How Learning an Extra Language Can Benefit You in Life


In today’s modern and interconnected world, knowing how to speak another language can be an essential skill that allows you to engage in a more meaningful way while preparing yourself to compete in the world and transform your life. If you have been considering learning an extra language, here’s how it can benefit your life in the long run:

Connect More People

One of the most amazing aspects of being a bilingual speaker is your ability to connect with more people. While being able to communicate with someone in your own language can be a rewarding gift, learning a second language can be great opportunity to engage with a wide range of people both in their personal and professional capacities.

For example, if you’re able to speak an extra language, it’s easy to make yourself a local, no matter where you are. It can also be an excellent way of opening up your world both figuratively and literally and, at the same, building lifelong friendships with people wherever you are.

Get Better Career Opportunities

Nowadays, many employers are on the hunt for bilingual employees. Therefore, it goes without saying that language skills can become a crucial competitive advantage that makes a candidate stand out from their monolingual peers.

Typically, employers are looking for professionals who can communicate properly using the local languages of their customers. For example, if you’re studying Spanish and your potential employer caters to the Spanish-speaking market, then your ability to speak that language can make you a more compelling candidate.

In short, no matter what your career goals are, learning an extra language means you’re one step ahead of other applicants, thereby opening you to better job opportunities and improving your life in the long run.

Foster an Appreciation to Other Cultures

More than anything, language is considered as the best connection to other cultures around the world. For instance, your ability to communicate in another language can help deepen your appreciation and understanding of the traditions, cultures, and the history of the people using that language.

When you understand these elements, you’re able to accept others and express more positive attitudes toward the people as well as the culture associated with the language. This can be a life-changing opportunity to promote empathy and acceptance to other cultures, thereby making the world a better place to live in.

Boost Your Confidence and Sense of Improvement

If you have low confidence level, learning an extra language can make a huge difference. Generally, confidence and sense of achievement increase when you master a new skill, such as becoming a bilingual speaker. The more you master an extra language, the more you can boost your self-confidence, thereby making you feel better and warm inside.

Improve Your Cognitive Abilities

Studying how to speak another language can enhance your cognitive abilities. In most cases, people who are bilingual have enhanced memory, critical-thinking skills, improved concentration and ability to multi-task, and many more.

Moreover, when you know how to communicate in another language, you’re able to make yourself more creative and flexible in whatever you do. Not only that, but the other cognitive benefits you can get from learning an extra language staves off mental aging.

Enhance Communication Skills

While it seems ironic, knowing how to speak an extra language helps you focus more on how to use your own language. When you study and understand the fundamentals of another language, you’ll more likely notice the differences and similarities between your local dialect and the other one.

This means that learning another language allows you to improve your communication skills by becoming a great communicator in your mother tongue. Also, it can help enhance your writing, grammar, and editing skills which are essential in studying abroad and making both your personal and professional life much easier.

Make Traveling More Exciting

Speaking English can be helpful as it can get you to many popular tourist attractions and resorts. However, mastering a second language gives you more opportunities to travel overseas and make your journey more exciting.

For instance, knowing the language of a given country can help you travel freely and without any communication barriers. Moreover, the locals will appreciate your efforts to communicate using their mother tongue. As a result, they’ll praise your language skills and become more than willing to help you with your itinerary, thereby making your travel a great one.

Teach You Patience and Enhance Your Determination

Typically, language learning is something you’ll not learn overnight. With all the things you need to get familiar with, you have to wait for a longer before you can reap the benefits of being able to communicate in another language.

For example, mastering an extra language may take many weeks and you may become doubtful about whether you’re making any progress. Luckily, this learning process can enhance your determination and teach you with patience for life.

Increase Your Aspirations

Knowing how to speak another language can help raise your aspirations. While the learning process can take a lot of time, reaping the benefits in the end can become more fulfilling. Once you experience success, you’ll surely become more inspired to learn more languages. This is only the beginning because the more languages you learn, the more motivated you become in achieving that goal.

