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While studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland, Brandi On The Rocks decided to take a little trip to Munich for this little festival they call OKTOBERFEST!!! Get your beer wench costume, suspenders, and funny hats on, and grab a beer stein because it’s going to be another drunken adventure with Brandi On The Rocks!

The hotel room we stayed in was great, except there were five of us, and one bed! Needless to say, this made for interesting sleeping arrangements. We immediately headed into the festival to attempt to find out friends, who were already down in one of the beer tents. Instantly, it starts to down pour. On top of that, we chose not to take into consideration that no one’s cell phones are working, its like 30 degrees, and you cannot get into these beer tents without a ticket/bracelet.


We stood on picnic tables out in the beer gardens to be closer to the space heaters, and drank beer steins in the downpour like the asshole Americans we are. Not an ideal situation. Good beer none the less. It is then that we got a call from our hotel. Sure enough, our drunken friends are all confused about where we are. Turns out they headed back to the hotels HOURS AGO!

We head to a pub across from the hotel. We were happily drinking at our table, when suddenly, a singing explosion erupts courtesy of a few extremely old German men, and an Asian German man, who amazingly knew all the words to every American song better than we did. A friend of a fiend’s dad and  his co-workers, who were there to sell golf equipment or some shit, bought all of our drinks all night. And there were a LOT of them.


Everything is going fine, when at some point, our friend’s boyfriend disappears. We searched high and low. Well, someone searched… I was too happy to be singing “Piano Man” with an Asian German man (I mean really how often does that happen?). Despite being unable to locate the missing person, we made our way back to our hotel. Some individuals thought it would be ok to hook up in other peoples rooms. This would have been if it weren’t for the fact that said other people were already sleeping in them.  I’m sorry, but I don’t care how big the bed is. That’s still hilariously wrong.

Come morning time, we found our almost forgotten lost soldier, lying on the wood floor beside the bed, that the rest of us were sleeping in. Apparently, he had wandered into one of the other apartment buildings on the cul-de-sac that our hotel was located on. He woke up in a dark stairway, gripping the beer stein he had stolen from the fest earlier that day like a teddy bear. He then proceeded to freak out, run out of the building, back into our hotel, and puke in the bathroom all night. Luckily we were all comatose drunk, and didn’t have to deal with any of that nonsense. Props to him though, for taking care of himself.


The next day I was determined to do Oktoberfest right! And we did. We hit a ride that I’m pretty sure would have never passed safety regulations in the U.S. Then we ate schnitzel…or something. I don’t know what it was, but it was German. Then we hit the beer garden where every German man was singing “Won’t You Be My Girl,” over and over again. No one knows why, though some German woman explained to me that it might just be because they knew the words, and the song was shoutable. Fair enough.


We found some Americans, a guy with an English accent, a guy from Holland and the coolest 16 year olds Germany could produce! They were too young to drink, but we were too drunk to care, and kept filling up their sad, empty, steins. This of course resulted in broken steins, spilled beer, and thin layer of vomit  covering the beer garden. This wouldn’t have happened, except the guys we found were more than willing to buy all our beer steins and pomme frites (French fries)! So naturally we each picked a guy, and the make-out session commenced, and didn’t end until we headed back to our hotel, after countless beer steins, and a lot of conversation that won’t even try to recall.

We promptly sent them packing since we were A) not really interested in anything other than free beer and B) five of us were already sharing a queen sized bed, and there was no way we were squeezing anyone else in there. Plus the Brit we were with was getting sloppy drunk, and making misogynistic comments towards the end of the night. No thank you.


In conclusion, we managed to go from having a shitty time standing under heating vents in the pouring rain surrounded by drunken scary German men (give a drunken German a giant glass filled with beer…yeah that’s safe), to making out with strangers and corrupting Germany’s youth. I kept most of my pride that weekend, but took great delight in watching my friends give theirs up! Sometimes it’s okay to be just a passenger on the drunken chaos train after all.

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