How To Get Back Into The Dating Game When You’re Rusty

It’s quite a liberating feeling when your tears finally stop and you feel that you’re ready to get back into the dating game again. But the moments of excitement are frequently followed by panic and dread. You might fear getting your heart broken again or you’ve been out of the dating game for so long that you’re wondering how things have changed or what you’ve missed.

Any kind of breakup has an impact on your self-esteem, which makes the idea of putting yourself out there frightening. However, there’s nothing you should worry about because there are ways on how to get back into the dating game when you’re rusty. These include the following:

  • Take Baby Steps

Entering the dating scene again is going to be an emotional and slow process. Once you jump too early, you’ll risk living in with the first individual who pays you the attention. And when it does hurt, the heartbreak will cause you to relieve your prior heartbreak and you’ll be moving backward, not forward. So go slow and take your time. If possible, get sex & relationship advice and listen to yourself to know if you’re really ready to be in a relationship again.

  • Discover New Dating Patterns

When it’s been a while since you’ve dated someone, try to ditch your previous patterns and discover new ones. If all people you meet seem great until you realize they’re bizarre and obsessive, think of the reason behind it. If it’s because of your previous dating patterns, never hesitate to try new patterns and see the difference.

  • Talk To Your Friends

Reach out to some of your single friends who are single and in the loop in the dating scene. Ask them regarding their recent experiences. For instance, you can ask about the new dating patterns or ask for dating tips. Just connecting and talking with your single friends not only provide insights but also make you feel less alone.

  • Never Push Yourself

Don’t schedule dates every night or spread yourself too thin. It’s also not a good idea to ignore your mind and body because you’ll just end up crashing. Pushing yourself too hard will just cause more harm to yourself.

To avoid this, try to give yourself a break after a few dates and think of the things you want to discover or explore in relationships. In this way, you can easily meet the person you want to get to know more and probably someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

  • Practice Healthy Self-Love

You have to remind yourself that you’re awesome from time to time. Spend a little on your credit card and get a glow up. Hit the gym or go shopping. You can even hire a photographer for a better photo of your new self. This will remind yourself how beautiful or desirable you are.

  • Flirt Using Dating Apps

If you want to flirt but you’re not ready yet to meet someone face to face, a good solution is to take advantage of the available dating apps or try online dating. Download any dating app you prefer and try to flirt a bit to know how it feels again. However, keep in mind that people tend to ghost often on dating apps, so it’s not a big deal if you’re not into it because you can just delete the app.

But, dating apps can be a great starting point when you feel a little rusty in the dating game. Such apps can give you new ideas on how to date these days, especially if it’s already ages since you’ve dated someone.

  • Never Get Stuck Online

Texting somebody is another way to get to know someone. However, meeting them in person is much better. Although it can be challenging for you, there are better ways than keeping your relationship in your inbox.

Video chatting or calling someone, while not as good as meeting personally, is still better than just texting somebody. This will help you determine if you’ll get along with someone or not. Take note that you can always meet the perfect person, but you might not find them attractive. So, getting to know them personally can help you get around that.

  • Know Yourself

Before you get back into the dating game, you must spend more time alone to get to know yourself. Ask yourself what you want and what type of mate you’re searching for. You can always have a type and go for the same type of person or you might realize that you need someone with a different personality. However, you won’t think about this until you explore your feelings and preferences, so never be afraid to know yourself.


It’s scary to get back into dating when you’re rusty. Regardless if you’ve been married or in a relationship for years, make sure to take note of the above ways and start dating again. Just don’t rush anything and don’t forget to trust the process to get results.

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