Improve Flow of Ideas and Information Exchange

While you believe that English or your own local language is sufficient to gather all the important information from your field of expertise, then, it’s not always the case. When you have knowledge of another language, it can boost information exchange and flow of ideas which in turn, can contribute to several developments and improvements at work and other related transactions.

Also, learning other languages allows you to access a lot of information which may not be available if you don’t know how to speak those languages.

The Bottom Line

Indeed, learning a new language can be a daunting experience. It may take a lot of time and patience before you can actually understand and master the fundamentals of such dialect. However, with the benefits mentioned above, it’s clear how language learning can change your life for the better.

From being able to connect with other people better to improving flow of ideas and information exchange, being a bilingual speaker can positively go a long way in making your life better.


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Choosing Write My Essay Service: The Guide for Freshers


A few weeks into entering college, past the charm and excitement is when the real work begins. You have settled into the class schedule, the professors have started the lectures, and soon enough, the assignments start pouring in.

However, as a fresher, you might still be struggling with the transition. The enthusiasm is slowly making way for stressful deadlines. While writing assignments is a great way to learn and improve your analytical abilities, sometimes, you might need the nudge to get started.

While there are dozens of essay services that can offer you writing guidance, choosing the right one can be a worthwhile investment for the rest of your college days.

Follow the criteria below to pick the service to whom you can entrust your assignments.

Customer Feedback

Reviews are among the best ways to assess the integrity of a company. Reputable platforms such as EssayHub feature reviews from third-party websites for students who request to write essays for money.

You can also look up feedback on Trustpilot, SiteJabber, and Essay Reviews to find out direct comments from customers who were treated well or mistreated. Look for personal and specific reviews rather than general statements unless they are relevant to your situation. Reliable customer service should extend to after-work assistance as well.

Writer’s Expertise

Regardless of what the service boasts, they need to have professional writers on their platform to keep up with their promises.

In most cases, you are looking for a writer who is more educated or is experienced than your current academic level. Most sites have writers who hold master’s degrees or Ph.D., meaning you would be in good hands.

Additionally, you should also be able to pick the writer of your choice. This will allow you to consider their educational qualifications and performance ratings before you hire them,

However, remember that not every service will tell you if their writers are underqualified. That is where the customer reviews come into play. If there is a pattern of poor quality, it is time to shop somewhere else.

Quality of Writing

Highly-educated writers do not always translate into good writing. Academic writing does not come naturally to everyone. Check the specifications of your assignment, such as the topic and reference styles, and see whether you can find a sample of similar requirements on the website.

The best platforms will have a list of what services they can offer, ranging from tips on how to make an outline to extensive research projects. This should give you a fair idea about what you can expect.

In addition, verify whether the services deliver the promised result on the deadline. When you are in a rush, the last thing you want is the writer failing to complete the work. Some sites also allow you to chat with the writer throughout the process to exchange notes and clarifications.

Customer Service

A good grasp of customer support should be a crucial consideration as soon as you shortlist writing services. For one, you need to be able to reach them without too much trouble, preferably in more than one way. Your communications should also be easy to manage.

You can check their responsiveness by sending them an inquiry about their service and see how they react to your questions.


The range of services you need to expect from an essay writing platform doesn’t stop with well-written essays. Take account of what they offer in these regards:

  • Confidentiality. You might be using the essay for reference, but you still want your personal information protected. See how they protect your data from third-parties.
  • Plagiarism. There is no room for mistakes in this area. You need unique, authentic content that can pass the plagiarism detectors of your school.
  • Revisions. If you need changes, how can you get in touch with the writer? Do they offer revisions for free? If so, how many times can you take advantage of this feature?

Your Budget

You should be aware of how you are willing to spend before you look for a service. It is best first to shortlist services based on their quality and then compare them for prices. Some platforms offer discounts when you order several pages or for first-time users.

On the other hand, you will also see some surprisingly lower prices. Be wary of such establishments as you might be risking both your money and paper with them.

