Finally THE ROCK Has Come Back to the WWE!


“After 7 long years, Finally the Rock has come back to Anaheim.  Which means, Finally The Rock has Come back Monday Night Raw!  Which means, Finally The Rock Has Come Back…. HOME.”

And just like that every 21-35 year old began to relive the days when they would stand in front of the TV reciting every word the man with many nicknames; The Great One, The Most Electrifying Man in All Of Entertainment, The People’s Champion, would say. 


He came back without skipping a beat, no hesitation, only furious passion.  He properly thanked us, for not turning against him for leaving, but for supporting him in his other endeavors.  He told us he is hosting Wrestlemania, that he was back, and back for good.  After that, it was like good old times, Rocky being Rocky.  I mean what other wrestler would come up with the pure brilliance of calling Michael Cole a “drunk hobbit.”  He fit in a joke about Justin Bieber, shit on The Miz, and pretty much ruined Justin Cena’s life when he called him a fruit loop.

The last time The Rock was in the WWE, Facebook and Twitter were still in the woom.  The Rock dropped a quick promo to his Facebok account, and was the leading trend on all of Twitter.  The guys got Klout.  My hope is that every WWE wrestler, all those NEXUS guys who probably don’t even know who The Rock is, were sitting at a desk, watching the TV’s in the back, and taking notes, on how to become a SUPERSTAR.  That’s what the WWE is missing right now, electrifying superstars that when they give promos, make you hang on every word.  Tonight, every guy got the best ending they could have asked for to a Valentines Day… The Rock is back.  IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLL, What The Campus Socialite, is, Cookin.

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