5 Chic and Stylish Combinations for Layered Clothing

The cold season is already here which means it is time to pull out those warm pieces of clothing so you can tackle the subfreezing temperatures with ease. This includes everything from puffer gloves and furry mittens to fuzzy knit sweaters to stay toasty warm and comfortable at all times.

In addition to opting for your basic winter essentials, you will also need to start layering up. This cold-season trend has been around for centuries and remained popular as it allows you to combine different pieces together that will help you control your body temperature while looking stylish.

However, the biggest struggle for fashionistas is how to properly layer their winter clothes to create a well-put-together look that keeps them warm. To get you started, we have compiled a list of five chic combinations that will help you master the art of layering this cold season.

Denim jeans + long sleeve tee + puffer vest

Denim jeans, a long sleeve tee and a puffer vest are a basic layered clothing combination that is very cozy and fashionable. You can be more playful with your outfit by opting for a top featuring funny designs or uplifting sayings to lift your mood during those chilly days.

For example, long sleeve Christian t shirts with faith-inspired quotes are a perfect choice because they are stylish and pair great with layering garments such as the puffer vest. Complete your look with chunky ankle boots and a bum bag to achieve a comfy and chic look.

Checkered pants + buttoned-up shirt + jumper

Another popular layered clothing combination that is great for the cold season are pants, a buttoned-up shirt and a jumper on top. Instead of going for a pair of solid-color pants, you can add more vibrancy to your outfit with checkered bottoms in bright, pastel hues such as yellow and white. Put on a white buttoned-up top and loop around a colorful jumper to layer up.

Complete your look with some white sneakers and a cute crossbody bag to keep things stylish and chic. Don’t forget to add statement earrings to add a touch of flair.

Black trousers + turtleneck + leather jacket

If you have to attend a semi-formal event such as an office Christmas party, then black trousers and a neutral color turtleneck are a great cold-weather outfit you can consider. This is such a cozy look which you can easily top off with a black leather jacket to add extra warmth.

Complete your ensemble with a pair of black leather heels and some statement jewelry to add a touch of elegance. For example, a layering necklace is a great option as you can wear it over your top to break off the monotony of your sophisticated look.

Black jeans + hoodie + coat

For more casual occasions such as your traditional Sunday brunch dates with your friends, black jeans and a hoodie are a great outfit idea. Because this is a rather sporty look, you can easily add a touch of style to it by layering it up with a long oversized coat to keep you warm.

Top off your ensemble with a pair of black chunky boots and a matching crossbody bag to keep things fashionable. If you want to make your outfit look even cozier, accessorize with a beanie hat and a pair of sunnies.

Skirt + buttoned-up shirt + knitwear + blazer

An easy and highly fashionable outfit that is ideal for both casual and formal events includes a skirt and a white buttoned-up shirt. This look can be effortlessly topped off with a monochromatic jumper to mismatch your patterned A-line skirt and a blazer to add a classy touch to the entire ensemble.

To further layer up your look, put on your favorite black tights and pair them with some knee-high socks in muted colors. Complete your outfit with a neutral color bag and a beret to create a feminine look.

Final thoughts

The cold season is characterized by subfreezing temperatures which can be best tackled by layering up. The great thing about this is that there are so many garment pieces you can rely on that not only will keep you warm but will also make you turn heads no matter where you are headed.

Whether it is a puffer vest, a colorful jumper on your shoulders or an oversized coat, choose the layering piece you like the most and create a cold-weather, chic outfit.

And if you need inspiration, don’t forget to borrow some of our ideas mentioned here.

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