If you thought you were a boss with your run-of-the-mill Beats By Dre headphones, you’re so foolish. The first images of the most baller version of the legendary headphones have hit the web, and they look fresh as hell. These bad boys will cost you a pretty penny though – Monster’s online store is listing them as $400.

There’s not any release info on them yet, but you can bet your sweet ass that it should be right on time for holiday gift giving, because no one announces new products now and waits to launch them until after the New Year. At this point you might be asking yourself “what am I paying the extra $100 for?” Well, I’ll tell you.

1. The Brushed Metal Finish. Something that you can’t find on any other Beat By Dre headphones. Yeah sure you might get a pair of Beats in your favorite color, but it’s only plastic, and subject to your friends’ feet and asses. Plastic breaks, everyone knows that. Wanna know what’s much harder to break and looks 10 times as good? Brushed fucking metal.


2. Automatic Shut-Off. Another thing you can’t find on any of the other models. The Executives will detect when they’ve been idle and shut themselves off. Need I say more?

3. Leather Headband. Straightforward and baller.


4. Active Noise Cancellation. Drown out all the extra fuzz and isolate the music so you can hear it like the artist intended. Add onto that the epically dynamic range of sound that usually comes with Beats headphones – “crystal-clear highs to resonating bass notes to sonically-true midtones” – and you’re good to go.

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