Refund Policy

Last but not least, find out what their take on refunds is. What if you don’t like the final paper? Or the writer missed the deadline. A money-back guarantee will ensure that you will not be wasting your fund that does not match your expectations.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right essay service is paramount as it can affect your grades, and how you learn. If there are any warning signs among the reviews or the website, it is best not to engage with them, no matter how cheap they are.

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Tips for Managing Remote Learning in 2021


Several of us have known about the hardships of attempting to learn more about our favorite subjects with any possible method that we can devise. It is a whole other thing to have our young ones learn from a distance or be consistently situated at home while educating them. Learning how to manage these techniques can result in numerous positive outcomes for the mental growth and development of our loved ones.

What is Remote Learning?

Remote Learning is a new type of learning method that is usually conducted at a distance between the educator and the student and does not follow the conventional tradition of education-based classrooms where people can get together. In remote learning methods, instructions and directions are given by the educator through discussion boards, video calls, and video conferencing. Applications created specifically for long distance education are used by professionals for the digital assessment of an individual’s daily performance.

The implementation of internet connectivity and other digitized methods of communication are prevalent with remote learning techniques. Suppose you have a kid or a sibling new to learning remotely, you can Check out to facilitate the proper techniques of remote learning. It is the only option available when schedules and conflicting dates arise between the educator and student.

Remote learning is a close relative of virtual learning which to date is the official term and established variation of online schooling. Remote education is typically performed by teachers and learners who are not accustomed in learning through online methods. It has become the primary medium chosen when difficulties occur between two parties such as scheduling conflicts, emergencies, health problems, and strict measures during disasters.

The fresh approach of remote learning might be surprising to most students and youngsters used to the convenience of classroom style education. Typically, during remote learning sessions, instructors use internet applications like Google Classroom, Khan Academy, Skype, and Zoom to digitally interface with their students. These virtual channels serve as the platform or link where assignments, topics for reading, activities, assessment, and homework are posted. Having a digitized home base is a necessity for the proper implementation of remote learning techniques.

Managing Remote Learning

Remote learning can be quite a challenge for both the professional and student involved in the two way process. It can be a tricky situation for both sides as remote learning requires adjustment and adaptation to be an effective experience. Some adults concerned and responsible for the well-being of a learner may assist in their endeavour with the proper management of remote learning methods.

Adaptive Communication

Remote learning is close relative to virtual learning since it utilizes the same tools and applications. A professional can adapt their communication skills and hone their teaching techniques to be suitable for the convenience of online mediums. Software and apps designed for live conferencing is also recommended so that students and teachers may attain clarity and assist each other throughout the whole process of remote learning sequences.

Stick a Schedule

Scheduling your task as an educator may serve as a stable structure when times get rough or hectic. Having a consistent time where you can log-in, connect, and communicate with your students would give them a sense of security and responsibility. Solidifying a precise time frame to start interacting with every individual involved can result in a steady platform for education and also provide teachers a disciplined approach.

Encourage Independent Learning

The presentation of modules, topics, and subjects in outlined form and set to be completed at a given target duration helps with the proper time management of both teacher and student. Instructors may prompt their students to learn more about the subjects they are having difficulty with, or the topics that interest them related to the lessons. It would give students the ability to operate independently and learn conveniently at their personal pace.


Remote learning is one of the fresh types of learning done with the connectivity of modern internet. Similar methods of communication can also be applied to complement the methods of remote learning processes. Professionals may apply remote learning techniques by utilizing efficient software applications suitable to their educational strategy.

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8 Tips for High School Students: How to Prepare for your Exams


The examination period is what most high school students dread the most. This is especially so when you’re taking a difficult subject like chemistry. The key is not the cram. Doing well on your exams isn’t impossible, if you have the right mindset and the right study habits.

For students who have an upcoming exam, here are some effective study tips that you can try:

Study alone.

It’s tempting to join your classmates and study  together as a group. However, the problem with studying with friends is that you will end up consuming much of the time chatting on other things. There are just so many distractions. It’s best if you just study alone.

