you’ll have to be more practical and wiser in spending your money. Whether your money comes from your parents or a salary from a part-time job, keep in mind to work out your budget to know how much you can afford.

Don’t rush your decisions just because you find the place suitable. Instead, create a list of student housing near your university and prioritize the most affordable and decent accommodation. You can also apply for a scholarship and save more money for your living expenses.

Sharing Companions

Unless you’re moving out together with your friends, you’ll probably live with unfamiliar faces. You can choose between an all-male, all-female, or co-ed dorms. As a newcomer, choosing your gender’s area may be much more comfortable.

Because you’re not familiar with your roommates, you can start knowing their habits and lifestyles to be comfortable living with them. You can have a chat with them, or ask existing tenants about their experience in the place.

Having responsible and kind people in your environment has a big impact on your experience. If they’re inconsiderate and their habits make you uncomfortable, they’re not the right roommates for you. When this happens, you can discuss it with your landlord right away.

Facilities And Amenities

Your environment has a major influence on your academic success. One of the most important factors in choosing your housing is the available facilities and amenities to contribute to a convenient and comfortable lifestyle.

Some rents might include utility bills, while some plans can be separate. Make sure that you’re aware of this option.

Even though you can find affordable housing near your university, some don’t charge the utility bills on the tenant’s plan. It means that you have to pay for the monthly rental and bills separately. As a college student, it can be confusing to handle these, especially if you have enough on your plate. Thus, before arriving at your final decision, ask about which facilities and amenities cover your payment.

Moreover, it also depends on the landlord if your rent includes the use of appliances in the house. For instance, washing machines are usually available for everyone, but other appliances such as dishwashers or microwaves are not. You can split the cost of these appliances with your roommates if all of you want to use them.

House’s Insulation

Although it doesn’t sound exciting and is often disregarded, checking the house’s insulation and temperature control is essential when choosing student accommodation. As a student with a limited budget, you have to keep your energy bills as low as possible. A poorly insulated room will force you to spend a big amount on your bills.

It’s a must to have moderate temperature that makes you comfortable while lying down on your bed. To prevent freezing temperatures in your room, check the boiler’s style, or if an electric system or gas is installed. Additionally, cold walls indicate that the insulation is poor, which will lead to dampness over time.

Furthermore, consider a place where there are double-glazed windows to prevent too much heat from entering your room. The accommodation should also have a well-insulated roof and no drafty areas for your comfort and convenience.

Property’s Condition

Even if you find inexpensive housing, you should view the property first before settling. You need to live in a well-maintained and decent room with a peaceful and comfortable environment to study better. However, some landlords don’t take care of the house and clean it rarely. Even if they do, some places don’t get much attention when cleaning, such as those hard-to-reach areas and large appliances.

Old properties usually suffer from dampness. A damp area doesn’t just look gross, but it also smells bad, damages your clothes, and causes respiratory diseases. Thus, when checking the housing, look out for black mold patches and unpleasant odors from walls, ceilings, corners, windows, and furniture.

Moreover, cockroaches, rats, flies, slugs, and other pests are the usual problems in student accommodations. Although most of the time, this happens because previous tenants leave food and dirty bins everywhere. However, as the new tenant, it’s still a must to visit and check if the rooms are clean and there’s no place for pests to gather.

Water Supply

A place with poor water pressure will never make you happy, especially since several students use the bathroom more than thrice a day. You’re more likely to wake up earlier to be the first to use the shower or risk being late for your lecture because you waited for other students to finish using the bathroom.

Thus, when viewing the property, remember to check the bathroom to know if there’s enough water supply. Furthermore, you don’t want to de-clog the toilet every time you use it, so take a quick turn to check if the toilet flush works properly. Leaks are also dangerous and can add to your bills, so you have to look if there are damaged water pipes in the bathroom.

Reviews From Existing And Previous Tenants

No one has an idea what it’s like to live in the place aside from the existing and previous tenants. They have already experienced everything in the house and encountered problems that have caused them stress. You can meet some tenants of the housing you desire and ask them about the best and worst things when living there. They’ll likely provide an unbiased answer because they have nothing to lose or gain by telling the truth.

By knowing the advantages and disadvantages of living in your preferred place, you know what to expect. If the feedback doesn’t sound good, you can go for your other options instead of trying to live there and end up regretting it. On the other hand, if the tenants provide positive feedback, it’s time for you to move out of your family’s house and start your journey independently.


