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Awesome Aspects of College You’ll Miss in Real Life

We’re all college students here, so I know you’ll agree with me when I say we’re living the good life. We can pretty much do whatever we want – short of getting away with murder.

I hate to be the Debbie Downer or Party Pooper here, but with graduation just around the corner, I’ve sort of made a list in my head of all of the things you can only get away with in college that I’m going to miss since they won’t fly in the real world.

And you’re damn wrong if you don’t think I have every intention sharing my list with you right after the jump.

Sleeping Late and At Any Time During The Day

First of all, the earliest class offered – at least at Delaware – is 8 AM. That means for some, the earliest they have to wake up is 7:30 (unless they have to go to class looking like Barbie and Ken…then they’ll have to wake up at 5, and that is of no one’s fault but their own). Plus, who picks the 8 AM classes unless they have no choice? Most people don’t have to roll out of bed until 11 AM, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Not only in relation to class scheduling, college kids seem to love to sleep and are always tired. The old after-class nap is key, and so is the re-energizing nap in between happy hour and party time. Nothing wrong with it; love it.

But if and when we get real jobs, chances are we’re going to have some sort of commute, making our early wake-up time about an hour earlier than necessary, and we’ll have to clock in at like 9 AM looking all put together. Sounds great, right? Nah.

Sweatpants Are The Clothing Option of Choice

Not anymore…sweatpants become work out and lounging clothes. You can’t show up at J.P. Morgan in sweats, or the jeans you wore out last night. As Donald Trump would say: “You’re fired.” It’s just not acceptable. Your wardrobe of Abercrombie or Forever or whatever you wear will be replaced with J. Crew, Banana Republic and GAP, and time and time again, you’ll look at it and wish for those ripped jeans you used to wear to the bar, class, and over  your bathing suit. Blah, suits are not cute all the time.

Boozing and Socializing Can Happen All Day – Any Day

Imagine being a teacher and showing up to school with a bottle of J.D.? Ha FAIL. No parent or administrator will ever trust you again with their child IF you can even keep your job/get another one.

I’ve seen kids go to class with water bottles filled with vodka and plans for hitting the sports bar for the 1 PM Yankee game. Can’t skip work for that, unfortunately. We’re going to have to keep our party plans for nighttime, and dare I say, maybe even just on the weekends. Like me. It takes me a whole day to recover from a night out, so going out Tuesday would be detrimental to my Wednesday and that’d be awful because I’d have to overcompensate on Thursday. Vicious cycle.

Not gonna lie, I am excited about the getting dressed thing, but since my career plans involve mainly dance education, getting dressed for me will still be a special treat, and waking up will probably be an occurrence like it is now – some days, but either way I’m pretty productive in the AM, so I’ll be able to deal.

These are just the top three drastic aspects of my list that I feel like the general college population keeps in their Commandments and lives by. You’ll miss this. Suggestion: sleep through class before you graduate –again –and day drink in your sweats. Judgment-free zone here.


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