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By: Chelsea Weintraub (Quinnipiac University)

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I don’t know about you, but I find backpacks to be insanely… hideous. They are one of those items that should have been left behind with the worst of 90’s fashion. I’m sure they’re great for hiking, but when I come to think of it, I never understood the backpack. It’s bad for your back and schools across America began outlawing them in its hallways. It was around the new millennium that messenger bags became all the rage and I abandoned my L.L. Bean for something a little more stylish. At the latter part of my high school career, oversized bags became staples in every girl’s wardrobe. I’m not talking the latest Michael Kors carryall creation, but rather a cross between the average purse and your favorite weekender bag [Sidebar: an ex once exclaimed over lunch that I could fit a week’s worth of clothes in my first oversized purse by Liz Claiborne. I begged to differ and proved him wrong once getting into the realities of what girls pack for a week’s worth of time away]. With classes resuming within the next month, I bring to you some of the best of what fall has to offer your accessory collections so you can ditch your North Face Jesters (it’s what’s best for all of us, my dears).

MICHAEL Michael Kors Item Tote ($198 at Michael Kors or a department store near you) – this is THE perfect bag to fit your laptop in along with the rest of your daily necessities. I take mine with me everywhere, laptop or not because it is JUST that marvelous.

What I love about it? It comes it tons of different solid colors as well as prints so you can find one that fits your style best.

Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull ($750 for the GM at Louis Vuitton stores and online) – LV began doing its hit Neverfull tote in the Damier Azur pattern to ring in the New Year. I think the white & grey checkered print is perfect for this time of year. It will help you transition from the summer and last you well into the fall.

What I love about it? You can find the Neverfull in 3 different sizes- PM (which is the smallest), the MM (mid-sized), and the GM (the largest). It has straps on the side to help you adjust the look of the bag which, ironically, you probably will never fill yourself. Not a fan of the Damier Azur? Check out the Damier Ebene or the traditional Monogram Canvas.


Foley + Corinna Bowler Mid City Leather Tote ($495 at Bloomingdale’s)- Not bringing your laptop and just need a place to shove a notebook into? It’s super chic and can easily be taken from day to night.

What I love about it? Foley + Corinna is made in NYC. The bags come in an array of colors and textures. Want to know what’s even better? You can wear it on your forearm or fold it over and throw it over your shoulder. Practicality meets pretty- a stellar combination.

Express Slouchy Hobo Bag ($49.90 in Express stores and online)- I’m not sure if you can tell by this picture, but let me go on the record by telling you all it is HUGE. It’s the modern day Mary Poppins bag. You know, the one that you can pull EVERYTHING out of.

What I love about it? Did you see the price tag? Talk about a fab find! You’ll even have money to spare on an outfit to go along with it.


Just remember, we are in a new decade where the phrase “bigger is better” still rings to be true. Want to tie in your new bag with some other fashion forward trends? Try finding one in gold. Black is always good to have (did you know it goes with everything?) but neutrals do the job equally as well. Your back will be grateful that you ditched the backpack this year and opted for lovely new handbag. You’ll even be able to tone up your arms just from lugging all of your stuff in a tote!

Ciao for now. Xoxo.


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