Study in a conducive environment.

Studying is often a solitary act. In order to absorb what you’re reading and studying better, it helps if you find a great and conducive environment. Find a place with less distractions. Study in your room or at a library. Put away the distractions like gadgets.

Ready all your study materials.

When you study, make sure that everything is ready: the books, your notes, highlighters and other stationery items, and other resources. Put everything on the table or within your reach so that you won’t waste time looking for things that could disrupt your study session.

Study regularly.

Never cram. When the exam is still weeks away, you should already start studying. Take note that you will not only be studying for one subject, but a handful of subjects. Try to study for an hour or two each day.

Take breaks.

Do not push yourself too hard. Give your body and mind a break. Do not study for hours without taking breaks in between. Your mind will absorb things better if it’s conditioned and not too exhausted.

Don’t be afraid to ask.

If there are things you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask your classmates, friends, or your teacher during class. You can’t know everything. Hence, let others help you, especially if they are willing to extend a hand.

Test yourself.

After studying, you must then test yourself. For example, you can take a practical online chemistry test. By taking practice tests, you can better assess yourself, what you know, and what you still don’t understand. It’s essential for self-improvement.

Rest up.

A day before the exam, you must sleep early, eat well, and rest up. You’ll do better on the exam if your body and mind are well-rested. Don’t exhaust yourself. You’ve done enough.

You will do well on the exam just as long as you’ve prepared for it. Do not cram and study day by day. Learning is a long process.

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Who is Responsible for an On-Campus Injury?


Like in many other situations, when someone gets injured on-campus, people are most likely to blame the institution – the college or the university. It is something that parents expect when sending their children to college – if they get hurt there, the administration should take all responsibility.

But it’s rarely like that. Sure, if you get injured on-campus (or while living there), the institution will ensure that you get proper treatment and medical care if needed, but they won’t take on the blame.

As such, before looking into professional personal injury attorneys to help you recover some damages, let’s take a look at who takes responsibility for various on-campus injuries.

Injuries on the Campus’ Grounds

By definition (and law), any injury that occurs on the campus grounds is the college/university’s responsibility only if an aspect of the campus caused the injury.

In short, if the pavement has a minor flaw that results in a student’s sprained ankle, then the college is responsible. The same applies to slip-and-falls, wet floors, faulty electricity/wires, and so on.

Anything that the campus administration could and should fix/resolve can shift the blame onto them.

Injuries Caused by Negligence

However, students can get injured because of on-campus flaws, but only after they’ve been negligent. For example, if a student skates to classes and comes across a bump in the pavement, slips, and falls, then it is likely that the student will be held responsible for this.

Still, the outcome could be changed with the help of personal injury attorneys. But if the college has a rule that forbids skating on-campus, the student becomes responsible.

Drinking-Related Injuries On-Campus

According to statistics, roughly 60% of students consume alcohol on the campus’ grounds. As we all know, alcohol often ends up in various accidents. But this substance, like many others, is also forbidden on-campus. So, who would be to blame in this case?

Here, things can be a little tricky. While the primary blame will be on the student who drank on-campus, the college may be held in-part responsible for not ensuring that those entering the campus don’t have forbidden items on them.

For example, the campus dorms’ guard should take precautions to avoid students having alcohol and drugs brought into their rooms. If the college lacks such precautions, they could be liable for some accidents.

Who is to Blame?

Let’s say that a student gets attacked on-campus by a stranger whom they insulted, harassed, or even attempted to attack.

The final claim will most likely be taken against the college since they failed to enforce safety and security measures that would’ve prevented a stranger from merely walking into the campus and talking with students.

The same applies to drinking as colleges must take steps to discourage such actions, especially for underage students.

The Bottom Line

In the end, on-campus injuries are often the responsibility of the college. It is the main and only entity that must ensure that the students are completely safe and secure while on the campus grounds.

Unless the student breaks any direct laws/rules, the college will have to take responsibility for any injuries or accidents – even if only partially at fault.

