Risks from Use of Infrared Sauna

Can infrared saunas be harmful to just a single person, or are certain people should consider them risky altogether? To understand the negative side effects of infrared sauna on human health and common concerns, then this is the right place for you.

Infrared saunas therapy exudes a multitude of health benefits within the clinical field. Along with these benefits, it is very crucial to be aware of the risk factors by using any therapy you want to pursue.

Side effects of using Infrared sauna

With the pros, there are always some disadvantages. Before you start therapy, have a look at these potential risks and side effects:


Excessive use of this therapy may cause a decline in your blood pressure. A high-frequency session of infrared sauna decreases the risk of hypotension. When you enjoy a therapy session inside the infrared sauna, inner heat elevates your body temperature, increases blood circulation, and makes you feel relaxed.

Sometimes a person with low blood pressure feels dizzy or stressed. In these cases, hypotension is considered a risk factor for a healthy life, so it should be treated.

Cause heat stroke

Heatstroke is a condition caused by the loss of water in the body by sweating. This can be due to excessive exercise or taking more sessions of an infrared sauna. This may lead to a certain condition such as kidney failure in case of a higher risk of water loss from the body.

The high temperature of an infrared sauna can also lead to nausea and dizziness. In an infrared sauna with dry heat, your body becomes overheated if you are taking prolonged sessions and this can cause heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

Lightheadedness feeling

Lightheadedness is a reeling sensation in which you feel faint when your head does not get enough blood. The condition can be caused by using infrared sauna therapy with repeated sessions.

Sometimes, the prolonged sessions in the sauna indicate an underlying medical condition and can enhance your risk of experiencing a fall. For this reason, you should avoid infrared sauna to make yourself relax when you feel lightheaded.

Cause airway irritation

Sometimes frequent use of infrared sauna practice can cause difficulty in breathing. This is because of the swelling in bronchial tubes or overreacting to an irritant. This airway irritation may lead to a reactive airway disorder. This term is usually before a diagnosis of asthma.

When to avoid this heat therapy?

The infrared sauna’s health benefits are surely impressive, but apart from this, you should also be aware of the potential drawbacks of these devices. In sauna practices, the effects are short-term and can easily be avoided.

I request you to give a minute to yourself to go through the following points to know whether you are at a risk or not:

  • Weak immune system – Do not use infrared sauna therapy if you are facing an immunodeficiency syndrome.
  • Unhealed wound – If you have an open or unhealed wound, I suggest you hold off on your infrared sauna therapy. First, take permission from your doctor, then move forward towards a therapy session.
  • In pregnancy – You should avoid a sauna treatment if you are pregnant unless you’ve received permission from your medical carer.
  • Having kidney disorder – A person having a kidney defect should discuss it with the doctor before taking a therapy session.
  • Neurological defect – with a neurological disorder, you should not undergo infrared sauna therapy.

The fact that infrared saunas therapy has been used by many people to improve a healthy and well-balanced life with value and usefulness. Therefore, along with the health impact, it is also very important to understand the negative effects associated with infrared saunas.



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