Common Problems Faced By College Students Today

Transitioning from high school to college involves a number of variables.  You’re moving from being a kid to an adult. You’re moving to a more difficult curriculum, and you’re radically changing your daily environment.

For some, these changes can be overwhelming to absorb all at once.  It’s important to arm yourself with as much knowledge and preparation as possible, so as to place yourself in a good position to succeed.

Take some time to read over a few of the common problems faced by college students today, and face your future head on.

Time management

College doesn’t provide that same strict structure you’re made to follow in high school, and sometimes the freedom is a bit too much for a young person to handle.  You will undoubtedly juggle a busy schedule in college, and time management is critical for success.

If you already know you’re not the best at managing your time throughout the day, find positive ways to keep yourself on track.  Use a handy scheduling app on your smartphone, or take the time to do it the “old fashioned” way. Maintain a student planner by hand.

Money management

For a majority of college freshman, it is the first time they’ve ever been responsible for their own finances.  If you have college grants and loan disbursements, you’ll have a large sum of money all at once in your bank account.

Paying for food, lodging, and all of the other necessities of life is more expensive than you think.   You’ll also need to consider the cost of auto insurance and renters’ insurance. If you are caught without insurance in an accident with an uninsured motorist, you could lose your vehicle and a whole bunch of money in the process.

Most college students are on a very rigid budget, and they only have a specific amount of money to get through each semester.  Don’t be the kid that runs out of money early, and stay on top of your money management tactics.

Overworking yourself is a concern

Effectively juggling all the things that college brings about is a challenge all in itself.  When you’re taking a full load of credits, working a job, and trying to keep up with interpersonal relationships, you can easily feel overwhelmed.

It’s important that you protect your ability to get sleep.  Sleep deprivation will add an element of chaos to your life that you don’t have to battle.  Go to bed at night, and learn to prioritize.

Substance abuse runs rampant

College provides the perfect environment for partying, and the kids have always partied.  The trick is to not get too caught up in the scene. It’s easy to pickup an alcohol or drug addiction when you’re living a life of chaos.  Go easy on the partying, and be cognizant of your alcohol and drug use.