It all depends on your decision, whether you’ll have a stressful or fun university experience, and the housing you choose plays a major role. Usually, it’s hard to find housing from July to August, so students run out of options or end up paying for overpriced accommodation. Thus, consider these tips when choosing student accommodations as early as January, and start achieving your dreams with your own effort

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Don’t Make These 7 Freshman Mistakes in Medical School


Going to medical school to start a new life as a college freshman can be an incredibly exciting and memorable experience in a person’s life. You’ll meet new people, and you’ll be exploring more ideas. Unfortunately, as new students try to get their footing, they are likely to make a few mistakes along the way.

Medical school is often fraught with mistakes that cause stress, physical and mental problems, and poor academic performance. We’ve compiled the seven mistakes you don’t want to make as a medical student.

1. Skipping Class

At one point or another, every medical student wonders if maybe they can skip a class or two. However, skipping classes in medical school can be tricky. Sometimes, staying in bed feels like a better experience than getting up and attending a class. It’s just so easy to turn off your alarm and continue sleeping.

As long as you don’t make it a habit, you can take some time off. However, the reality is that missing classes only adds more stress than giving you a stress-free day to yourself. At the same time, you never know how far the information gained from a particular class will improve your grades. If depression and anxiety are preventing you from going to class, please consider getting some help.

2. Cramming

It’s that time of year again. You force yourself to study, but nothing seems to be sticking in your brain. That’s when you decide to indulge in cramming, which, as it turns out, is the entirely wrong way to study.

Burning the midnight oil and cramming for a test seems to be a rite of passage in medical school. However, cramming isn’t a good method for studying for an exam. That’s because cramming doesn’t provide long-term learning. Additionally, it doesn’t allow your brain to consolidate information into meaningful patterns. Cramming can also add to a student’s stress levels.

The solution is to find a method of studying that works for you. For instance, assume you’re preparing for the USMLE Step 1 Exam. Instead of cramming, you can enroll for USMLE preparation online courses. The courses will help you understand medical concepts better because they apply spaced repetitions and gamification to increase memory recall. Just make sure you start early enough to get through all the material!

3. Neglecting Self-care

Self-care is a way to ameliorate the stress that comes with a medical school. It’s essential for everyone, and that is especially true for medical students who are living through stressful times. Often, you may find yourself neglecting your own needs. Because self-care and academic progress are connected, neglecting one can harm the other.

Therefore, it’s vital that you practice good habits that positively contribute to your mental and physical health. Additionally, practicing self-care in college leads to better studying habits. You can choose one self-care aspect each day to focus on. For instance, you can get away for some alone time or take a mindful walk around campus.

4. Taking On Too Much

As medical students settle into their new courses, the question of what they should do after school often preoccupies their minds. The options for after-school activities are endless: sports, dance, and gymnastics. The students hope that such activities will benefit them in both the short-term and longer-term.

However, a busy activity schedule can potentially harm your academic development and well-being. This may show up in the form of fatigue, sleeplessness, and slipping grades. It’s important to make sure that you leave yourself plenty of time for homework and study time. Don’t automatically look to add more stuff to your resume.

Therefore, finding the right balance is key to your overall health and happiness. Start by making sure your day includes enough time for the essential activities. Instead of jumping around from activity to activity, you should dedicate your time to one particular activity.

5. Focusing Too Heavily On One Area

Many medical students are under the impression that it’s all about grades. Medical school should do more than prepare you for later employment—it should prepare you for later life. Consequently, quitting a couple of clubs or sports teams is not a great idea. To impress potential employers, you need to be well-rounded. That’s because this demonstrates your ability to be balanced.

6. Not Having a Wide Network in College

A commonly under-valued part of the medical college experience is the opportunity to build networks. For many college students, the college experience is mostly about academics. Some medical students think “networking” is for people who’ve already graduated. Others simply aren’t confident enough to enact a networking strategy.

Networking begins the moment a medical student walks onto the campus. The concept is to plant the seeds before you need to harvest them. Some of the ways you can do this include:

  • Join a club or organization
  • Join a fraternity
  • Play a sport
  • Meet people in the class that have the same major
  • Go to campus events

The connections you make in college will be instrumental in your post-grad life. In fact, a recent report claims 85% of all jobs are found through networking.

7. Not Enjoying Yourself in College

Between balancing academics and social life, “having fun” tends to fall by the wayside. At the same time, medical students get plenty of advice from their parents about what not to do in college. Take time to hang out with your friends and make memories. There’re so many things you’ll experience in college.

Medical college can be an exciting time full of wonderful new experiences. Use these tips to make your stay there as worthwhile as it possibly can be.