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Things to Know Before Applying to Law School

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Around 100,000 people throughout the country apply to law schools every single year. However, most of them either don’t know exactly why they want to go to law school or expect it to have a completely different outcome career-wise.

For example, many divorce attorneys say they had no clue they would be practicing in this particular law field when they enrolled. After all, one doesn’t decide on a specific area unless someone or something influences him.

At the same time, the things they experience during law school may also change their beliefs. This is why every student should know the following things before they apply to law school!

Aim for Academic Diversity

As mentioned above, not every law student will become the attorney they want to be. With this in mind, it’s also imperative to pay attention to academic diversity. This means that if your plans of becoming a corporate attorney don’t succeed, you will have other options.

Moreover, keep in mind that law school is not just about becoming an attorney. The practice of law spreads across multiple fields/services – legal jobs can be found in business, technology, management, and so on.

Work on Your Other Skills

As an attorney, you’ll need to know more than just how to practice law to become a successful attorney or paralegal. For example, writing and analytical thinking are essential to any legal professional out there – and you’ll probably be unable to finish your studies if you don’t work on these skills.

If you’re in high school and want to apply to law school, take an interest in the study of literature or language, as such skills could help you throughout law school.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Most law students think that engaging in as many extra-curricular activities as possible will improve their status/standing among their teachers, peers, and so on. Even though that might be the case for other universities, most law schools value substance over number.

In short, instead of having a list of ten to twenty activities that you do outside of the classroom, have one in which you really invest your time. Long-term investment in activities that you feel passionate about or that could help you in your career is regarded as essential to law students.

Forget (Almost) Everything You Know about TV Attorneys

The attorneys you see in movies, and TV shows provide you with a narrow view of the opportunities you have as a law student.

Despite being quite good, shows like Suits could make some people think that only corporate law is fascinating. In fact, it is the attorney who makes a particular field interesting via their passion for it.

Some may think that human rights law is boring while you, a real human rights advocate, could make more than just a career out of it!

The Bottom Line

Overall, if you didn’t interact with real-world law education, there are a lot of things that you may get wrong about how law school works and what you should expect from it.

An attorney is only one of the jobs that you could have after completing your studies. Simultaneously, the most common place you could work in is not a law firm – but that depends on how well you do your research before you apply to law school!

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How to Improve College Campus Life


A student’s life is an engaging journey. It is an interesting and breathtaking experience happening on the college campus. It is where all the important events take place. But not everyone is impressed with their campus life. Some students admit that various improvements need to be introduced to make college life better. Today, with a team of expert essay writers from WriteMyPaperHub we are going to discuss the most popular and innovative ways to make your life at the college campus memorable.

Top 5 Ways to Enhance Your College Campus Life Experience

Make it more digitized

With the rise in social media and communication through the Internet, people find more ways to interact with each other and the outer world. Today there are several channels for online communication. It could be Facebook, Instagram, or even Tik Tok. It is important to promote campus life via social media accounts.

You may use any online channel to gather students in one online space and create a campus community. Figure out what is the most popular social media among the students and create an interest group. It is a great chance to meet the needs of people studying in the same college. With an Internet account, students can find their classmates, body up with other people, or take part in various competitions and activities.

The creation of an online account will help promote different events and alert about important meetings. Students will be able to join bands, groups, or forums to share their ideas and work for the college’s wellbeing. It is a great chance for everyone to be a part of a great college campus organism.

The online platform is a step forward in digitalization

These days the reality is not stable. We don’t know what may happen and how things are going to take place shortly. To stabilize the situation colleges need to go online. Platforms for students are the best choice to gather everyone and ensure the flawless performance of daily campus life activities.

Online platforms enable students to watch useful lectures, listen to their professors, and visit online webinars. With online access to educating materials students will be able to continue their learning journey without any pauses. Creating a platform can also ensure the performance of various shows, concerts, or broadcasting important events for students who respect the social distance and quarantine measures.

