Buzzworthy: The 5 Most Expensive Beers in the World

expensive beer

When you think of Beer, a lot of the time you’re considering it as a cheap alternative. It won’t get you drunk as fast as liquor and you have to drink a whole lot of it. But, a Bud Light on certain nights goes for like $3 a pop, so why the fudge not? Of course, there’s always the slightly more expensive Blue Moons and Stellas of this world. But what if I told you there were Beers in this world that were worth more than $100 a bottle? Below i’ve listed the top 5 Most Expensive Beers in the world. I’ve only tasted one, but if you could liquify Heaven, and pump it out of a tap, i’d imagine this is what it would taste like.

Tutankhamun Ale – $52 per Bottle

tutankhamun ale

This might be the oldest known beer recipe in the world. How old? Someone probably enjoyed one after a days work building the Pyramids. Tutankhamun is brewed in Cambridge but the recipe was found in Queen Nefertiti’s Temple of the Sun in Egypt, built somewhere in the area of 1300 BC. The Beer is named after her stepson, better known as King Tut (not to be confused with the Steve Martin character, 1979 AD). Considering that this Beer might as well be in a museum, $52 sounds reasonable…sorta.

Samuel Adams Utopias – $100 per bottle

sam adams utopia

If you thought Sam Adam’s Summer Ale was on the pricey side, it’s safe to assume you’re not indulging in it’s cousin, Utopias any time soon. I happened to be at a Craft Beer bar in Brooklyn the other night and was told that, for one time only, I could drink Sam Adam’s rarest beer for a fraction of the price. The discounted price was $10 an ounce! Why? One reason is Utopias weighs in at a whopping 50 Proof. The only Beer where it’s ok to be a 2 Beer Queer. It’s bottled in a copper plated kettle and served un-carbonated, at room temperature. Did I try it? Hell yeah I did and it was amazing.

Carlsberg Vintage 3 – $348 per bottle

carlsberg vintage 3

Carlsberg has been brewing Beers since your Great-Great-Grandfather was still a sperm in 1847. They are best know for their Lager which is relatively inexpensive (at least as far as this list is concerned). In 2008 however, they decided to put their money where your mouth was with Vintage 1. Carlsberg Vintage 3 is the third in the series and goes for a whopping $348 a bottle. The beer is one of two beers to be aged French Côte d’Or Oak Barrels. Only 1000 Bottles have been sealed and are all labeled with exclusive work by well-known artists. If only all beer companies did this. That way your empty beer bottle collection would make you an art collector and not just a Bro.

Brewdog’s “The End of History” – $765 per bottle

brewdogs end of the world

This extremely rare beer is named after a book by philosopher Francis Fukuyama. Not interesting? Try this instead: each Beer is bottled in the stuffed body of a once living Squirrel or Weasel. Only 11 have been produced, and the 4 Squirrels and 7 Weasels were literally scraped off the streets of Scotland and transformed by a Taxidermist from Road Kill to Bottle. The Beer is a Belgian style Blond Ale and has a 50% Alcohol Content. Just one, and you and your new pet Weasel will be on the floor. If you can get past drinking out of a once live animal and you happen to have an excess of $765 lying around, give it a try. Just make sure to get your Rabies Shot first.

Antarctic Nail Ale – $800 per bottle

antarctic nail ale

Dun Dun Dunnnnn. Thee most expensive beer, or at least the most expensive one I could find on the interweb. I know I just suggested that you drink Beer out of former road kill, but this might make you feel better. Antarctic Nail Ale is absolutely ridiculous at $800 a bottle, but part of the reason is that it is for a good cause. Only one bottle has been sold so far and every single dollar went to charity. The charity opposes Whaling in the Antarctic and sells the Beer at auction only. Speaking of the Antarctic, Nail Ale was brewed with actual Antarctic Ice and only 30 bottles have been produced. Best of all? It comes in an actual bottle! I’d pay the extra $35 just for that.


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