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Sex and Relationships

Who Pays for College after a Divorce?


Dealing with a divorce is very difficult, especially when a child is involved. Not only does the child suffer seeing the parents separating after so many years of living together, but there are also concerns regarding who will take care of the child’s needs after the divorce. One of the things that the kid may be thinking about is the college tuition and who will pay for it.

In some cases, parents agree to contribute to the college costs, but that isn’t always the case. So, what happens to college costs after the parents’ divorce?

Is a Parent Obliged to Pay for College after a Divorce?

Usually, when it comes to child support payments, they stop when the child becomes an adult, or reaches the “age of emancipation”. This age is anywhere between 18 and 21 years old in most states. Many don’t know whether there is any legal obligation to pay for the child’s college education following a divorce.

Well, there isn’t any legal obligation to pay for the child’s tuition after a divorce unless it’s ordered by the courts. If there isn’t any court order, you can secure college tuition funds by including the obligation in the divorce settlement agreement. Thus, it is possible to either get a lump sum payment upfront or get the money into a trust account or an escrow one to have access to it when necessary.

How Do Courts Determine the College Tuition Obligations of the Parent?

The way courts determine the college tuition obligations of the parent may depend on the state. However, you must be very careful when choosing your lawyer. “Family law disputes can become so stressful that it is difficult to maintain objectivity in the midst of such turmoil,” says Jack F., Clarksville family attorney. “It is for this reason, more than any other, that your choice of a family law firm is likely to be the most important decision you make in the entire case.”

There are situations when parents can compromise by deciding how much they will pay for their child’s college education out of court, in which case an attorney or mediator can help. But when things end up in a court, the judge will have to look at certain aspects to evaluate the contribution of a parent, such as:

  • How much the child needs for higher education
  • Whether the parent would have contributed if still living with the child
  • Whether the parent is able to pay for it
  • How much money both parties have
  • Whether there is any financial aid available for college
  • How committed the child is to this type of education
  • How able the child is to earn money while going to college
  • Whether the child has financial resources
  • The relationship between the child and the paying parent

Final Thoughts

Who pays for college after a divorce depends on the situation. Sometimes, one parent may be alright with being the only one to pay, while in other cases, both parents agree to split the payment. Still, there are also situations when they have to go to court to get the other parent to pay, and the judge will decide.

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How Well Online Dating Works Today


Technology has helped to improve numerous aspects of human life, including dating. People have since replaced the traditional forms of dating with more technology-based options like dating apps and dating websites. Several studies revealed that more people are signing up on online dating platforms to search for their perfect match. 

But, online dating is not without its dark side. When you go through online remarks of people who have dated online, you will come across few who have had horrible experiences. Nevertheless, the benefits of online dating outweigh the challenges. 

The most critical question is – does online dating actually work? In this piece, you will get a well-researched piece on how well online dating works today. 

The State of Online Dating

According to studies, online dating is on the rise. What’s more, the research also revealed that more people were getting into online dating, and the results are excellent. 

Based on these studies, it is apparent that online dating has become a more practical way to date for many people. Data from the world’s most popular dating apps shows that more people are creating accounts on online dating platforms.

The studies also suggest that around 60% of those who took part in the research had positive experiences dating online. Most people have successfully found what they were looking for, including long-term and casual relationships. Many of the participants claimed that it was easier to meet compatible partners online. 

On the flip side, online dating has its own negative side, especially for women. Studies have shown that over 55% of women aged between 18 to 34 years claimed they had bad experiences. The ladies claimed that people kept contacting them even after telling them they were not interested in them. Moreover, almost an equal number of women claimed that they had received unsolicited sexually explicit messages and pictures. 

The Health Situation Effect

Online dating experts suggest that the global pandemic has reshaped the online dating scene. For instance, before the pandemic, there were more cases of ghosting and casual chats online. However, the pandemic has changed people’s perspectives about life. As a result, people have become more appreciative of each other and treat each other better. 

Also, the limited face-to-face meetings have made it easier for ladies on online dating platforms. Studies on which countries are doing the most online dating revealed that ladies found it easier to date during the pandemic. For instance, there were fewer chances of being forced into sexual relationships before getting to know each other well. 

How Can One Get The Most Out Of Online Dating?

