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‘Tis the season!  Yes, that’s right, it’s the Holiday season and everything is right with the world.  Sure, the weather is frigidly cold, but now Starbucks brought back the Christmas themed cups! Christmas carols can be heard on the radios and sung on karaoke night at the bars.  It just seems like everyone is in a better mood, right?  Well maybe the rest of the world is full of holiday spirit, but college students do not get to embrace the jolliness quite yet.  And why is that? Well, December not only means Christmas is coming (and my birthday!!!!), but it also marks the dreaded finals season.

As classes are wrapping up for the semester, it seems like professors just wants to squeeze every possible assignment, test, paper, etc. into the last few days of class, causing students to flock to club library instead of the campus bar and party scene.  On top of the end of semester crunch, the following week is full of cumulative final exams – aka ANOTHER week living in the library, crying “Why didn’t I just go to class more often?” It’s two weeks of absolute hell and of course it’s keeping college kids from enjoying the most wonderful time of the year. However, despite all of the obscene amount of school work in the next two weeks, there still might be a way to enjoy the holiday season – weekends and holiday themed parties!

Who doesn’t love a good themed party filled with peppermint flavored vodka, Christmas songs blasting from the iHome and mistletoe hanging from the ceilings? The best parties of the year are always the Christmas parties, but there is a down side to the holiday themed parties and its name is the ugly Christmas sweater party. Seriously, who wants to wear an ugly sweater to a party? First of all, it’s going to get extremely hot and people are just going to end up passing out from over heating.  Plus, check out the name – UGLY SWEATER party.  Wearing something terribly unattractive is not going to help anyone get lucky at this party.  No one looks good in an ugly Christmas sweater (except maybe adorable babies).  On top of the hideousness of the outfit, it’s a sweater that parents make their family wear for Christmas photos being sent out to the grandparents.  Clearly every girl dressed to fit the theme will be more clothed than they have been at any party, all year, combined.  Come on boys, is this really what you want your last party of the year to be like?

An alternative to the Ugly Sweater party could simply be a Christmas party – yes, that is a theme.  All the best parts of the Ugly Sweater party will be there – the carols, peppermint vodka and mistletoe.  Plus, everyone will be in cute outfits, topped off with a Santa hat.   Everyone is happy!

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