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From Sharks to War Zones – Dangerous Photography Infographic


Considering becoming an action photographer? Do you laugh in the face of danger and consider yourself an adrenaline junkie? Do you have a need for speed, a thirst for adventure and a desire for danger? If so, this could be the job for you. There are a number if skills required in becoming an action photographer, far more than just taking a decent snap. Action photography is definitely not for the feint hearted. Take a look at the check list below and see if you have what it takes.

You must be fluent in the language of every volatile country that is, or is likely to become a war


You must have experience of working closely with wild animals, preferably in a circus environment.

You should have experience of deep sea diving at a minimum of 200 feet.

You should have lived in a cave at some pint of your life for a period exceeding 18 months.

You should have been struck by lightning at least once.

looking at the Canon Eos 600d


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