Before you download that dating app, there are several things you must consider to ensure your online dating experience is the best. They include:

  • Soul search. Do some soul-searching to find out what kind of relationship you are interested in. For instance, are you looking for a wife or a sidekick? Take some time to establish the kind of partner you are looking for clearly. Also, consider what your mate is looking for in a partner and how you will connect. 
  • Research. Once you know what you want, it’s time to get a suitable dating app. Here are things to find out about a dating app:
  • Find out which countries are using the dating apps most. If you are interested in meeting Asian ladies, go for apps that are popular in that region. 
  • Find out how the dating app works. Does it have a user-friendly interface? Are the features top-drawer?
  • Costs. Please deduce how much it will cost you to use the dating app. Are there any free services? Is there value for money in the paid subscription plans?
  • Create a killer profile. When you have your preferred dating app, create a profile. Experts advise that you should take your time to create a profile. Choose profile pictures that tell who you are and what you like.  
  • Search patiently. While you can meet a possible partner almost instantly, it would be best to be patient. Online dating platforms usually have millions of users, making it challenging to find a proper match. As a result, being patient is the key to meeting your perfect match.   

Does It Work?

Dating experts argue that many thriving relationships started online. However, with the current state of affairs, singles tend to take more time online to get to know each other. 

Some reports have suggested that there are new dating requirements. For instance, apart from the traditional physical and other aspects, your date might require you to self-isolate for 14 days before you meet. Alternatively, you might have to avoid physical contact during the physical date or put on your mask throughout. 

Such dynamics have brought a new twist into the usual dating. It might take some time for people to adjust to these new dating “requirements.” Have you dated online recently? What was the experience?

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Is Your Emotional Baggage Holding You Back To Find Love?


So you’ve got some emotional baggage to deal with from your past relationships? How do you let go of previous hurts and move on?

They are questions many of us ask ourselves every time we face heartbreak or emotional pain. As such, one of the most difficult parts of dating is gradually uncovering secrets from our past that we may or may not be proud of.

This Evan Marc Katz blog shares how to eliminate anxiety, fear, and anger that you’re carrying around with you.

Understanding the feeling of having emotional baggage

Emotional baggage isn’t the same as physical luggage. It is a metaphor for your unresolved negative thoughts from previous events and relationships. The worst types of emotional baggage are the small-but-bulky signs, this includes:

  • Interchangeable trust issues
  • Inner criticism or jealousy
  • Endless Comparing Cycle
  • Feel guilty, fear, and regret

Why do we keep our memories from a past relationship?  Because of our need for assurance, most of us get caught in the old relationship days. If we don’t deal with our emotional baggage, these make us severely affect our current experiences – our relationships, feelings, mental health, family interactions, profession, and so on.

How can you let go of your emotional baggage and learn to find love without it?

The issue wasn’t so much that you had baggage—everyone does—as it was, it had come to view who you are. Without carrying it, you weren’t sure who you would be. It requires the bravery to be free of what is familiar and the vulnerability to accept and learn from what is ahead.

Take a look at things from a positive perspective.

Dealing with emotional baggage stuck from your past love life gets easier when you choose to perceive life and situations positively. It is critical to view your life through the ‘glass half full perspective because of emotional unavailability.

For example, if you’ve been hurt badly by your ex or been cheated on, learn to stay focused on the good side. Look for your worth, and accept that it’s only a lesson that you should put in mind.

Know the “forgive & forget” approach

Allowing yourself to forgive those who have harmed you and letting go of the urge for vengeance might help you release the emotions brought on by their misdeeds. Furthermore, forgiving yourself for previous mistakes is essential to moving on and not allowing guilt to linger.

Examine your dating and relationship assumptions

One of the first ways to free your emotional baggage is to reconsider dating and relationship clichés that may keep you from finding true love. Unfortunately, many of us have predefined expectations when we start seeking a long-term partner or embark on a romantic relationship because of our emotional baggage from previous relationships.

If a previous relationship ended badly, you might find that you’re still burdened by the disappointment that it didn’t work out or that you’re reliving the terrible memories. Then, examine what could be your true assumptions about relationships and dating. To fully recover from the previous events, you need to set your standard in finding long-lasting love.

Unloading your backpack & take a break

Allow yourself time and space from whatever prompted your present response if you find yourself reacting to stuff happening in your life now because of emotions.

A smart, successful woman is a treasure to everybody. So if you’re caught in that situation, know that you can, and you will conquer it.

