4 Negative Effects of a Life Spent at the Computer

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We live in a digital age, and it’s become customary for many of us to sit at a computer for most of the day. While there are many advantages to technology, there are some disadvantages to which we need to give serious thought.

Consider the four physical and mental problems below that prolonged computer use can pose, if you don’t watch yourself closely.

1. Internet addiction

Internet addiction is a condition that’s only just starting to gain attention and be taken seriously. For most of us, the Internet is a part of our lives but it doesn’t hinder our relationships, jobs, or other hobbies. Increasing numbers of people find they can’t disconnect, however, so they are now having to seek help for this newly established condition.

2. Eyestrain

Looking at a screen for hours on end can have a negative effect on your eyes. To avoid potentially permanent harm, make sure that you use computers and smartphones in well-lit environments, and take regular breaks, to lessen the strain.

3. Spine and back problems

There are many consequences that come with sitting all day, some of which we’re only just now discovering. Not only does sitting slow down your metabolism, but sitting with poor posture can cause lasting harm to your back and spine.

Make sure that the chair you use properly supports your lower back, and that you sit with good posture, which won’t just save your back but be better for your legs, arms, neck, and wrists as well. Also, the best thing you can do to prevent problems from sitting all day, which many jobs require, is simply to get up and walk around every 15 minutes or so. Moving around will help your muscles, joints, blood flow, and even your overall concentration.

4. Arthritis and carpal tunnel

We often hear warnings about carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis from using a keyboard too much, but those warnings are often ignored or not taken seriously. Small, repetitive motions like those involved in using a computer all day, however, can cause strain on the joints. That strain adds up over time and leads to weakening of the joints and even more serious conditions like arthritis.

The best way to prevent joint problems is first to know what causes and accelerates arthritis, to try to limit the actions that cause those conditions, and to have a diet rich in the vitamins that support joint health. It’s also helpful to have a wrist support connected to your keyboard and mouse to prevent extra strain from using them for long periods of time.


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