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Last week I tackled the subject of turning movies into interesting video games. That got me thinking: There are some TV shows out there that also have the potential to be turned into great video games. Here are some television shows, ranging from technically possible to highly improbable, that could make the transition to the gaming world.

The Sims: Modern Family

The Sims has been a successful franchise for years. The idea of being able to make your own family, house, neighborhood, etc. and control all of them is a great concept. Why not make it a theme? There are tons of people out there that think their families are a little more modern than the one on the actual TV show. It would be interesting to see what kind of shenanigans they would get themselves into and to be able to have side games like teaching Gloria how to ride a bike or trying to catch a neighbor who is speeding all around the neighborhood.


Yes, I know the show was canceled, but that doesn’t change the fact that it would make a great video game. There were major talks about a game going mainstream after the show premiered but it just never happened. It might bring a cult following if they decided to bring the game back for the real hardcore viewers of the show. It would definitely bring in some big sales for the show’s DVDs and could possibly lead to a movie deal.

Teen Mom

This idea just popped into my head and I couldn’t help but laugh. The first level of the game would involve finding a way to hide your pregnancy and then having to deal with school for two or three months. Level two would consist of finding out how to tell your parents you are having the kid and convince them to not kick you out of the house – bonus points if you get them to pay for everything and be supportive of your decision. Then comes the actual raising of the child. No one wants to see the actual birth in graphic detail so that would be fast forwarded. That would be the game. A surefire winner for all those wannabe teen moms out there.

Road Rules Challenge

This show was also canceled but I always wanted to be on it, and with the creation of a video game I’d finally get to  live my dream. Well, for all those faithful followers of Road Rules, this game would offer that ability. You would choose which challenge to take like Road Rules: Extreme or Road Rules South America and go on the hunt for the handsome reward. It would be cool to make your own character and play the game. Who knows? Maybe they might even bring the show back after a hit video game.

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