Instead of allowing terrible memories to make you feel humiliated or fearful, you begin to see them as opportunities to ponder, recover, and flourish in your new relationship. When you go away, take a few deep breaths, and think about how your negative thoughts may be clouding your judgment, you’ll be able to put it aside when you return to deal with the issue at hand.

Is dating someone who has emotional baggage a burden?

Every one of us has a history.

But, when moving forward with someone else, we have a choice in how we let them influence our decisions and happiness. If you think they’re capable of loving and deserve to be healed from what hurt them while living in the past, then it’s not a burden.

Learn how to move things out of the box from the previous happenings and start living a life filled with greater joy and freedom. This can lead you to have a healthy relationship that’s free from toxic moments. You never know how wonderful or amazing your future love life will be because old ones terminate for a reason.

A Dating coach has one final say…

Once you already cope with your emotional baggage, it’s time to create new memories to replace old, bad recollections and find the true love you deserve.

Look for a partner who makes you happy and in a way that makes you feel loved. Past experiences are past; learn to let them go.

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How To Get Back Into The Dating Game When You’re Rusty


It’s quite a liberating feeling when your tears finally stop and you feel that you’re ready to get back into the dating game again. But the moments of excitement are frequently followed by panic and dread. You might fear getting your heart broken again or you’ve been out of the dating game for so long that you’re wondering how things have changed or what you’ve missed.

Any kind of breakup has an impact on your self-esteem, which makes the idea of putting yourself out there frightening. However, there’s nothing you should worry about because there are ways on how to get back into the dating game when you’re rusty. These include the following:

  • Take Baby Steps

Entering the dating scene again is going to be an emotional and slow process. Once you jump too early, you’ll risk living in with the first individual who pays you the attention. And when it does hurt, the heartbreak will cause you to relieve your prior heartbreak and you’ll be moving backward, not forward. So go slow and take your time. If possible, get sex & relationship advice and listen to yourself to know if you’re really ready to be in a relationship again.

  • Discover New Dating Patterns

When it’s been a while since you’ve dated someone, try to ditch your previous patterns and discover new ones. If all people you meet seem great until you realize they’re bizarre and obsessive, think of the reason behind it. If it’s because of your previous dating patterns, never hesitate to try new patterns and see the difference.

  • Talk To Your Friends

Reach out to some of your single friends who are single and in the loop in the dating scene. Ask them regarding their recent experiences. For instance, you can ask about the new dating patterns or ask for dating tips. Just connecting and talking with your single friends not only provide insights but also make you feel less alone.

  • Never Push Yourself

Don’t schedule dates every night or spread yourself too thin. It’s also not a good idea to ignore your mind and body because you’ll just end up crashing. Pushing yourself too hard will just cause more harm to yourself.

To avoid this, try to give yourself a break after a few dates and think of the things you want to discover or explore in relationships. In this way, you can easily meet the person you want to get to know more and probably someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

  • Practice Healthy Self-Love

You have to remind yourself that you’re awesome from time to time. Spend a little on your credit card and get a glow up. Hit the gym or go shopping. You can even hire a photographer for a better photo of your new self. This will remind yourself how beautiful or desirable you are.

  • Flirt Using Dating Apps

If you want to flirt but you’re not ready yet to meet someone face to face, a good solution is to take advantage of the available dating apps or try online dating. Download any dating app you prefer and try to flirt a bit to know how it feels again. However, keep in mind that people tend to ghost often on dating apps, so it’s not a big deal if you’re not into it because you can just delete the app.

But, dating apps can be a great starting point when you feel a little rusty in the dating game. Such apps can give you new ideas on how to date these days, especially if it’s already ages since you’ve dated someone.

  • Never Get Stuck Online

Texting somebody is another way to get to know someone. However, meeting them in person is much better. Although it can be challenging for you, there are better ways than keeping your relationship in your inbox.

Video chatting or calling someone, while not as good as meeting personally, is still better than just texting somebody. This will help you determine if you’ll get along with someone or not. Take note that you can always meet the perfect person, but you might not find them attractive. So, getting to know them personally can help you get around that.

  • Know Yourself

Before you get back into the dating game, you must spend more time alone to get to know yourself. Ask yourself what you want and what type of mate you’re searching for. You can always have a type and go for the same type of person or you might realize that you need someone with a different personality. However, you won’t think about this until you explore your feelings and preferences, so never be afraid to know yourself.


It’s scary to get back into dating when you’re rusty. Regardless if you’ve been married or in a relationship for years, make sure to take note of the above ways and start dating again. Just don’t rush anything and don’t forget to trust the process to get results.