Organizing meetings with alumni is a good idea

Campus life encompasses students of different ages. Some of them are freshmen. Bit some alumni can share their experience and advise students on their professional journey. If you feel confused about your discipline or don’t know career perspectives for the future, a meeting with college aluminum would be a great idea.

At the beginning of the studying journey, students are enthusiastic enough about the education process and college life. But as time passes, they may lose their motivation. To raise the spirit of discouraged students it is important to illustrate how successful they may come in the end.

If some alumni representatives want to share their experiences and tell more about the pitfalls of their profession, it is important to invite them to a meeting. Their true stories will inspire the students and make their journey meaningful.

Learning is not the only option

College campus life is full of opportunities. It is not about learning, reading scientific materials, and writing essays. It is about a complex approach to broaden the outline and make students more versatile personalities. Academic support is essential because the main goal of every student is to get an appropriate level of proficiency in this or that subject.

But the wellbeing of every student depends on their spare time as well. Being a well-educated expert in one or two fields is not enough to compete on the market. To be a specialist in demand one needs to pay attention to subject-related disciplines and develop soft skills. Being aware of the rules of holding the negotiations and communicating in a professional environment can give you an edge on the market.

Transparent career opportunities

When applying for a college, not every student is aware of his path. You may doubt the career path and job opportunities related to your discipline. Do you know exactly where your skills are in the biggest demand? Students need answers to these questions. And it is a good idea to introduce career days for students on the campus.

Inviting coaches and HR managers or presenting their companies is always a step forward towards better integration with students. People from great enterprises or small firms can share information about their companies and tell in detail what disciplines are needed for the position. The information about the market may help students monitor their tendencies and make the right career choice.

College campus life is always a nice way to find friends, create strong professional ties, and become a more skilled expert. Sometimes, college life resembles a dull and tedious routine. For this reason, college authorities need to introduce interesting events to engage their students and make them follow their goals with motivation. These tips will help improve life on campus and make it more exciting for every student. It is time to develop new opportunities for students and make them grow professionally within the campus.

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4 Tips to Help Students Balance School and a Full-Time Job

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Pursuing a master’s or doctorate while working can seem like a fun experience; after all, the job gives you the money needed to sustain the lifestyle you want. This can involve living off-campus in a decent apartment and going for dinner, and ordering anything you feel like eating on the menu without having to stop supporting your family. However, a recent survey shows that college years are stressful times.

You might assume that it is normal for a student who also has a full-time job to be stressed, but the stress levels are overwhelming, and when not taken care of, can lead to depression. Over 20% of college students experience more than six stressful life events, which affect their academics, occupation, and personal relationships. Stress has an emotional impact on learners’ mental health and plays a major role in the rise of sleep difficulties commonly experienced by students.

This shows individuals with a tight schedule have to maintain a sense of well-being while managing work and school. Here are the best approaches to follow to help graduate students keep their stress level low and make the most of their time in school.

Have a Calendar

Many people consider the calendar obsolete after all mobile devices show the date and time. However, for a student, a calendar is a must-have. It helps to prioritize activities and assignments so that you can avoid missing the deadline. At the start of each semester, input all events you plan to attend, exam dates, and assignment deadlines. You can even color-code each task, which helps you stay on top of things.

A calendar helps you stay organized, is inexpensive, and suitable for keeping personal, academic, work, and life balanced. Whenever you notice you have a hectic schedule and need more free time, economics hw help can make the academic workload easier, which is better than pulling up an all-nighter. Learning from a subject expert is also a great way to understand concepts.

Set Aside Some Alone Time

From attending classes, corporate occasions, volunteering, assignments, after-class discussion groups, special events and study time, you can have several things going on in your life that you barely have time for yourself.

Without setting a few hours or even days for yourself, you can experience burnout and run out of energy. This means your productivity at school and work will deteriorate. The trick to achieving a balanced life and boost productivity is always to dedicate time to self-care.