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3 Tips For Planning How To Pay For Your College Education


We all know that a college education is expensive. While the price for your education can vary depending on things like what institution you go to and whether or not you’ve been offered any type of scholarship, most people will either have to save for years in order to afford to go to school or will have to borrow money that they’ll pay back later.

Although those two options can work, if you’re preparing for the financial aspects of gaining an education well in advance, you can find ways to make your education affordable without having to sacrifice too much. To show you how this can be done, here are three tips for planning how to pay for your college education.

Save To The Right Type Of Account

The safest way to ensure that you’ll have the money you need to pay for your college education is to save the funds yourself. In order to accumulate the necessary amount, it’s wise to start saving early and to save your money in the right type of account.

According to Farran Powell, a contributor to U.S. News and World Report, one of the most ideal savings accounts to open as you save for a college education is a tax-advantaged 529 college savings account. With this type of account, you’ll be able to save money with tax-deferred earnings and spend the money on education expenses without having to pay the taxes as you distribute the funds. These perks can be very beneficial both while saving and once your college admission letter has been received.

Apply For All Possible Financial Aid

Even with saving for years, you might not be able to get together all the funds that are needed to pay for educational expenses. To assist you with this, it’s wise to apply for all possible financial aid that might be available to you.

According to Jon Marcus, a contributor to AARP, you should fill out your FAFSA, which forms are usually required to get financial aid both from your school and from the government. Keep in mind, however, that the information you provide on your FAFSA forms will be from the last two financial years, so make your financial decisions wisely during that time.

Try For A Work-Study

While it can be beneficial to be able to devote all of your time as a student to your studies, many students have to work while going to school in order to support themselves.

If you’re going to need to find a job while going to school, Katie Lobosco, a contributor to CNN Money, suggests looking into work-study programs first, as they are usually run through your school and will be close to campus and generally flexible with your class schedules.

Bonus Tips

Find Scholarship Opportunities

One of the highly recommended ways to pursue your college education without too much financial burden is looking for a scholarship. Respected organizations, businesses, and investors offer scholarship grants to qualified students who want to pursue a college degree. A list of HBCU Scholarships is available for your reference to help you get financial support for your college education.

Make sure to get yourself prepared with the challenges of taking a scholarship grant. It would mean you have to work double to maintain a certain average or grade to continue receiving financial support. Hard work, patience, self-discipline, and resourcefulness are the essential qualities to help you attain your education goals with the help of a scholarship.

Try a Copywriting Job

Improving your copywriting skills can help you pay for some expenses of your college education. Copywriting marketing efforts drive engagement. With a well-written copy, businesses can better position their brand, highlighting the features and benefits of their product or service. With the help of a copywriter, they can also easily align their content to any platform, demographic, or content type you find most beneficial to a business.

Check out how can you improve your copywriting skills to land a copywriting job to sustain your expenses in college:

  • Learn the Art of Creative Writing: This means writing an authentic and expressive copy that’s backed up by references, authority links, and credited online or offline resources.
  • Practice Writing Three Headlines a Day: Write a better copy by writing at least three headlines daily. A fifteen-minute session writing new headlines can help improve your copywriting skills.
  • Consider Diversity: While long web content copies might do well for some people for a more comprehensive reference, others want it short and sweet. For instance, shorter sentences and paragraphs, and overall content are more suitable for older people who have vision and memory problems.

To help make a college education something that you can financially achieve, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you create a plan for yourself.

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Ten Affordable Sunglasses that Look Expensive and Stylish 


No matter what the season might be, seeing the world through a stylish rose-tinted pair of sunnies is the icing on the cake to any great outfit, which earlier only a few designers offered in terms of style and quality. But now, with the change in trend, there is no shortage of affordable, high-end options in the market. Here we have for you some affordable picks like the classic Aviators, cat-eye sunglasses, and much more, which you would wear way beyond the summer months. Block the Sun without breaking your bank with some great offers at Zenni Opticals with a flat 20% discount on Blokz Collection, up to 25% savings on Premium sunglasses and free shipping offered with Zenni Optical promo code.

Soak up the Sun with affordable yet stylish sunglasses

Sunglasses are a defining centerpiece of any urban style, and the difference is clear to see with plenty of wallet-friendly options for men, women, and kids. Consult some of our top hand picked selections and dramatically exemplify your sophistication and style.