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4 Tips for Buying Your Very First Adult Toy


So, you want to buy your first adult toy. Congratulations! Introducing adult toys into your play is a fantastic way of opening yourself up to whole new realms of pleasure. 

It’s still widely debated whether Victorian-era doctors used vibrators to treat hysteria in their female patients or if that’s just a myth. Myth or not, we can all agree that at the very least, vibrators – and sex toys in general – are perfect for scratching those late-night itches, experimenting with your own pleasure or even for taking things up a notch with a partner.

While you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the plethora of options out there, we’re here to walk you through the most crucial steps of buying your sex toy, from start to your toe-curling finish (and even the recommended aftercare).

  • Choose the Right Materials

You can easily narrow down your search by being diligent when considering what materials your toys are made from, particularly with regards to their chemical makeup. Some chemicals, mostly found in cheap or bootlegged toys, can be unsafe for your body. The most common unsafe chemical found in sex toys is phthalates – they’re usually found in jelly-like toys, since the chemicals bind to add flexibility to hard plastic. An exposure to phthalates has been linked to many health risks, including male infertility, asthma, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and plenty more.

Thankfully, stores like HotCherry ensure that all the products on their site are free of phthalates – yes, even if your toy of choice is a real looking dildo!

That said, just because a sex toy package states that its elements are “phthalate-free”, they could still contain materials that are unsafe – that’s why it’s vital that you read the ingredients listed on the packaging. Be on the lookout for negative chemicals that can be found in sex toys such as timethytin chloride, phenol, carbon disulfide, toluene, and cadmium – all of which could affect the fetus of a person who is pregnant or breastfeeding, and have harmful effects on the central nervous system.

A great way of seeing if there may be some unsafe materials at play is by doing a smell test. When you’re looking for a toy or get a new one in the mail, open it up and give it a big sniff. A strong smell is a solid indicator that cheap, unsafe materials were used to make the product, and a sign that you should return it.

  • Take Your Time Browsing

Once you’ve done the more tedious work, it’s time for the fun part: choosing the right sex toy for you. Start by considering what kind of pleasure you enjoy the most – is it anal, oral, penetrative, external rubbing? 

The first toy you add to your sexual repertoire should be something that simply complements what you usually do in sex or with your hands, and wouldn’t require a significant change in your routine. If you’re introducing a sex toy into your solo play for the very first time, you likely won’t want something large or overly complex.

For example, if you go wild for variety in your clitoral stimulation, a bullet vibe might be the perfect little gadget to launch your collection with. If prostate play is your cup of tea, then a simple prostate massager might be ideal. 

The great part of sex toys is that they open the possibilities of sensations that may not be otherwise attainable without them – you do only have two hands…and way more erogenous zones than that. So, don’t be afraid to reach for a toy that comes in a strange shape or bright color if it delivers the pleasure you seek. If you just want something to mimic traditional sex, you can browse the wide variety of pocket pussies and dildos available out there – they tend to come in all shapes, sizes and colors. 

If you’re really lost about finding the right sex toy for you, browse around a sex toy shop and see what excites you. Once you have your toy, get a good feel of it before putting it to use. Figure out all the vibration patterns, modes and special features it offers, if any. By practicing on your own and knowing how to use your toy, you can avoid any mishaps while in action, such as hitting the off button when you meant to press the boost button…right as you were on the verge of orgasm.

  • Do A Post-Play Check-In With Yourself

After using your sex toy, it’s important for you to pay attention to how you feel – what you enjoyed, what you liked a bit less, whether it wasn’t the right toy for you at all, or whether you want to take it even further and size up or get a more expensive version. 

However, if it didn’t go well the first time, try not to be so hard on yourself or the toy. Just like any kind of sexual activity, practice makes perfect, and it takes time to master how to incorporate the toy into your play. Experiment with different positions, different ways of using the toy, and lather on a good lubricant or arousal oil for added support. Eventually, you will crack the code on what feels good.

  • Don’t Forget to Clean Your Toys

Finally, keeping your toys clean is an essential aspect to sexual health. Just about all reusable toys will clean thoroughly with warm water and soap or a gentle toy cleaner. Make sure you are doing this before and after every use, while avoiding areas that aren’t waterproof such as a remote control or unsealed battery case. You can usually find the manufacturer’s instructions on washing the toy in the box, so always try and follow them carefully.

