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The Campus Socialite’s Blitz & Beatz Tour is hitting Penn State this weekend with a vengeance, so expect a ridiculous rave, lots of partying, and good times for all. But we know that you can’t survive without some good food, too, so our friends at are back to let you know some of the best places to get eats in State College. Prepare yourself for the Itis!


Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies is by far the most brilliant idea to date on this planet. We had it in Binghamton for one semester (unfortunately, it didn’t hang around) and every night became cookie night. You can call up and get variety boxes of hot, freshly baked cookies and milk until the wee hours of the night, and they’ll come straight to your dorm room. The Penn State edition even sells cookie cakes and milkshakes. Umm, can anyone say snickerdoodle cookie, because I’m all over that.


College Mart Pizza

This pizza place is open until 1 AM six days a week, which is ideal for people who want to get some late night pizza but don’t wanna move from where they are. They charge extra for delivery, but when the going rate for a 16 inch pizza is less than $10, a few extra bucks is nothing. If you decide to go there, then you’ll notice that it’s not much more than a basement parlor run by a bunch of students, but we hear it’s some of the best pizza in State College. The sauce isn’t too bland, and it comes in hot or mild (which you can ladle yourself). Did I mention it was cheap?


Fuji & Jade Garden

As with lots of hibachi places, this one has lots of mixed reviews. One student told me that it’s basically the toss of a coin: sometimes it’s amazing, and other times it’s horribly disappointing. But there’s also sushi, which is the same way. When it’s fresh than it’s good (as far as State College sushi goes), and when it isn’t fresh, you’ll probably end up throwing it out. But beggars can’t be choosers. This place is better than most of the other Japanese eateries at Penn State, so if you’re willing to take the chance, go for it.


D. P. Dough

For some reason, State College is really devoid of places that allow you to order online, so D.P. Dough will have to suffice. I hear they actually like it there, anyway. This chain can be found wherever there are college students, and they deliver calzones like its nobody’s business. If you have $6, it’s really late, and you’re freaking starving, then you can always give D.P. Dough a ring. I live by the Buffer Zone, but you can basically can whatever your heart desires, all wrapped up in a crispy baked shell.

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