Cool Resources to Utilize to Help You Get Through College Life

College isn’t a walk in the park. Though many say that it is and was the best time of their lives, it’s also a time filled with monumental stress, late hours, deadlines, cramped quarters, lots of caffeine, and a fair amount of alcohol and partying. Okay. Maybe there’s a very large amount of alcohol and partying.

It’s a blast, and you tend to meet the people you’ll spend a large portion of your life with. To help you get through all the different aspects that college life brings, here are some resources you can be utilizing to help you get through the craziness of college life.

Know When Things are Open

A big hurdle of college life can be the late hours you spend finishing projects, writing papers, and rehearsing the big musical that opens in a week. Often enough, colleges tend to be in little towns where there isn’t much around. This puts you in a bind when you just need to go to the store to buy glue there isn’t anything open.

When you’re up late, or busy doing something important, you tend to forget to do things. To help you during this time, you need to get the app on your phone that tells you the hours for every establishment around you. Don’t waste valuable time driving from place to place to find what you need so desperately, open the app and it will tell you what is currently open and where it is located. This will save your butt every day of your college career.

Never Forget When Homework is Due Again

Sometimes it is such a drag to remember everything that is due and when it is due. Who wants to go scrambling through syllabuses trying to find the midterm date? To help you never forget when something is due and to also help you organize your time, download the app iHomework. It’s available on every apple device and allows you to input tasks, important information, deadlines and homework assignments.

Study Apps

Study apps are the most useful thing on the planet. How did college students survive without them? There is an app called BenchPrep that has all the study guide material you could ever dream of. It includes practice problems, flashcards, about a million study lessons as well as other things.

If you find this resource doesn’t work for you, try StudyBlue flashcards, Wolfram Alpha, the Self Control app and a whole lot more where that came from. Pick your poison-or rather the resource that is going to help you pass college! Everyone wants you to succeed. Be a person who knows what resources are around you. They’ll make it a whole lot easier for you to work smarter instead of harder.