You should also be cleaning your products when moving from one part of the body to the other, such as the mouth, vagina or anus to prevent bacteria from being transmitted that way. Washing your sex toys isn’t only important for sexual health, but also for the maintenance of your toys. Remember: safe sex is good sex – even when it’s just you and your toys!

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Ready Player One: A College Guy’s Guide To Adult Toys


Ah, College. That moment in life, when playing solo, is a feat not easily accomplished.

With early classes and grueling school work, not to mention a restricted living situation and dynamic social environment, college is truly life-changing. For many, it’s another hurdle to overcome in the rite of passage into real life. The stress is ball-busting, and privacy is but a thing of the past.

Most college guys still require counsel on the subject of playing with yourself, and even more so on the intricate matter of sex toys (i.e., male milking machine).

If you’re most college guys, don’t fret. Just keep your hands out of your pants for a minute and read on.

The Pros of Playing Solo

It’s a generally accepted belief that men masturbate a lot more than women. It was validated in one study done in a sampling of men and women in the age groups of early adolescence and young adulthood, which revealed: “twice as many men as women had ever masturbated and the men who masturbated did so three times more frequently.”

In another study, results across age groups revealed more males (73.8%) reported to be masturbating than females (48.1%).

It goes without saying that guys have pretty much had extensive hands-on experience by the time of young adulthood (roughly college years).

Playing with yourself is normal and healthy. Others may tell you differently, but playing with yourself is perfectly safe.

It cannot make you infertile, cause acne, make hair grow on your palms, or make you blind. Like many scientific myths, these misconceptions about playing with yourself are rooted in fear and ignorance and are in no way helpful in your self-actualization.

Truth be told, playing with yourself is an enduring component of sexuality, and it is integral to normal sexual development. It can be good for you, and here are some reasons why:

  • Playing with yourself is safe. Unless you’re using unwashed hands or an unsanitary object, playing with yourself cannot cause disease or infection. It carries no risk of pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease (STD).
  • Playing with yourself is an opportunity to get to know your body and explore your desires. Knowing yourself and what you want can boost your confidence. This can be empowering and will help improve your self-esteem and body image.
  • Playing with yourself can lower stress and help you relax, thereby helping you sleep better.
  • Playing with yourself can help you achieve orgasm(s), which releases endorphins–the feel-good chemicals that can be a natural painkiller.
  • Playing with yourself is a simulation of sex. It relieves your sexual urges and, at the same time, prepares you for the actual sexual act with another person.

With these many benefits, playing with yourself could easily be part of your college routine!

Ready Your Gears

One report suggests that a man’s urge to ejaculate is much stronger and more frequent than his desire for sex itself. As such, playing with yourself is often a means of merely ejaculating, not a means of replacing sex.

This is especially true among college guys whose time-constrained to do more than quick and convenient satiation of their sexual appetite.

Some may be blessed with a partner to do the deed with. Still, admittedly, with an essay and accounting spreadsheet due, there’s almost always barely time to do much else than a quick-release (i.e., ejaculation).

So how to do this, you probably wonder.

Fortunately, you are born at a day and age when nifty devices are finally available to aid you in your solo play. Your grandfather in younger years needed to rely solely on their hands. However, there is now a wide variety of sex toys you can choose from—from the highly sophisticated and powerful ones to break the bank with to the simple and still quite effective gears that will barely hurt your beer budget.

Sex toys can certainly ramp up your solo play so you can enjoy a full session during recess or on a short excursion to the communal bathroom. Heck, with a top-notch little device at your disposal, you can even work one in at the back seat of your sleepy class.

There are prostate stimulators and anal beads if you wish for some backdoor adventure. Then there’s the wide selection of elaborate male milking machines for the potent ejaculation you crave.

There are even toys for guys who have a hard time getting it up. These toys are called penis pumps or vacuum constrictions devices. They work by drawing blood to the penis, and the blood is locked in using a constriction ring worn around the base, allowing the user to achieve and sustain an erection.

There’s almost always a sex toy available for your every need. You need only to identify what it is to be able to choose the appropriate toy for you.


College life is stressful. A release from all the stressors and stresses is but a welcome respite.

Playing with yourself allows for some quality “you” time when you can indulge yourself in some good, ol’ self-love. And when it comes to self-love, pleasure isn’t just for fun–it’s self-care. So get your gears ready and game on.

