Socialite TV: Man Teen


Marriage? Kids? House and white picket fence? The American Dream, right? Maybe. Try the batting cage and exotic dancer rotation down at Crazy Girls. He’s still doin’ it. MAN-TEEN is an original web series that follows the misadventures of a thirty-five year old teenager as he battles the conventions of “modern” society. He might be taking what they’re giving. He’s just not buying what they’re selling.

Episode 1: Celebration of Life

Episode Description:

The Man-Teen, redefines party foul

Episode 2: Cleanin’ The Kitty

Episode Description:

The Man-Teen makes it rain

Episode 3: Honest Talk

Episode Description:

Shack teaches man how to talk to girls.

Episode 4: Thanks For Lunch


Episode Description:

MAN-TEEN gets an ultimatum. With guest director by Peter Lazarus