CBD Cigarettes are a Game Changer for Smokers

CBD cigarettes, also known as hemp cigarettes are not made from tobacco. They are instead made from hemp. They contain cannabidiol, also known as CBD, and a small amount of THC. With this kind of cigarette, the effects one gets through smoking will last from two to three hours. These feelings can take a few minutes to set in and this, therefore, makes it one of the fastest ways to feel the effects of CBD. So, why is it that many people are going for hemp cigarettes? What makes these kinds of cigarettes a game changer? Well, we shall look into these reasons here.

Here are ways CBD cigarettes are a game changer for smokers:

  1. Gives smokers a rapid effect compared to regular cigarettes

CBD can be smoked in many ways. One of the easiest is the use of CBD cigarettes. When smokers inhale CBD through cigarettes, they get the effects as rapidly as possible. This is unlike regular cigarettes which would take much longer. One of the advantages of smoking CBD cigarettes is that inhalation is the best way the active compounds enter the bloodstream, hence making it fast for one to enjoy the feeling.

  1. It is non-intoxicating

Hemp flowers have terpenes present and even though they smell like marijuana, they are not intoxicating. As such, this product will not get you high as compared to regular cigarettes or the vaping options. You will also love the fact that hemp-based cigarettes do not have intoxicating effects. This is because CBD is not a psychotropic compound. Therefore, you will get a relaxing and calming sensation when you inhale the CBD cigarette smoke. In this regard, we can say that these kinds of cigarettes are game-changing for smokers.

  1. It is a better alternative to vaping

One of the shortcomings of vaping is that it is not as healthy as people believed. When more people took to vaping, there was an increase in lung illnesses and injuries. Vitamin E acetate, commonly available in vapes, is one of the culprits that cause lung problems. As such, when one smokes CBD cigarettes, they are assured of no added components and this, therefore, assures them of no side effects to their health.

  1. It helps people stop smoking nicotine-based cigarettes

One of the negative effects of regular cigarettes is that they have highly addictive nicotine content. As long as one continues to smoke regular cigarettes, the urge to do so increases with every stick. If you are intending to stop smoking these kinds of cigarettes, then hemp-based cigarettes will help you do it. Any time one experiences the craving for regular cigarettes, one can smoke hemp cigarettes. Hemp cigarettes have no addiction effects as they do not contain harmful substances in them.

  1. It helps you have a cool mood

When it comes to smoking CBD, you can expect to achieve a cool and more relaxed mood. This is unlike regular cigarettes that do not help you achieve this. It is also unlike smoking marijuana which gives you lots of anxiety and paranoia.


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