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Things Married College Students Should Know


Believe it or not, married college students do exist! Nowadays, when social status is less important than it used to be in the 90s, so to speak, people tend to get married and start enjoying the couple life earlier.

But without a doubt, things are a bit different for those who get married while still in college. For example, they may not have a home of their own and live on-campus. On the other hand, the spontaneous young adult years may also cause a marriage to end abruptly, as a specialist in divorce legal matters in Waldorf states.

Regardless, married college students live an entirely different lifestyle compared to their peers. Here are some other things they should know about such a life!

Financial Aid

One of the main reasons stable couples decide to get married during college is financial aid. Many married students say that thanks to this form of support, they could become financially independent while still studying.

In turn, this boosts their confidence both as individuals and as a couple. Naturally, we don’t have to mention that this steady monthly income will help them live a healthy college life – something that most students don’t or can’t enjoy.

No Sacrifices

Some would say that, while being married, one of the spouses should sacrifice a portion of their dreams and expectations to support the other spouse. The same could happen for married college students.

They could agree that one should work and save money, while the other focuses on their education and career. Naturally, this is a wrong approach – both should still first think of themselves as individuals and then as a couple.

Career Options

If you get married in college, you have one huge opportunity to model your careers in such a way that they complement each others’. Before you know it, you may even start a business with your spouse where each of you has a different role.

In short, married college students have the chance to customize their life and future, up to a point where both of them can do what they love the most.

Campus Strengthens Bonds

Not having a place of their own can strengthen the bond between the two spouses. If they live on campus, they have more than just enough opportunities to get closer to each other while experiencing things most people don’t have the chance to experience.

Campus life will also teach them to be more resourceful and find solutions for various problems and complications. After all, that’s just how campus life is!

The Bottom Line

Finally, some specific colleges do offer campus rooms designed for married couples. This could be a bonus besides what we mentioned above, depending on the state and college.

However, overall, one could say that married students have the opportunity to face some of life’s hardships early on, in the infancy of their relationship. At the same time, life gives them a break via financial aid and similar benefits!

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7 Essential Things to Know About Dating After 40


Starting a new relationship can be challenging for those who have reached their forties. This idea inspires, if not panic and fear, then indeed a feeling of discomfort. A new romantic affair avokes completely different emotions: joy, curiosity, and a suspicion of a massive number of opening opportunities. Having gained experience and self-confidence, and knowing what actual difficulties are, right now, you are on the verge of tremendous and exciting changes. Here are seven of them you should know before approaching any Russian dating website or meeting people in real life after 40.

Fears of youth

From now on, we do not lose anything but only gain. When we were twenty, it seemed that we should get everything and the best in this life. Society and the media promote these ideas, and it is difficult to resist them in youth. The best career, a wedding dress, a successful marriage, and children were the stimuli. Now you can stop and think about what you truly want.

We are freer and more confident

Tired of the race and the eternal competition with each other, people after 40 want to relax and start enjoying life. They are finally free from the fear of losing imaginary opportunities or miss out on a new possibility.

The best streak of life

Mature people make peace with those with whom they endlessly fought in their youth: parents, ex-spouses, their bodies, which seemed to them imperfect. If you felt a bad mother earlier, you did not understand that you did everything in your competence. The calmness and realization come by themselves.

Mature people are amusing

Even your sense of humor has changed. You will never be that boring, shy teen that had zero experience. People over 40 can spend hours telling hilarious stories from their work, marriage, and personal life. The inner wisdom has come, and you became a perfect interlocutor.

Readiness to give more than take

You have finally come closer to yourself and your true desires and feel the need to start life all over again. But you are not looking for a non-existent ideal. People over forty need a close and understanding person. In their turn, they are ready to become a sensitive partner, who knows how not to quarrel over trifles, to forgive imperfections for the sake of the main thing that we value in him. As an adult, you have learned to evaluate a person’s real qualities, and it is more challenging to charm you with techniques that previously, due to inexperience, you could have mistaken for sincerity.

Knowing your value

You will not cry over a wrong date and wait for a call all night. If the person doesn’t respond to you with the same level of honesty and affection — you leave. People in their forties are aware of the boundaries of compromises that are comfortable for them.

New is always scary

You have gone through specific life lessons, learned from mistakes, and still have a lot ahead of us. Being scared is normal. Do new steps towards your dream relationship every day. After all, life isn’t at all over yet!

