E3 2011: 5 Major Innovations To Watch For

E3 2011

E3, the largest annual, video game conference is happening right now in Los Angeles, California. As a Socialite, we know you have too many parties to hit, and too many girls waiting for your call to make time for video games. But let’s be honest, we all like to kick back with a blunt from time to time, and beat some ass in Madden. Even if Jessica from Alpha Phi is texting wink faces. With gaming networks, and the influx of group-friendly shooters, gaming in college has exploded. We know you’re just itching to see what EA has in store for the rest of 2011, so Campus Socialite has your cheat sheet to this year’s E3. Enjoy Gamers and Socialites alike.

Sony Playstation Vita

sony playstation vita

After Playstation Network’s recent PR nightmare, with the theft of users credit card info, and the crashing of their network, Sony is looking to bounce back with the brand new Playstation Vita. The Vita looks to do what every company seems to be trying nowadays, which is trying to infuse social interaction and connectivity into existing platforms. The Playstation Vita is a mobile device, that will allow you to play games, save your spots, and interact with other users on the go. The starting price will be $250, which isn’t too shabby considering the obvious capability. Look for console gaming, like everything else, to make the move towards total Social Integration.

Playstation 3D

sony playstation 3d

Hate to go on and on about Sony, but the company seems to be aiming to dominate this year’s E3 with their plethora of new and interesting innovations. Not sure if you noticed, but every visual media platform seems to be going the way of 3D right now. Movies and Television are gradually making a full jump, so why not Video Games as well? At E3, Sony will officially introduce the official Playstation 3D monitor, a 24 inch 3D TV that will be bundled with a pair of 3D Glasses, an HDMI cable, and a copy of Resistance 3, all for $499. Not only that, The God Of War: Origins Collection will all be released in 3D. Effect on eyes? We’ll see 10 years from now.

EA Makes “The Sims” Go Social

the sims social

In the world of gaming, I can’t think of two things more college than EA (makers of Madden and basically every other sports game you play with your frat buddies before a party) and Facebook. EA, will make a revolutionary social media move, and combine the new Sims game with Facebook. All the common elements of the Sims will be there, however, you will be able to combine communities with your friends through Facebook, and engage in virtual social situations. You could even date whoever you are “in a relationship” with on Facebook, through The Sims platform. Come on though, this is virtual reality, you can do better than your main bitch.

Speaking of Madden, 2012, “Dynamic Player Performance” Introduced

madden 2012

The actual players might not be able to get in the NFL’s door, but their avatars will still play the 2012 Season in EA’s new edition of Madden. Everyone’s favorite annual Football game is being unveiled at E3 2011, as always, with all kinds of new features. What kinds of features? The most notable so far is something called “Dynamic Player Performance.” OK…? The way it works is that a player’s individual stats (for example: their passing accuracy) will change with the events of the game. Interesting.

So when Tom Brady gets sacked 5 times in a row (and hopefully receives damage to some vital organs) his stats as a passer will actually decrease in that particular game. If he goes on a 5 in a row, 80 yd. tear afterwards, his stats will increase back to normal and potentially beyond. If done right, this concept can truly capture those occasional events where a shitty player has a random, great game, and vice versa. A major jump in realism, for the game franchise that just won’t stop evolving.

Nintendo Reveals Wii U, Touch Screen Controller

nintendo wii u

Last but not least, Nintendo may not be the juggernaut it once was, but with consistent imagination and creativity, they always have a fighter in the ring. The perennial gaming visionaries will introduce their new console, The Wii U. The Wii U will feature 1080, high-definition visual experience, and will be cross-compatible with the original Wii, and it’s various controllers. In the works is a new Super Smash Brothers, that will work on both systems. The days where a new system meant throwing hundreds of dollars worth of out-dated software and equipment are over. Thanks Nintendo!

That’s nothing though. By far the most exciting aspect of The Wii U is it’s, you heard it here, a touch-screen controller. This thing looks fucking sick! The controller will not only operate as a controller for the console, but a self-contained mobile gaming device, 3D capable, with an iPhone-esque gyroscope, and built in speakers and microphone. One preview shows a player losing his TV privileges, and being able to continue the game on his controller. In my opinion, this is thee coolest thing to come out of E3 2011 so far. Look for Sony and Microsoft to try to one-up Nintendo in the future. The potential is unlimited.



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