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By Eric Michael (University of Miami)

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So summer is drawing to a close, and everyone is beginning to pack up their bags and head back to campus.  If you haven’t had the chance to attend a baseball game this summer, there is still a little bit of time.  With that in mind here a list of five things you should do at a baseball game.

5. Walk the Concourse

There are a lot of different food options at the ballpark these days, but you may have to walk around to find them.  Ballparks are now more kid friendly and offer children the chance to see how fast they throw, and even run a mock set of bases in some ballparks.

4. Sit in Seats Other Than Your Own

With an 81 game schedule, the odds a Major League Baseball Team sells out all 81 games are pretty unlikely.   If your in the upper deck, wait a few innings and go sit down in a lower section closer to the field.  That way you can see what the game looks like closer up.

3. Eat a Hot Dog

The hot dog has become the unofficial ballpark food.  With a lot of stadiums now providing many food options including crab cakes, dont forget to go and enjoy the simple ballpark food and reminisce about the days at the ballpark with your dad.

2. Have a Beer

You need something to wash that hot dog down with right?  So why not have a beer and kick back and relax.  Most baseball games take about three hours anyway, and having one beer isnt going to impair your driving.  So sit back relax and take in the ambience of a baseball game.

1. Do NOT Let Your Date Get Hit with the Ball

I don’t care if you have no arms and cant catch the ball, do whatever you can to make sure your date does not get hit.  Before the game a message will flash on the jumbotron alerting fans that bats or balls may end up in the stands.  It is your job however though to make sure your date does not get hit and end up like America’s favorite now broken up couple from Houston.

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