Artichoke Pizza: Coming To A Freezer Near You

Frozen artichoke pizza

After a while who doesn’t get sick of microwaving Friday’s mozzarella sticks or Bagel Bites at 3 a.m. drunk as shit? Ellio’s Pizza is always a good option, but even that cafeteria food can be vomit-inducing after a whole box is eaten. We need more drunk frozen food options…and now we’ve got a bangin one: Artichoke Pizza.

Originally, you could only get this magical pizza in two places: a take-out pizzeria in Greenwich Village and a sit-down restaurant also in New York City. The two guys behind the delicious, somewhat healthy alternative to greasy fast food, Sal Basille and Francis Garcia have been working with a company in Toronto to transform the heaven that lies in Artichoke Pizza into a frozen entity. Yes, that’s right. Now you can have the awesome pizzeria-type pizza on the floor of your dorm without the hassle of talking to a waiter, waiting for your food and tipping for service. How could you not be thrilled?

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