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One of the time-honored traditions of male culture is the summer barbeque.  Whether it’s burgers, hot dogs, ribs, steaks, corn, seafood, or any other edible item, you can be sure that somewhere in the storied history of outdoor cookouts, a man has thrown it on the grill.  I’ve always shied away from grillwork as there are just way too many egos that assemble around the BBQ and the only thing higher than the temperature is the testosterone level.  I am one of the few open-minded individuals that feels that we could use a little more estrogen on our burgers, and why not?  Women have dominated the kitchen for years (no disrespect intended), so why not let them translate their success into summertime barbequeing?  The ladies at CollegeCandy agree and fire up their 5 essentials for the perfect summer BBQ.

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