It doesn’t have to be a lot of time. It can be as simple as setting every last weekend of the month to do something not related to school or work. You can use the time to garden, open a bottle of wine and read a book, binge watch a series or go to a spa and get pampered. It all depends on your preference, but the bottom line is that you should schedule a time to treat yourself.

Start Preparing for Tests and Exams Early

All successful graduate students have one thing in common: they work smarter rather than harder. The exam maybe a few months away, but it’s best to start studying at the beginning of the semester. This gives you enough time to learn the basic concepts and understand the course.

Having an early start prevents you from cramming the whole syllabus in a few days, which results in the information falling into short term memory. By creating a study timetable, you will know how much time you have after work and designate some of it to study, allowing you to stay on top of all that needs to be done. This results in you being able to balance school life with a full-time job.

Be Personally Accountable

Developing personal accountability is one way of maintaining a balanced life and measuring progress and success. When you are accountable, you can identify the causes of stress and reduce the effects. Besides, achieving and maintaining school-work balance takes time and requires you to evaluate yourself frequently. That way, you can be sure that one aspect of your life is not being sacrificed at the expense of another.

Accountability also leads to honesty, which allows you to develop reasons why you have to work and study. This, in turn, gives you the motivation you need to keep pursuing that specific path and acts as a reminder of why you have to keep fighting to balance your life even when you are struggling. For instance, you will remember why going to school will give you the skills needed to advance your career.

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What Students Look for in College & University Accommodations


The days of ‘student digs’ and shared accommodation between multiple students aren’t as popular today as they once were, and while many still take part in the ‘traditional’ student experience, a lot of modern students are looking for something a bit more modern; a space that can keep up with the demands of the student wishing to live in and make the most out of the city.

Are you a hopeful student wondering what sort of accommodation you should be looking into for when you fly the nest? Perhaps you’re renting out student property, and wondering what to include to be in with the best chance of securing demand for the foreseeable future? Whatever the case may be, look at this short guide, going over some of the top things that students look for in modern university accommodation.


(Admittedly, in the current climate we find ourselves in, this isn’t as much of an issue with many people living and studying from home, but it is still something to hopefully consider for the near future).

Closeness to their chosen place of study is a priority for the modern student, and if you’re someone moving to accommodation near an open campus in the future, you’re going to want to see how close by you are to the nearest library, and how quickly you’ll be able to get onto campus for lectures and seminars. Not only that, but a massive appeal of living in a city is the doorstep access it provides to the surrounding area, including things such as general nightlife, specific bars and restaurants, and even local travel access such as train stations and buses etc.


Of course, student apartments and rooms, particularly within campuses or in busy city centers, are hardly going to have extreme amounts of space, and so it’s important that the design is efficient, and that those living within an apartment know how to make the most of it. Many modern student accommodation solutions offered nowadays, such as the ones displayed by RWinvest (throughout their luxury accommodation in Liverpool and Manchester, for example), offer minimalist designs that are non-overbearing, so as to not get in the way of a tenant’s needs – helping them with their busy schedule rather than getting in their way. For those stuck inside the same four walls at the moment it is also a godsend, as it means they have a bit more space to play with.


Students want the best that they can get from their accommodation when going to university, particularly when living on an open campus and in a city center. That’s why many of the best cities in the UK, such as London, Manchester and Liverpool offer high-end, luxury accommodation, with many different amenities.

Something like an on-site gym is perfect for the young professional tenant that is too busy with work or studying, and can’t get to the gym at convenient times (especially when there’s so many people there at peak times!). Having these sorts of preparations within their building means they can quickly get things done on their own, personalized timescale.

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8 Courses to Take If You Want to Excel in Essay Writing


If you look at it more than a mere homework assignment, essay writing is a way to reinforce your transferable skills. To begin with, you would be working on your research and analytical abilities. As you get further, you will nurture critical thinking and organizational skills.

Most importantly, it will teach you to communicate effectively. In an essay, you have to choose a position and support it as well. You have to be precise and concise; there is no room to ramble. We asked the writing experts at to find out how students can level up their essay writing. Below are some of the course recommendations we curated.

