3 Tips for a Better Look in College

Going to college can be a stressful event for some people. There is a lot of anxiety associated with new people in a new area. And a lot of self-esteem issues can happen if you don’t feel comfortable about your appearance. 

So, what are a few tips to look better in college? First, as a guy, you need to take control of your facial hair. Get the tools that you need and shave in a manner that is most appropriate for your cultural and academic circumstances. Second, don’t mess with fads. 

You probably will meet a group of friends that look a certain way. If you step back from them and realize you look ridiculous from an outside perspective, then perhaps temper how you dress. 

And lastly, as well as avoiding fads, you should dress to impress people who might be in your career ultimately. Imagine what a doctor or lawyer thinks about if they see you in the close that you’re wearing. Use that to create your ideal persona in the college environment.

Keep a Good Shave

If you’ve ever walked around a college campus, you see that a lot of guys don’t look like they have great hygiene. Their beards are untrimmed, and their mustaches are all over the place. If you want to look and feel better on campus, buy a shaving kit, find your desired look, buy an aftershave lotion that isn’t too powerful, and call it good. You can have various looks for various amounts of facial hair, but it should always be well-trimmed.

Don’t Mess With Fads

There will always be fashion fads in college. If you want to look better, do your best to avoid them. A pervasive trend for many generations now is looking like a hipster. For your group, you may find this ironic in your own way. 

However, it doesn’t look great from the outside if you’re trying to be professional or generally appear as though you want to meet new people. The hipster concept has a place, but make sure you know what that place is in reference to the greater cultural phenomenon at college.

Dress To Impress for Your Career

It usually isn’t until the later years that you start hearing the phrase ‘dress to impress’ in college. But they are very important words. It might make sense to think about that piece of advice earlier rather than later. 

In the professional world, there is a suggestion that you always dress one pay grade above the money that you earn. It is because you want to show your professional counterparts that you are upwardly mobile. In college, if you’re paying attention to how you look, this is an important factor to conceptualize when deciding how to present yourself.

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