Functions of Using Rubber Labels and Their Types

In general, custom tags for clothing wholesale are used as a characteristic and marker of a product. However, here we focus on using rubber as the primary material. As a result, the finished product is more different from the label as it should be.

The use of rubber labels is not without reason. Because of its durability, several things make rubber-based labels an option. Broken here means broken, broken, and so on. Not only that, but the selection of rubber labels is also due to the low price. Compared to other materials, rubber labels tend to be economical. Well, the reasons for using rubber labels are numerous. Now it’s good for you to know the actual function of the rubber label itself.

The Function of Using Rubber Labels from Rubber Label Services


Indeed you recognize several brands that have specific characteristics. The use of rubber label services on a product is the same. Solely that the use of rubber labels for the characteristics of a product. For example, bags, clothes, or other fashion products. When buying a product, we know its features. Especially if we add some interesting information to the rubber label and make people want to have it.


Advertising meant here is the display of the characteristics of a product in the form of goods with high value. For example, rubber labels, when we insert information on the rubber labels, we indirectly introduce the advantages of our products through these labels. Therefore, in making it, it is recommended to display the design and pay attention to the promotional aspect. So that we not only get characteristics but also get free promotions.

Key chain

Keychains are the most common items for rubber label decoration. The use of critical chains is now diverse. There are many types of materials used. One of the materials that you can choose is a rubber key chain. The reason is that this key chain has good durability, is easy to use, lightweight, and of course, cheap.

Rubber labels or rubber patches can be custom-made or produced according to the desired design. Writing, pictures, shapes, and sizes are adjusted to the wishes and needs of the customer. The function of making rubber labels is generally used as a brand for a product or brand, community marker souvenirs, company promotional merchandise, and many others. For example, this rubber label is commonly found as a patch on jackets, pants, bags, clothes, hats, and the like, which is helpful as a brand or logo for a product and a community marker.

Rubber labels or rubber patches can be ordered with or without velcro. Velcro is an adhesive to bind the two sides of the fabric, which is then used on rubber labels.

(1) Rubber label without velcro or adhesive

If you don’t use Velcro, the rubber label will usually be sewn onto a product, such as clothes, bags, or hats. However, the rubber logo can be glued later to be affixed to products such as shoes.

(2) Rubber label with velcro (including sewing)

If you order rubber labels with Velcro, the order includes Velcro sewing on the rubber labels. And you can also place an order simultaneously with both sides of Velcro, where we have sewn one side of the Velcro on the rubber logo, and the other can be sewn on any product as needed.

Various models of custom rubber labels or custom-designed rubber emblems.

(1) 2D flat rubber label or rubber emblem

2D flat rubber labels or emblems are rubber labels that are commonly ordered, where the rubber label only has one side with a plain back and a flat shape.

(2) Semi-3D rubber label or rubber emblem

Semi-3D rubber labels or emblems are rubber labels that are not flat but also not 3D or three-dimensional. Semi-3D rubber labels only combine a few convex and concave shapes in their design and do not form 3 dimensions.

In addition, there are several types of rubber logos or rubber patches, including the following.

(1) The rubber logo (patch rubber) is matted or dimmed

A rubber logo or doff-type rubber patch is a rubber logo that absorbs light and does not reflect it, so the color of the rubber logo looks dim. The rubber logo or rubber doff patch is the most ordered rubber logo because it is more durable and does not get dirty easily compared to the glossy type rubber logo.

(2) Glossy or glossy rubber logo (rubber patch).

A Rubber logo or glossy type rubber patch is a rubber logo that reflects light, so the color of the rubber logo looks shiny. The polished rubber logo or patch is the opposite of the matte rubber logo, which gives a shiny and shiny impression. Besides being shiny, this glossy type rubber logo has a smooth surface.

(3) Rubber logo (rubber patch) glow in the dark

A rubber logo or glow-in-the-dark type rubber patch is a rubber logo that can glow in the dark. The glow-in-the-dark rubber logo is added with phosphor, so it can shine when the rubber logo or rubber patch is brought from a bright place to a dark place.

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