Getting Started With Essay Writing on Coursera

This program is the second one in the two-part writing specialization course in Academic English. This course is very much college-oriented, taught by the instructors of the University of California. The lessons here start by introducing you to the three different types of essays.

By the end of the course, you will be equipped to create effective thesis statements, plan your work, and craft compelling arguments. The lecture and activities are available for free, but if you want to take quizzes or receive feedback, you will have to opt for the paid version.

Essay Writing 101 on Udemy

College Essays Made Easy is a course that will cover every aspect of academic writing in college. Developed by two brothers, who are also academic tutors in the U.K., you will be receiving comprehensive lessons on how to be more proficient in writing college essays.

You will learn the dynamics of advanced academic writing and applying different tactics based on the essay types. With over 2 hours of lectures, you will prepare to plan the essay structure, come up with thesis statements, and tackle other essay elements with proper preparation. You can also test your progress through quizzes and downloadable assignments.

How to Write an Essay on EdX

This course, curated by UC Berkeley, has a unique component. The institute has partnered with the U.S. Department of State to offer an immersive learning experience. Participating in U.S. embassies will host in-person discussions for students interested in pursuing higher education in the U.S.

While this factor might not be appealing to everyone, that does not diminish the quality of this program at all. The five-week course focuses on essay development, grammar terminology, writing skills, and, most importantly, self-editing. Students will also be able to participate in online discussions along with peer review. There is also an optional course workbook that can be used for additional writing assignments.

How to Write an Essay in 30 Minutes on SkillShare

One common question among students is not only how to write excellent essays, but how to do it in the least amount of time possible. And this course addresses this particular pain point of students. The instructor, Helen Companion, has a Master’s degree in English and teaches at the college level. She will take you through the different parts of essays and how to come up with powerful phrases.

You will work with her to outline your essays’ structure, learn how to transition sentences, and write convincing proof even for the most ridiculous topics. Throughout the class, you will be composing one essay, looking into all the points mentioned here. The classes last 43 minutes, and it’s well worth the investments considering that you can master essay skills by the end.

Academic Essay Writing for English Language Learners on Udemy

If you are a non-native English speaker, this is a course that is tailored to help you with academic writing in English. Besides learning about the different components of essays, you will also improve your vocabulary and paragraph structure. The course will also prep you for using conjunctions, a very significant element in essay writing.

Further along, the program covers different types of essays such as opinion essays, cause and effect essays, problem-solution essays, and more. Overall, it will help you reach a high academic writing standard with logical and fluid writing.

Learn English: Advanced Grammar and Punctuation Specialization on Coursera

Are you already confident about your writing skills but want to improve it further? This advanced specialization course in English grammar might be exactly what you are looking for. It will teach you about grammar concepts such as conditionals, noun classes, and how to blend verb tenses effectively, all of which could contribute to crafting impressive essays.

This program is equally useful for those seeking to be more accurate in writing for non-native English speakers who want to strengthen their fluency.

Academic And Business Writing on Edx

Another English course offered by UC Berkeley looks into the concepts of writing that apply to both academic and business contexts. The program concentrates on understanding the different styles of paper and its varying demands. You will also be working on the tone of the writing, vocabulary development, revision, and editing skills.

Students will have opportunities to work on different topics and ideas, with short writing assignments, academic essays, and quizzes to complete the curriculum.

University Writing: Persuasive and Argumentative Essays on Udemy

This course is ideal for students transitioning from high school to university. Every program requires you to have the necessary writing skills to create clear, organized, and sufficiently supported academic arguments. Yet, it is always taught in schools. The program aims to bridge the gap and help students take on college writing assignments with confidence.

You will be working on essay organization for persuasive and argumentative essays, focusing on the presentation and defending your position. You will also learn how to tailor your argument to the audience.

As you know already, essays are an inevitable part of our educational system. As unnecessary as it might seem to a college student, honing your writing skills will certainly help you in your future. And with these courses, learning to write essays does not have to be an overwhelming challenge.

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