73 Year Old Grandma Gets Busted In Oklahoma As Drug Kingpin



Darlene Mayes looks like she should be playing Mahjong at a nursing home. Instead the 73 year old grannie just got busted as one of Oklahoma’s largest marijuana suppliers. Her operation went up in smoke (no pun intended) over the weekend when police entered her home. They found 4 pounds of pot, $276,000 in cash, a semiautomatic pistol and a revolver. Wow, Grandma knows how to pack. Her network of pot smokers spanned across 4 states including Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. Our readers out in the midwest most likely just got screwed over with grandma’s arrest. Her weed accounted for 40% of all the weed in the area.

This has to be the coolest grandmother in America. I bet Darlene Mayes makes some mean pot brownies that are way better than your drug dealer’s. Who doesn’t love grandma’s baking? Her son was also arrested while serving as a partner in crime. Family time one would think involves going out for dinner, a trip to the movies or many other bonding activities. Hearing about a grannie and her boy smoking out on the porch while selling their stash of weed to customers as MasterCard would state is…priceless.




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