Printing and Binding a Thesis: Your Ultimate How-To-Guide

Congratulations on completing your thesis. We know how much time and effort goes into researching and writing a research paper, Bachelor’s thesis, or any final paper. Now that you are about to submit it, you must know everything needed to print and bind the thesis.

As a student, your biggest questions are how to print and bind and where you can have it done. In this article, we will help you know how to navigate it to ensure that your research paper maintains its quality. Read on!

How to do Printing and Binding for My Thesis

If this is your first research paper, chances are that you haven’t had to print and bind a paper before. As such, it can be difficult to know what kind of paper bind or print configurations to use. Worry not! We will give you all the necessary information concerning the considerations you must make before embarking on a print-and-bind expedition.

What Do I Have to Look Out For Before Printing My Thesis?

In paper printing, the concerns are often the same everywhere. They include:

• To use black and white or coloured printing
• Which type of paper to choose
• How to get the right price for printing

Here are a few tips on the above concerns.

Colour or Black and White Printing

When you want to print your thesis, your options are limited to black and white or colour. You need to know that the latter will be a little pricier.

Our Tip: We know that your thesis will have more sophistication with colour. However, too much colour takes away the seriousness of your paper and is thus not recommended.

Paper Type

Most copy shops suggest that you use the 80 g/m2 paper. Nevertheless, the paper can be very thin, and your printing can shine through the other side.

Our Tip: Before embarking on any copy or print task, you need to get all the details. Be keen on the required type of paper, as it all adds up to your final mark. We recommend using the 100 g/m2 paper as it enhances the quality of your thesis. You might be lucky to find providers using 100 g/m2 paper by default.


There are a lot of aspects that go into determining the overall price of the paperprint. Some of them include the aspects mentioned above, such as the weight of the paper, the colour used, and the actual printing.

Our Tip: To get the best rate, you must compare the service providers. For instance, if you want to have your paper colour-printed, you should find one who can do that without imposing surcharges. This will save you money and negotiation time.

What to Consider When You Want to Bind Your Thesis

Most people do not know the ideal type of bind to use for their thesis. Well, we are here to help you make the right choice. The binding you choose highly depends on the type of final paper you are working with. For instance, if it is a research paper, you will need extensive research and work. On the other hand, the regular term paper may not take you so much time.

• The weight: The weight of the two papers differ. The final research paper contributes to a huge part of your learning, while the term paper is a small portion of your grade. In terms of physical weight, the research paper will definitely be heavier.
• Clarity: If your paper is a major one, you must invest in quality bind. You cannot go using spiral binding for quality and huge paper. In this case, using a leather binder would be more beneficial as it maintains a worthy impression for your paper.

Our Tip: Most learning institutions have specified requirements for the binding type. As such, you must confirm the details and know what binding and printing is recommended. With the school’s guidelines, you can be sure to get the right type.

Which Type of Binding is the Right One for Your Final Paper?

As you already know, there is a huge selection of binds available to use. We will describe each bind to you so you can know what fits your paper best.

Leather Book Binding

The leather bind is the highest quality there is for your thesis. With the leather look, your final paper spells class and sophistication. BachelorPrint allows for leather binds and gives you a chance to customise it to your desired taste. You can also add bookmarks and corner protectors to make your work look more sophisticated. From our experience, we have seen that leather binds are suitable for most final papers. You can use them for:

• Research paper
• Dissertation
• Master’s thesis
• Bachelor’s thesis

Thermal Binding

The thermal bind is the most versatile of them all. It comes in a transparent front cover, ensuring your title is at the forefront. Besides the transparent cover, you also get a leather-like back cover. It can be in your colour of choice.

Generally, thermal binds are ideal for smaller research projects. However, if you want to make several printouts for your final paper, you can use them.

Softcover Binding

The softcover bind is for those who want to stand out and look more creative. It gives you the chance to design the cover however you want to be. You can choose different fonts, logos, pictures, and even the wildest designs. With this option, your creativity just flows. Like other binds for research papers, you need to beware of clutter as it dims professionalism.

You can use the softcover binder for any type of paper. Nevertheless, it has a limit for the pages. This can be a huge disadvantage to the larger research papers.

Spiral Binding

When looking for a simple but sleek option, spiral bind is your answer. It is more similar to the thermal mind as it has a transparent front cover and leather-look back cover. Unlike the thermal bind, the spiral is not glued to the thesis. Instead, your thesis is held together using metal or plastic spirals.

Spiral bind works best for smaller research projects such as term papers. Unless specified by your institution, it is not the best option for dissertations, research papers, or any final projects.

Where Can You Go for Printing and Binding Your Thesis

We have done all the research to ensure you have an easy time as you print and bind your thesis. This will ensure that you get quality products just like your actual research. We recommend using an online provider since you can order from the comfort of your home or school. This saves you a lot of time.

When it comes to printing and binding online providers, you lose some and win the others. In our research, we came across many providers, but one certainly stands out: BachelorPrint.

If you are looking for printing & binding for your thesis, BachelorPrint is your answer. The online printing shop offers a huge selection of quality binding. They have an express free shipping service to help you get your thesis quickly.

Why Order with BachelorPrint:

• Free express shipping
• 3D preview for your binding
• Look-inside function for your thesis
• Top-notch quality paper at affordable rates

H2: Printing and Binding Your Thesis: Making Sure Nothing Goes Wrong

Writing a thesis is no child’s play. It involves a lot of time, effort, and hours of research. With the above tips on how to print and bind your research paper, thesis, or term paper, you can be sure that everything will be smooth.

As a student, it is up to you to decide where you will have the thesis printed. You can either go to an actual copy shop or order your thesis online. Nevertheless, if you are looking for high-quality paper, a stress-free experience, and quick delivery, then BachelorPrint is your go-to resource. They have a user-friendly online shop that makes it easy to bring your thesis together. We have no doubt recommending this shop to you!

Wishing you all the best in your thesis!

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