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5 Tips to Spicing Up Your Relationship During The Current Health Situation


Having to work from home in a bid to contain the current health situation has brought changes to the world and the way that businesses operate. Relationships have not had an easy time as emotions have run high, and partners seem to be letting it out on each other. Your love life does not have to come to an end, as these helpful tips will help you spice up your relationship even during the current health situation.

1)            Have Date Nights

Creating time for each other is essential if you wish to bring back that sparkle you had on your first date. Your schedules may be tight during the day, and you may hardly have time, even for yourself. You can pick a day each week and choose to celebrate each other.

You can buy your loved one gifts such as lingerie, costumes, and cosmetics. You can visit Delicia Sexshop to buy a variety of erotic products. Your data’s privacy and security are a guarantee, and you do not have to worry about buying anything that you have ever fantasized about.

Your sexual life is on the verge of collapse during the current health situation, as you are all emotionally drained. Your bedroom is the best place to make things work out. Romantic night dates at the comfort of your house will bring the magic that you might have thought vanished long ago.

2) Share Your Feelings

Things are no longer usual, and it is acceptable to find yourself at the edge. If you are feeling disappointed, sad, happy, or afraid, do not hold it inside.

Arguments will rise, and you should be keen to avoid them getting the better part of you. Find an appropriate time to express your feelings and let the other partner understand what they can do to make things right. If they also share what you have done that did not please them, be gentle enough to work out things for the love you have for each other.

3) Be Romantic

Being together may leave you without a clue that your romantic life needs spicing. Get to surprise each other regularly by bringing breakfast in bed, buying presents, and serenading. Do the things that your partner loves and make them spontaneous.

4) Be Alone

It may sound like it is working against your union, but in reality, staying apart can help bring you together. If you work together at home, seeing each other every passing minute may make you get used to each other. It will be hard to find time to reconnect as you imagine that you are together all through.

You need to work apart, even if it means from separate rooms. You can then meet in the evening and make out.

5) See A Counselor

There is no denying that during the current health situation, what may have been a good relationship may start facing some problematic phases. You may have tried working it out, but your efforts are not yielding to anything. Do not be afraid to seek help from a therapist.

You do not have to see them face-to-face since virtual counselors can help you sort out issues. The two of you can openly share what is disturbing you, and the counselor will advise you on the right steps to take.

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Sex and Relationships

3 Dating Safety Rules that Could Save Your Life


Online dating is certainly one of the most popular ways of meeting somebody new these days. With plenty of dating websites and apps to choose from, dating online is one of the best ways to meet somebody new as it gives you the chance to meet people who you may have never crossed paths with otherwise. But, it’s important to be vigilant when dating online. Although most people that you come across are going to be decent and genuine, there are some dangerous individuals out there and sadly they don’t come with a warning sign. If you’ve heard horror stories about people going on dates with people that they met online who turned out to be dangerous criminals, you’ll want to know what you can do to keep yourself as safe as possible online. Keep these safety rules in mind; they could save your life one day.

Do Your Research:

It’s always a wise idea to research the person that you plan to meet up with for a date after talking with them online. An easy way to make sure that they are who they say they are is to conduct a reverse image search on their dating site photos; if they are posted anywhere else online, you will be able to see where. Social media is also a good option to find out more about a person, but if you want to dig a little deeper and find out if there’s anything important that they might be hiding from you, your best bet is to use Nuwber. This site allows you to search for all types of records that may be held about a person including arrest and criminal records that will quickly inform you about who you’re dealing with.

Meet in a Public Place:

A general rule of thumb in online dating is to never meet up at somebody’s home for the first time. Inviting somebody to your home rather than going to their’s might seem like a safer option but the truth is that if you are dealing with a dangerous person, this means that they’re going to know where you live and you are putting yourself at risk. And, asking somebody on an online dating site or app to meet you in a public place for the first date can tell you a lot about the type of person that they are; people who are respectful of you and concerned for your safety will always agree.

Keep Somebody Informed:

While meeting in a public place can minimize your risk of being in danger when on a date with somebody you’re meeting for the first time, it’s also a wise idea to let somebody know who you are with and where you expect to go. You might even want to use a tool like Find My Friends on iPhone so that a friend or family member can track your location and act quickly if they suspect anything out of the ordinary. Letting a friend or relative know where you are means that they can quickly come to get you if anything goes wrong and you need to get out of the situation quickly.

For the most part, online dating is a fun way to meet new people – but sadly, you could be meeting up for a date with anybody. Keep these tips in mind to keep yourself safe.

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