Oversized Sunglasses for the wild at heart

With the summer unfolding, versatility is at its core. Warby Parker has some awesome sunnies, which are both stylish and accessible. Add a pack of 5 home try-ons in your cart, with a pair for everyone in dramatic shapes, an eclectic mix of acetates and metals making heads turn. If you have a wide or a broad face, the oversized pair of Aubrey sunglasses will fit you well without sacrificing UV protection as each pair at Warby Parker is outfitted with scratch-resistant lenses that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Offering various prescription and lens types, if you end up scratching your glasses in the first 12 months, the store will replace it for free. Browse for more options starting from $95.

Vintage 80’s Look- Aviators

Aviator style sunglasses made its biggest splash in the fashion world in the ’80s with Tom Cruise movie Top Gun. These unisex glasses will make you look dapper on your Instagram selfies and add a touch of individuality to your looks. High ranges are on offer at Zenni Optical, so do make it a point to consider the color options of the frames and lenses starting from $6.95 onwards. If you are looking for something a little edgier, you can go in for the Commando Aviator sunglasses by Prive Revaux with their flashy mirrored lenses, making you stand out from the crowd.

Sunglasses for Male fashionistas

Men love designer wear, especially if they are at a discount. Suppose you are looking for sunglasses by brand, then Ray-Ban’s likely one of the first, which one can think of with its list of impressive iconic styles. Get the actual Ray-Ban experience with their authentic polarized Polycarbonate lenses, which are thinner, lighter, and blocking the UV rays and protecting your eyes from the Sun’s blinding glare. Target optical is making everything possible for you with the option of single vision, no prescription, or progressive vision on their sunglasses starting from $144, providing the perfect combination of form and function.

Cat-Eye sunglasses with dark gray tint for Women with prescriptions

Cat-eye sunglasses upswept at the outer edges along the temples giving a lifting effect to the face are downright attractive, and one of the top street styles picks. If you are looking for the Stella McCartney cat-eye style, then there are great Premium options available at Zenni Optical, having a luxurious feel with subtly curved lenses. The wide frame wide adjustable nose pads provide a comfortable fit and layered metal cut-out design on the outer rim. Available at an affordable WOW price @$35.95 with anti-scratch coating and UV protection.

Sunglasses for Beach or sports Lovers- Polarized

Polarized sunglasses block intense reflected light and reduce any scattered glare and restores vivid color, and the lenses are made of polycarbonate, which is a robust and shatter-proof material. They are so lightweight that you can hardly feel them on your face. You can find various styles at Frames Direct of all brands like Duco, Costa, Oakley, Ray-Ban, and more. You can find your choice at an affordable price from among the different models in terms of the price range. Those who are inclined more towards outdoor activities can get their sunglasses customized with mirror finishes. The Range of the lenses starts from $32.99.

Blokz Sunglasses for the trendy you

Get noticed with this smart pair of sunglasses from Zenni Opticals offering flat 20% off in their Blokz collection of Blokz Photochromic, Blokz Trivex available in prescription, and non- prescription options. So get rid of the nagging headaches and eye strain you have been experiencing by upgrading your sunglasses with these blue-blocking glasses.

Rectangle Sunglasses

You are sure to win accolades for your style with these smart, cool, and elegant rectangle sunglasses that go with both formals and casuals. These sunglasses are appealing, and one such classic piece, Harris, is available at Warby Parker, fine-tuned to perfection with a pain-free purchasing process. You can expect designer wear quality with price starting from $95.

Classy Rounders

Embrace a sophisticated and classy look with Wise. This round and rimless pair with spring hinges and adjustable nose pads promises all-day comfort and rest assured that quality and style go hand in hand. This features rimless black lenses and sleek temple arms with a beautiful bronze finish. With anti-scratch lens coating, they are available at Eyebuydirect at $42.

Geometric Sunglasses

Angular geometric sunglasses can lend a luxurious look to any women’s wardrobe. With their trendy appearance, you can rock them from sunrise to sunset. These sunglasses are well fitted for everyone with UV-protection lenses and are both durable and versatile.

Floral prints sunglasses for girls

This pair is perfect for your budding fashionista. Young adults will keep admiring themselves with these pretty pink browline floral sunglasses. Available in glossy, floral prints with adjustable nose pads for added comfort at Zenni Opticals at $19.95. Look out for some more storage options at Nordstrom like the adorable heart-shaped Mermazing frames by Capelli and more.

Sunglasses are an essential accessory to any outfit, an investment in your style whether you’re dressed for a busy day at work or a weekend of leisure and happiness. There are many options available, and everyone is on a lookout to grab the best deals. So stay tuned in for the latest deals and discounts, which are often released by all the stores which can be accessed through the website, app, or printable coupons.

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